Dear Best Friend

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 19:29 -- nnail18

Dear Best Friend,

Upon the hills of a snow covered mountain, a leaf soars free.Contradictory to it's icy surroundings, this leaf impacted me.You are beautiful and honest,And stand out in a crowd.You are happy and the strongest,And make a lot of people proud.Always in your own little world,Your hair is never left uncurled.You forever see the best in me,So when I lock myself up, I'll give you the key.Although you like to laugh and joke,I know there is a part of you undeniably broke.You continuously chase after a perfect life,But the wind cuts your hope with a ten inch slicing knife.You are thirsty for the roaring sea,Even though you know it will drown your plea.The leaf wishes to fall far from the tree,Because you desperately want to see.Lodged within a thick, sturdy hurst,Your eyes only notice the parts of yourself you fear the worst.What you don't perceive is your positivity,Or your mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, passionate creativity.Your blade is cracked,But your veins are intact.Incredibly saturated with delight,You are often blinded by your own light.This leaf does not need a man.This leaf does not need a plan.You are your own-a blanket well sown.One day the fog will clear,And you will see your destination appear. Love Your Best Friend,Natty

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