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     Backwards alphebet, speaking tongues  2nd language, chugging jug matching voices, doing flips roller skating, building ships      Many things that I could do learning how to engage you
Here. Impress me. Take your appearance and character And put it under a stress sheet It's light enough to ignore But it keeps away the best heat It puts up an impenetrable wall
Searching here and there, striving to find bliss... Went to friends and colleagues,  they said get rich; enjoy luxury,  pleasure is the mean of bliss... Not really!!
I feel the chill across my face
When I walk with the moonlight,  Not underneath but beside it, It whispers to me 'do not lose heart, And then I go out and try it.    When I swim with the clouds, Gliding through the fluffy air, 
There was a girl, graceful and free She looked in the mirror just to see  If her hair was not in a big mess To see if she looked rather stressed To make sure her makeup was intact
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