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I am from dead leaves on oak trees to green grass covered with trash. I am from chimingchas every Sunday to hearing "Hey! Go hit the hay!"
Growing up the only child was; Lonely. No one to play dolls with No one to argue with; it was just:
My Cousin scared the hell out of me when he bought a space shuttle.When he blasted off, I wet my pants and was standing in my pee puddle.A con man sold him some property on the Moon.
Today, I awoke, with one thought in my mind, Which was to give my love one, a flower of a kind.   Never do I truly get to tell her, how much she means to me,
8/19/12, age 18   Some are afraid of flying, but I love it. It lets me live a whole different life, One where the outside world shows me the most perfect sea I’ve ever seen
Something is wrong You’re so far away Not for too long You’ll be here to stay   Joined by mothers You are like a sister Though we can act like brothers And sure cannot whisper  
When I was young and you were younger, We laughed and had a grand old time. When I was young and you were younger, We thought we were invincible. When I was young and you were younger,
 I don't know why you had to go
I remember being a young child Playing at Grandma’s alongside you We were kids all running wild How quickly those times flew   You grew up to be a great young man Standing strong as could be
Dear Adam,   Hearing the horrifying news It was impossible to contain my tears. Why would someone like you choose Such a permanent end to temporary fears?   But we know what made up your mind
I write to tell my story in the realest way I write to get my education on some day I write as a college sophomore with hopes and dreams no better than those who surround me I write for the ability to see the world someday
Fire erupting from the depths Calmed in your embrace Angel, your song entwined with my fingers
Born and raised in SLC I am a mormon and I try to see how you can sit there and judge me.
The days continue as they always have, But they aren't quite the same. A hole has opened in my chest To know that it will be a while till we meet again.
We're from the same shoot the same family tree into this world we sprouted call it destiny! it's cousin to cousin a special thing a closeness to which we're tied and you've always been there
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