How Messy Love Is


It's sloppy It's weird, but heart racing, this love is something to be feared.

Tongue dancing, romancing, entrancing.

Feet to the head, I feel like lead, she's my helium balloon lifting me hihger than the moon, not too soon, not too late, this hate to be fate.

I hate to see this night slip away, fading into gray, leading me astray from everything I know, babe lets take this thing slow.

Too fast, this might be a car crash, no happy ending, pretending we are meant to be together, forever, Romeo and Juliet, only filled with regret.

This isn't a break up, we are not over, done, through, believe these words cause they're nothing but true. 

Lets be smart, lets sit and think.

The future is one big glass that we're gonna have to drink.

The glass is our future, our love, the sink.

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