abuse against woman

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Hypnotized by the reality, Still after soo many years, My Misty eyes remained silent. The susurration only had confirmed my doubts. The memories still haunting me all night.
  Boom! Crash! Snap. "We can't protect the fallen. We can't relieve the screeching Even if we try."   Trembling and weak
31,536,000 seconds. The time I had to change. 86,400 seconds. The amount of time it took.  Days blurred together, Repetitive routine with no interruption.
Who are you? How did you do that? I cried as I looked back in time, He wrapped his icy arms around my waist, we stood there, intertwined,
I see a little girl I used to be She knows how to smile She knows that she’s worth everything She doesn’t care about what others might think
you know we see colors all the time the color of hair our skin our eyes but what about color of a different kind our true colors   and i learned his true colors they were black and blue
Wounds as deep as a tree.How is it that she is still free?Statistics say she should be broken,so many words that are still unspoken.What is spoken is not heard,what is heard is not felt.They are not blind,
cold hands which anchor a young daughter's soul  the introduction to a labyrinth never ending yet what is love but a mere property of The man in which case i will always belong to thee
Say no? Ticks and tocks, clank and clock Hestitation, a moment longer Maybe the idea will cross Invisible lines of no trepassing increase Across my brow, saying no Is already hard enough...
When she closed her daughters bedroom door, the stanch smell of alcohol, which he drank entirely to much stinged her nose hairs as the faint smell of sweat and hard-work bombarded her. She saw a dark silhouette of a heavy-duty male.
Warm liquid under my head A bitter, salty taste on my tongue My left hand flies up to my face to discover that my cheeks are stained with blood I turn my hand around to peer into the diamond ring on my finger
sleepless nights...her mind racing...she starts to cry. she yells for help...but it's as if no one can hear her.  she panics, her mind still, she's confused, her soul is lost within itself.
Shadder my innocence, Erase my love song The secret is written black and blue. How did so right turn out to be so wrong? This is the story of me and you.   Only these walls
Drip, Drop, Snap Rain, rain don’t go away You hide all my secret and all my pain Black eye, busted lip, a noticeable limp You wash away my blood and tears Drowning out his harsh words I thank you Rain
More bruises and even more lies. Worries fills the woman’s eyes. She wasn’t supposed to see Yet she watched him hurt me. All I think is “I need more blush” To cover the bruises and blood
I love you with everything I have, you make me smile.          You                 t                              ake                         everything I  a              m. You make me feel so in love, so beautiful.
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