Hypnotized by the reality,
Still after soo many years,
My Misty eyes remained silent.

The susurration only had confirmed my doubts.
The memories still haunting me all night.

I can still smell him on myself.
The thoughts of his hands tracing over mine gave me chills.

The night wasn’t cold like how it has always been described.

The night was filled with warmth,
Until I was suddenly lost in the darkness,

Warmth of bodies tangling with each other is what I felt.

The ecstasy of his heart racing made mine freeze.

My innocent angels tortured by his demons,
Creating the art of evilness.

The struggle of freeing my hand was making me fatigue.

Chained was my legs,
Smudged my lipstick.

The light was shinning bright ,
Piercing right through my soul.
The blurriness still seemed unfazed.

Head throbbing,
And blood ticking down from my core.

Ripped away and thrown into pieces laid all my clothes,
Scattered on the muddy floor.

My tongue parched,
Lips desperately wanting to quench its thirst,

Suffocated by my own thoughts,
The helplessness drowned me in self shame.

Squinted my eyes to recognize the face in front of mine,

Indeed felt, as if all the air was sucked out from my body.

Too shocked,
Thud! My body fell limplessly on the floor.

Tears threatening to fall,
I shivered,
Letting Goosebumps paint itself all over me.

The stinging pain on my cheeks,
let the smirking bruise imprint themselves on my pale skin.

Only to face the person who did this to me,
The only face whom I recognized,

The only face which has left me broken completely.

Despite the drugs running through my veins,
My voice crooked letting the brain register his name,

With difficulty,
I called out,


I still wonder,

Was it an illusion created by me?

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