My Glow-Up, Grow Up

I used to go through life Thinking it would be easier To always to be quiet, say yes And be a people pleaser. Though I thought it worked for some time It felt like smooth sailing Little did I know My own personality was failing, To grow, to blossom, To be what it must, I started saying no, and well, Some people felt anger or a lot of distrust   I now have more patience With those who I don't agree Simply, if I listen to them They'll likely do the same for meI also don't feel the need to spread negativity I have enough of that internally on my own Why start unnecessary drama If you're claiming to be grown   I try to not discriminate or judge Others different from me If we can respect each other  Then we're allowed to disagree I'm allowed to have emotions I'm learning to express them I'm also working on my flaws It'll be a long journey for me to accept them   Sure every so often I will rant or complain But if I have nothing nice to say at all I keep my opinion to myself Unless I feel I should make a call My taste in music is dynamic I just like what I feel and hear I'd feel fairly devastated If I ever lost my ability to hear   I'm not entirely sure but I might have anxiety But it doesn't have me Mental illnesses shouldn't have such dumb stigma Ignorance is never the key As many times as I've been beaten down I know that I'll still be here I can't let it push me too far That for me is a slight fear   I have to have patience with myself Taking things one day at a time Even when I want to give up I don't have to pretend that I'm always fine It's okay to not be okay I always have to remind myself If things get to be too much to handle I allow myself to ask for help   It might be cliche but I wish I could tell the younger me Stay true and be you Know your worth since no one else will appreciate yourself More than you have the potential to Keep thinking big Even when you feel so small Self-love should be your first love I believe in you, most of all 

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That's a great poem about you being a better person.


Thank you, it's taking quite a bit of work and other stuff seems to come naturally. 

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