black and blue

you know we see colors all the time

the color of hair our skin our eyes

but what about color of a different kind

our true colors


and i learned his true colors

they were black and blue

i didn’t tell others about his colors

i didn't know what to do


his colors they left a mark

hidden under skin and on my heart

and maybe some other places..

but i couldn’t face this...


what if people like me weren’t afraid

to speak of time our colors went to gray

when our world became dark

because someone left their mark

they left us black and blue


i don’t want to be marked by his colors

i want to know i can have faith that others

will try to see me for who I am.

I am bright yellow- I still have my light;

I am a red, strong, not afraid to fight for my life

and I am green, I grew strong

and I don’t lean away from the black shadow cast over me.


It was NOT my fault.


and until this day

I didn’t speak out loud

of the black and blue that had my light shrouded with fear-

it disappears -my colors are here to stay

and the black and blue now fades:

good riddance

but know this


there are others left with these marks

of black and blue and cast in the dark

do not ignore them or abhor them

it is not their fault it is not their shame

and if you create a culture where they are to blame

than you’re the same as all the others

you will be the cause of those two colors:

black and blue


This poem is about: 
Our world


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