An Ode To Us

I think it was high time

I took what was yours, I gave what was mine.

And for quite some time we made it work

I think that deserves, at least, an ode.

It might as well be a eulogy

Or a vow,

We don’t know what’s gonna be.

But I want to write about the good stuff too

Not fill the whole glass with my tears,

I want to celebrate with you

What went on for over a year.

My head on your chest,

Your kisses all over me,

The reassurance you knew I needed,

The things we shared,

The future we built

Only in our minds,

All the places we would go

All the pets we would’ve had.

And still, when I go to bed at night

And put my head on the pillow,

I think about when I’d put it on yours,

And look at those charming brown eyes.

All the laughter and the love,

I know it’ll remain,

So why is it so hard to let go?

I want to fill these holes and stay.

But this is not about being sad.

This is about us,

About the time we had.

I want time to freeze,

I don’t want to make a choice,

I want to lay with you in bed

While I read to you this ode.



speaking of the the relationship they put together and worked so hard for. Reading the poem gives you perfect imagination of the story.

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