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A curve of the lips, a crease in the eyes. A tug to the left, or the right.
Her heart seemed to of thudded against the floor I looked at her Her mouth agape and a string of blood Slowly drips from her mouth To the floor
The woman standing about 15 feet away from me is wearing a dress Black i’m assuming from the edge around her coat
Dear Best Friend,
What's a hermit crab? A creature lacking a shell. It needs a shelter.
Standing back To see it all Every vivid curve Paint portraying Each lesson learned Each moment of pain Each difficult day   To see it all Connect and flow
Have you ever drowned in a dry space? 
Summer rays continue to penetrate me as my sweat licks his body. He now penetrates me. The sound of his voice is hotter than this heat.   Needle like fingertips on my tighs and ass. This sin is scorching.
It's sloppy It's weird, but heart racing, this love is something to be feared. Tongue dancing, romancing, entrancing.
Myself; As expansive as the ocean, Yet also a wanderer within its great depths. With no thought at all I flow with its motion, But resistance is found when I consider my breadth. Deeper than the submarines,
There seems to be a call of attention to every earthquake that manifests its presence with casualties. As for the uncountable micro-tremors, the shakings in the low and lonesome corners of the Earth, they are unheard of.
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