In Past, Future, and Present, I try


Biology, geology, chemistry, physics.


mechanical, electrical, software.


Photography, digital, studio.

Myriads of topics I am ready to explore. 

Framed within lectures and labs.

Far from home, in a different state

or close, to family, and familiarity. 

Who can decide? 

Not I

Not yet. 

I've applied

and applied.

To colleges and universities, 

in state, out of state.

With essays, and more essays.

With the past 4 years of accomplishments.

Sometimes its enough, othertimes, not so.

Been accepted and denied.

Still need to apply,

apply, apply, apply!

Now to scholarships,

hi there,

and internships.

Job interviews, and

building memories with family.

All, crammed into less than year.

Will this work out?

I've given it my best, 

in past, future, and present,

so now it's time to hope. 





This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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