Asexuality Erasure


The professor’s prominent position

allows for him to prescribe definition

To teach with traitorous teeth

Troubled students beginning to teethe

Alphabets for acronyms sitting atop an acropolis

Acting as lanterns alight for people anomalous

P for pansexual

T for trans

A for Allies?

But bright burning branches destroy

Trees bending break blackened Troy

Going going gone all graceful gallantly gleaming

Glows go ghastly and I am ghostly screaming

Another asp ardently ascribing associations

Answers amiss of actual foundations

B for bisexual

G for gay
A for Asexual

Dreary of defending true diction

demanding delegacy and description

Screaming so someone sees

Searching swimming seven seas

Another advancing army attacks

I am an ace sans armada unable to relax

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