Just Cracked

I see a little girl I used to be
She knows how to smile
She knows that she’s worth everything
She doesn’t care about what others might think

She doesn’t know what’s going to happen
She still has her innocence
Someone has to tell her that she has to be careful
She walks with hope and joy in her step

He’s watching her with hateful eyes
She doesn’t know he doesn’t love her
He is supposed to be her stronghold,
Her savior

He takes her into his arms like the monster he is
He tells her that he cares
It’s not normal
Her step starts to falter
She starts to break

He uses her
He makes her feel small
He doesn't care about her
He looks at her with evil in his eyes

This is the first time she has felt so scared
She slowly starts to escape
Her mom takes her away
She starts to feel safe again

Here’s a new dad
Will he be the one to hold her right?
Will he be her fortress?
She starts to be hopeful

He comes like a cloud of death and fear
She knows she’s not safe
His words cut like a knife
His hands fly like an eagle

Her breaks start to grow
She wonders why it’s her
Why can’t she be loved?
What has she done wrong?

He won't stop telling her that he doesn't care
She makes her feel smaller and smaller with every day
She wants to be perfect to make it stop
He rips her apart with every word and hit

As her years go by, she continues to break
The words pierce her soul
They continue to tell her that she’s worthless
She wants to die
She can’t go farther
Now she’s just crawling and can’t get up

She’s getting bigger
Her breaks are all over now
She helps them spread
She hates herself just as the men did

She wonders what else there is to live for
The life she carried within her left her as well
She gets lonelier as she grows
She doesn’t want to be around anymore

She feels like she’s too broken to continue
She gets so low that she doesn’t care anymore
She doesn’t want to try anymore
If she has never known love,
What does she have?

She steps wrong, and she starts to fall,
She’s falling and she can’t stop
She reaches out, but there’s no one there
She’s more scared than she has ever been,

She doesn’t know what happened
But then she hits the bottom and looks around
She’s surrounded by thousands of people,
People with wondering and curious, helpful eyes

As she walks through,
She realizes that they are all just like her
Everyone knows what she’s going through
They hold her hand and help her walk out

As she climbs to the top with helping hands,
She realizes that her breaks are getting smaller
They are healing her
And she finally reaches the top,

She grabs another hand,
She sees the person in her life, who loves her the most,
And she realizes that the people who tore her down,
Broke her, and tortured her are gone,
And as she walks, she realizes…

She isn't alone
She has help
She's loved

She’s not broken...

She’s just cracked

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My family
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