Numb. Standing in fear and utter hypnosis, like a deer in front of headlights; the moment I cast my eyes on her I was certain she was the one who had been stalking me in my nightmares, wanting my soul and everything else that I had to offer.

Breathing but taking in less oxygen by the second, she held control over my body through her stare that easily broke pass the dusty windows of her dilapidated cabin. Sky-scraping trees swayed miles above my head in late evening autumn wind while my body grew weaker and colder. Right foot forward, slowly, obedient to her will, heading towards her ghostly eyes that sat deep in her dark sockets; placid Left foot forward, as my heartbeat started to rise knowing death was inevitable.

Stationary her pale and fragile body stood as she speechlessly commanded me to come closer, step by step, minute by minute. The continuous sound of crackling leaves below my feet was my life line to sanity in the moment.

"Please," I managed to mutter softly hoping she'd hear me through the forest thick ambiance. She shrieked, covering her ears. The forest echoed with the piercing scream of her dead voice and distant birds fled.

"Stop," I said louder trying to regain control of my body and weaken her. It didn't work. In seconds she was in front of me, her thin fingers wrapped around my neck like they were meant to be there with a perfect fit.

My body illuminated in the setting sun, as she held me up effortlessly with my jogging tennis inches from the forest terrain. My eyes slowly look pass her toward's her cabin and pass its front door. Skulls, bones, and dead eyes glared enviously back at me, hating the life in me while the souls of the innocent cried out for help through the thick wind.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember the good moments of my life; laughter, family, joy, and the winter season love all interrupted by the two; silence and fear. I slowly looked down at her and drowned in her eyes as one simple tear left mine. She smiled briefly and then; darkness.


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