Looking in the distance

Towards the judgemental figures

Hiding in the crowd from their cruel jokes

Eyes like fire burning your skin from your bone

Wondering what people are thinking about me

Do they see what is underneath the superficial shade?

Can they sense my secret anguish?

Do I love the pitching and dipping scale that tells me who I am or what you might think of me?

I need to stop letting others get in my head

But it’s hard when they stare with their unforgiving glare

Even when my back is turned, their degrading words echo in my ears

Magazines, websites, pictures, sounds the messages we hear from the culture

Do they like me?

Do I like myself?

Am I loved?

Or should I disappear behind the wall of large breasts, clear skin, and perfection that is admired

Or should I come out and be honest with the world

Love who I am and know what I’m worth

Ignore what others think and embrace me

At the end of the day when I am alone the reflection looking back is screaming it’s positiveness

I realize that I am beautiful no matter what

And beauty comes from within. My heart, my soul, and my mind is that which will remain

After all beautiful sounds in the back of my mind like this: be-you-tiful. my only hope

This is the sound that keeps me going

This is my inspiration and light. Positivity is power.

Words in the dictionary of perfection that hurt: anorexic, overweight, acne are outlawed.


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Our world
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wow, rivoting

it's all about acceptance

love is natural, hate is learn

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well done friend

continue to inspire and write

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