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I'm stuck living in legends

Not poetic or brave
Just some left over seconds
To a burnt and black soufflé
That could have been phenomenal
Truly astronomical
But the real darkness is in not from the night sky
But the shadows in my eyes 
My legend started out shattered on a crumpled paper
"I think it's your thighs. Have you ever tired losing weight? Maybe then you could get a guy? Or be lucky enough to see past them"
How dare anyone look past my thighs and screw any guy who does 
I will only ever consider dating someone who looks at me and says "oh shit
"The heavens have rained down and are cursing my eyes with a pure angle
Truly phenomenal truly astronomical
Now that is a girl who's thighs are thunder 
Who's rib cage is a stairwell
Who's fingers are hunters 
That is a girl who goes no where near legends because she makes them
The darkness in the sky only comes when she cries 
Her blood is used to baptize
And don't even get me started on her sweet sweet soufflé
Every movement is a ballet
Every word a song 
Because she is Aphrodite 
And excuse me if I'm hastily
I have a legend to go write down
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