She Wears a Dress

The woman standing about 15 feet away from me is wearing a dress

Black i’m assuming from the edge around her coat

The weather outside is very cold so i don’t know why she’s wearing it

She hugged this girl and it made it seem more like she was doing it because

She would be less of a person because of it

I think she wore her dress to look pretty

Which of course is great for her and i’m happy for her

Because she’s very pretty

Whatever that means

Her nose is like the button noses you hear about

And eyelashes are like the wings of clouds

But the weather right now is 29 degrees and snowing

I wonder if her legs feel like needles and like heavy trunks

She walked away but on the back of her calf was mud

I’m pretty sure she walked in the snow

And that’s how she got it

But didn’t notice

I guess her legs were numb and maybe that’s why she wore the dress

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