Where the Sky Touches the Sea


United States
34° 21' 29.3616" N, 84° 53' 54.5208" W

Blending together, they are.
Like reflections on water.
Memories, like a cookie jar.
These thoughts they slaughter.

I can’t tell where it starts,
where it ends.
I try to use some smarts.
But together, they blend.

Dizzy, no air left.
Nothing but blue.
Wish I had a gill cleft.
Its wrong, the angle of view.

I can’t tell which way is up,
or which way is down.
I won’t drink this death cup.
Fate, it could not be, to drown.

In blind desperation, I swim.
Pushing, hoping, kicking,
Though all I see is dim.
My thoughts are tricking.

Is it sea or is it sky?

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