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Tuesdays are busy with little time to pack adequate meals I found myself eating a vending machine muffin Double chocolate chip. I ate on a bench in my university’s gym.
Coming back to this floor where I lay on a house with broken bones. one year has gone by since I laid and fathomed what it would feel like to leave this behind  
Break the Chain this misery the everlasting poverty. consuming us one by one  Dad's long hours and mom's restless nights medical bills - college expenses foster care and depression
Science Biology, geology, chemistry, physics. Engineering,  mechanical, electrical, software. Art Photography, digital, studio. Myriads of topics I am ready to explore. 
Test on Tuesday Workin on Wednesday Thinking on Thursday  Final on Friday Sleepin on Saturday Studin on Sunday Motavion on Monday Test on Tuesday
I'm a young, black girl trying to go to college Didn't do well on the SAT, but has extensive knowledge. Scrolling for scholarships, searching for dollars Don't meet the requirements, my pockets holler
Where will all my inside jokes go? Do I pack them with me, Roll them up so they take up less space in my mind and my luggage What happens when I get there?
Sand at my feet, pocket full of brocken shells, each wave a rythm to a different beat; This is what life could be. The sand the wave the sea. How far is my reach, from here on the beach?
I used to go through life Thinking it would be easier To always to be quiet, say yes And be a people pleaser. Though I thought it worked for some time It felt like smooth sailing Little did I know My own personality was failing, To grow, to blosso
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