What Would I Change? Good Question!

To change or not to change that is the question. . . I would change the way we see people! Who says the Princess has to be skinny mini and perfect? Why are models so super thin? What about those who are over weight and they cry how they are not beautiful, or those who starves themselves to be beautiful?

What is beauty? It is fake and mean!

I would write a story about a beautiful girl, who is a little chubby but she is beautiful ON THE INSIDE! Isnt that the point of princesses? To be kind and beautiful on the inside? Well guess what there are people who are kind and beautiful on the inside, but yet they are over weight, so we don't care about them.

To be healthy is one thing, but to make all models super skinny is a crude thing to do to small children. I don't believe in twig thin beauties! Am I against skinny people? Hell No

But I am upset to make kids starve themselves because they are not "Perfect". I have a friend that is skinny and she is Beautiful and she has to remind me that I am Beautiful too. So look in the mirror and Say "I AM WORTH IT & I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!"

You want a poem well here it is

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

I am Beautiful

And SO ARE YOU!!!!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

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