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I know you've seen the empty cave That echoes deep regret For time lost here casts darker shadows Than memory's silhouette
Sitting in that cave Breathing claustrophobia Friends become closer
This cave was haunted I know because I was there   A distant light glowed and Shivered under the shadows   The walls glisten with decay And the chill sunk into my skin  
On a new conquest, I embark Travel light I found the temple in the dark Wet, yet warm Beautiful stems Curl around my arm Deeper I go The water does flow I feel it in the walls 
Can You See?   Have you ever wondered how a cave would react if light would stream in unashamed?   Could you imagine the things you could see
I don't like to admit to anybody Not even myself The dark thoughts that I have They fester They lurk They're Irrational, but they seem to make so much sense
Babbling of the brook,
Glistening beauty,
Fresh blankets of darkness settle across the stone cold ground Eating away at the blinding light trying to break its way inside Not a movement is made, not a sound is heard   …Just
The soliloquies in my heart and in my brain are begging to be released shouting loud, their words manifested on paper relinquishing all that has been trapped, like a caged bird or swirling wind in a cave.
Dead Man's Fall that winds so high the brackish crags the deadly rocks clear-cut sky and the robber's den Dead Man's Fall above the stream the stream that flows so clean
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