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Woman, woman, oh sweet womanMy love, my crib, my tokenIn my daily diaryEvery day is your journeyYou are my soul, my pillarI cherish you everydayAnd I love you, my flower.
                                     Mistletoe and Christmas go hand in hand The mistletoe and its beautiful cherries
I am dreaming of a beautiful black Noel night Tonight, where the jolly stars can easily be seenIn the sky. From afar, the moon is clear and brightAnd the clouds create a wonderfully divine scene.
Christmas is not only about joyIt is also about getting new toysIt is about enjoying lifeThough not solely about nice gifts.
When I advertised for a Chihuahua on Craigslist, I had good luck.I was able to buy another dog and she cost two hundred bucks.But about four weeks later, she got sick and nearly died.
Fanm, fanm, o fanm rapadou Boubout mwen, bèsom, kòmansmanm Nan kaye jounalye mwen chak jou Chak jou se pou ou, se jou pa ou
I think it was high time I took what was yours, I gave what was mine. And for quite some time we made it work I think that deserves, at least, an ode. It might as well be a eulogy Or a vow,
This is New Year's Day.The new year has arrived today.I hope things will be great during this new year.I hope there will be no misery, suffering or tears.2021 came to an end at twelve o'clock last night.
B.B.W Belated Birthday Wishes To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬 "FORTUNATE BIRTHDAY"
The new year eve is the time for a celebration This year though there are more reasons to do it The year that's about to go was no less memorable The world was forced to wage a battle against a virus
Let's cleanse our inner self from cobwebs of greed n envy Let's decorate our persona with modesty n generosity Let's make rangoli of care, empathy n kindness Let's outshine the darkness of suffering n oppression
The celebration of a wedding anniversary is a very special event for a fine couple like you . It is the best way to show that you still love and appreciate one another very much .
roses are red roses are dead  
The weather is grand It is explosive this year A happy new year
because i love you i will stay by your side because i love you i'll wipe your tears when you cry because i love you i will comfort you in your sorrow because i love you
The sun rises slow over floating clouds gray, Golden rays of light flow across the lazy bay, The quiet wind blows beneath the singing jay, and welcomes the beauty of the second day.
Is success being famous?Is success being a millionaire?Or is it being the owner of immense power?Is success a change in you?Or is it the machine form of you?What is success?Loosing me for power, The idea does not really flower.I own a castle, now
Ready! Aim! Fire! Nigeria is ready! Nigeria can Aim! But is Nigeria ready to FIRE?
A Beautiful, Celestial soul Gives unconditionally To the undeserving habitants Of her home, taking her time To extend vines of Ripening Fruit. What more can I want
It's a festive, all want gifts... Some like kiss, some like hug, Some like rings, some like else, And some like together as one for life, Some like hear 'I love you' in festive time,
See my hands bound so tight Securely hidden Behind my back So I just sit here and fight You don't know how it is to be gay In an society Where you have to hide Your love everyday You don't know how hard I try To show you that
The Misled Queen “Ayo bitchass” is the way she would greet me as she walked into the locker room Her hair glistened from the shadow of the sun smiling at the ocean at sundown; Rapunzel could not touch her. 
  There are people walking in the street A checkered pattern of black and white Trying carefully to be discrete In watching the happy victory sight   A man of honor and happiness too
From the poor to the rich Everyone joins in merriment Singing songs around the fire Tales of brave lords and ladies In this town, the harvest was well Vast amounts of food was laid
(poems go here) Crouched alone in a corner of her room, Two great white eyes strained to see in the dark. But in a cloud of greyness, what could ever bloom? Still she sat, for her will would not start.
its a time of triumph its a moment of glory its a day of epic proportions its a night to reflect its a second that counts every time one achieve greatness
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