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We can all be everything  everyone has ever been   We can all be everything  no one has ever been   Yet 
people feeling a different kind of way now that you say what you say reputation is everything and you took mine away
Knew he wasn't the one first time that I met him Wondered how many girls he couldn't haunt  But if he's a jerk then I can be a beach Killing his reputation for revenge 
Some people love me for who I am Others hate me for what they see Some respect me for what they see Others look down on me for who I am   I make mistakes I embarrass myself
Put down your pencil, And pay attention to your class, Not everyone is like you, They’re all just trying to pass,   You make think that they care, But they’re all laughing in their reclining chair,
  She exploits her body to the opposite sex Or the same sex It doesn't matter right As long as she gets her pay check Because at the end of the night Her pockets are full $500 in tips
The pretty girl who everyone wants they admire you for your smarts  respect all your wishes all the boys wanted to call you theirs and one day, a boy was able to   you thought you loved him
First day of class I walk in, finding a seat   Talking to friends, stories of summer   Roll call, hands are being raised   My name is said and I respond, "Here!"
i watched my seemingly spotless slate get covered in dust my disgust for the skeletons left in my closet sit like green throw up on a golden plate the gates of hell unleash unholy gases
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