beauty body image

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Red lipstick. Red nails. Red dress. Pearl necklace. Perfectly still; and deafeningly silent. What a beautiful sticky mess.
You think I’m pretty? Thank you so much! Tall, skinny, sweet girl Nice smile, long hair, glittery nails. Swish of black hair, painted eyes, half Japanese
From failure to oppurtunity, Striving for perfection. But there's no such thing. Ready to give up; at my breaking point. But down on my knees I go.   God, I'm crying out to you now. I surrender.
Looking in the distance Towards the judgemental figures Hiding in the crowd from their cruel jokes Eyes like fire burning your skin from your bone
Collar Bones
I'm stuck living in legends
An isolated reflection It is you, exactly you Clouded by perception Sensational brown eyes Wish they were blue Kinky curls reaching for the sky Hair refuses to stay straight
reflection, good intentions and flaws, mocking in a way, as I get ready for the day, I look at my hair, my body, imperfect flab staring back, as I suck in, my reflection doesn't change, my reflection, only sees the shell, my beautiful soul, my hea
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