The Not-So-Perfect Perfect Girl

You think I’m pretty?

Thank you so much!

Tall, skinny, sweet girl

Nice smile, long hair, glittery nails.

Swish of black hair, painted eyes, half Japanese

Do you see anything else?

Crooked teeth? orthodontist’s nightmare

Curved and painful spine? hidden beneath clothes.

Thin lips, flat butt, big ears, small eyes? My reflection in the mirror

Wow perfect girl


You think I’m smart?

Well, thanks

AP classes, Honor Roll, extracurriculars!


Piano player, tuba blower, trombone slider!

Talent galore

Do you know anything else?

AP student,yes. Number one? No

Diligent, yes. Straights A’s, No

I have worked hard to get where I am

Sweat, tears, hand cramps

No so easy perfect girl


You think I’m athletic?


Varsity tennis as a freshman!

Look at all those trophies. Winning sure is fun

Volleyball spiker, jump serves

Do you care to see deeper?

Great athlete- far from it

Asthma, near-sighted, scoliosis to name a few

Lifelong conditions

Sweat, tears, body and heart aches

Eleven years of  joy and pain

You worked hard perfect girl


Perfect girls are not perfect.

disappointed face, eyebrows raised

Lost in confusion?

You don’t know who I am anymore?

You thought I was better

You thought I was perfect

You thought everything came easy to me?



B on the Japanese test? Not an A?

Shock and dismay?

Thought I was fluent just because I’m half?

Wrong.  I’m not fluent

Sorry to disappoint


What’s my ranking on the tennis team?

I said 4th and you said WHAT????

4th? Not 1st? Or 2nd?

Used to be super kick-ass

Don’t meet your  expectations

Sorry to fail


Did I make Varsity Volleyball?

No. Don’t believe me?

I just started,how could I make the top level?



Sorry  if I’m not MAGICAL.

Sorry if I’m not SMART enough. Sorry if I’m not BEAUTIFUL enough.

Sorry if I’m not SPORTY enough, Sorry if I’m not MULTI-LINGUAL



Wait! I’m not sorry….

I am perfect in my imperfections

I am me enveloped in ideas,talents, strengths,weaknesses, illusions, genetics

I strive to be better.

Perfect Girl

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