an apology

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I'm sorry for the pain I've caused, For the hurt that I have brought, My words and actions were not paused, And now it's all for naught.   I never meant to cause you harm,
I am sorry for the pain I've caused For the wounds that still haven't paused The hurtful words that I have said The tears that you have shed   I wish I could take it all back
I will not write you an apology or a eulogy or even a love poem I will not write you a thank you note or a permission slip or ever an obituary. I will apologize when I am sorry And I am not sorry
I was born into privilege and racism. Of this, I am not proud. The time is now to use my voice and scream out clear and loud.   The centuries of suffering, I wish I could take them all back.
I’m not supposed to write this poem It’s embarrassing - on many levels, for many people
Dear to your lonely soul, I do hope you read my note. I am truly sorry for my apologies and my guilt. May you forgive my broken thorns and shattered roses.
They called you a mean little old man, They said the old man gave to much work for them to stand And yet they could not understand The helping hand that was meant for them too land   But I knew the truth
Dear Stephanie,   As if you were a patient etherized upon my table, I sliced through your heart with my scalpel and tore your heart apart. Never before had I left a soul so inconsolable.  
Eyannah, First off, I want to say sorry, sorry for reminding you of things that have hurt you in the past, sorry for not listening to you,  sorry for not understanding,
To My Dearest Beloved, I want to start by saying, I’m glad you’ve stayed this long. I don’t think anyone else would have. It’s been five years, Since you first hesitantly said, I love you.
Dear, you You know who you are You know why you’re far Away, but I don’t care why Whenever I think of you I almost cry
Dear Amari, I apology for everything I made you go through these last four years. Being walked over is not something you deserve. I'm so happy you never forgot that you are actually really strong.
I'm so sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.   I just wanted  To hide, I find a new reason every day.   I'm scared of Growing up, So I run,
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