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Otherness It's something I feel often.  people talk at great lengths, with  such passion of things I do not  understand.  They speak of romance and attraction  like the world will end without it. 
rocket power serveup the T on the deuce side~ point of no return....Mark Toney © 2021.9/26/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
Mom, Why is my sexuality wrong? Mom, Why don't I want to mate? Mom, Am I a failure? Mom, Why do I have to try it to know I don't want it? Mom, What's wrong with me? Mom,
When we broke up you said  it's 'cause you never showed me love But you never said what kind of love you were looking for We were best friends for three whole years Through the laughter and the tears
Why does it offend you?   Why do we offend you?   Why do I offend you?   Why does Love, offend you?  
The closet was deep, but not wide. There was a box, It was full, and so was I. I couldn't stay, I had to come out, It was just too hard to hold in.  
Tears flee from my I gave up forever ago eyes, and paint the door before me like bricks. Red brown red brown red brown forever. Except it’s always been infinity.
Black is the secret kept inside me Cold and lifeless where none can see   Gray is the line upon which I tread To lie or to tell? A choice I dread   White is my soul which none have touched
Hidden away at the end  or more often just omitted not out of hate, but of ignorance. What could A stand for but Allies, anyway? Purposeful perpetuation of an imperfect initialism
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