Fresh blankets of darkness settle across the stone cold ground

Eating away at the blinding light trying to break its way inside

Not a movement is made, not a sound is heard






Rain begins to fall, slowly, splashing against the unwelcoming blackness

Then shattered cries are heard deep within the dark mouth of the hungry beast

All is a mystery, created to be unknown

Agonizing cries stop

Just stillness

Wind slithers between the damp blades of grass

Mist settles on the ground as fog blinds all visions

Even minds go blank

The universe stops in its tracks

Once again, all is black






Echoes scream, begging for mercy, searching for help

Terrorizing cries are muffled by deep thunder

Rolling in the distance

Just as the thunder stops

So do the cries

Then it happens






Curious souls seek to know

Following their desires

Step out of the light and into the dark

Turn, looking into their past

Not knowing that it would be their last chance to turn back

One, two, three steps into the darkness

The ground shakes and rocks clatter to the floor

The world spins, and the light is sucked into the darkness

Unable to pull away and save itself








The demon is awakened

The cries pull the soul in

One, two, three more steps

The cries echo louder

Time stops

So does the breathing

Coldness starts in the toes

And isolates the body

Just stillness

Echoes continue

Pupils turn small

Then a pounding explodes in the deepest part of the dark

Hungry mouth

The soul mimics

The heart races

All time is lost

A capsule at best

Curiosity takes its toll, and the soul vanishes

Darkness is a death-fueled trap

Darkness is all that’s left

No more cries, no more hope






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