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Response to James Cone's "The Cross and The Lynching Tree"     I have the faith to hang upon Calvary but would I hang upon the Poplar tree. If by it I may set my sisters free
My heart goes out to those Who have loved and who have lost To the ones who did nothing And yet still paid the cost The cost for what, their
I watched from afar, the world pass by, I stay in my santuary, my safe haven, my books as my reality, it makes this looklike a dream, I view it as a story, one to yet be finished, thisdream is my favorite, one with lots of twists, it has days and
Barefeet running through green grass Hair wiping to and fro gently in the breeze Sunshine reflecting off eyes colored brass Loving the wispers of the seas   She sounds goregous, free and alive
The professor’s prominent position allows for him to prescribe definition To teach with traitorous teeth Troubled students beginning to teethe Alphabets for acronyms sitting atop an acropolis
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