Sorry E


First off, I want to say sorry,

sorry for reminding you of things that have hurt you in the past,

sorry for not listening to you, 

sorry for not understanding,

sorry for not deleting the Snapchat right away.

My handwriting may not be the best nor my grammar,

but it's good enough for you to understand that I truly care for you,

I would never be that person you are afraid of, 

that's why I treasure you more than anything I have,

trust me when I say this but you truly are an angel sent from above,

and you are also my beautiful girl,

and now you are probably smiling just like all the other times I called you beautiful.

I use to be afraid to ever talk to girls, but your touch has chased the fear away,

so, please consider my apology and realize that my intentions are good, 

remember when I told you I saw something in you,

I said that I didn't know what it was,

but that it was good,

I came to realize that I saw a girl with a dark past of fear and that I should be the one to show her the light





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