The closet was deep, but not wide.

There was a box,

It was full, and so was I.

I couldn't stay,

I had to come out,

It was just too hard to hold in.


Would anyone understand that I was different, but not gay?

I didn’t care anymore,

I was desperate,

I had to leave that box

And that closet.


That box would never be my home,

And that closet didn’t have enough space for me,


So I left it,

Left it far behind.

No more closets for me.

I came out to my friends,

We’re all queer.

We support each other.

And don’t care what anyone says.


I came out at home,

Nobody cares,

I’m still me,

And I’m still loved.


I came out at school,

“This week is Asexual Awareness Week.

Hi, I’m asexual.”

Most people understand,

Some people don’t.

They see in black and white,

Not realizing the world is really in shades of gray.


I fit into one shade,

Others into another,

Some are black,

Some are white,

But not everyone is.

I’m not.


I’m Ace.

I’ve left that closet far behind,

It was never big enough for me.

And it never would be.

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