You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam

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You only write once Write everything you're able to  Cuz one day you'll die
There's only been one time,
What do you do when you lose the thing you take pride in? How much time does it take to once again feel a win?
It has no name No face Just a voice I' ve torn and burnt my flesh 
i see him memorys scream at me i choke i choke what if i could forget my sense of sight and only hear the words of students passing by  i would never see light
I was ten when I found out, on that coldhearted day That the only one I loved, had truly ran away He left me without notice, without warning, without a clue
I Remember My Life As...
Dance It doesn’t just mean to move rhythmically to music. It’s artistry, bravery, endurance. I dance as though telling a story. Making each step a different word. As I drag my feet across the floor,
34,34 percent of teenage girls have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20 70,more than 70 percent of teenagers in general have at least one drink by the age of 18
You were young, but old enough to remember it all. Your eyes fillled with hope, Ideal to take as their own.
I remember those last words she said to me, "I love you"
The cucoon of skin, reminding me daily of what I'm not. Society tell me, spitting slurs into my face, That I will never be a man. My voice trembles. I strain every cord in my body to pass,
Black is a color but it's not me, its just a title they put on the crayola crayon next to the gray. But its gone far more than anything before, never has this been a subject to explore.
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
   If there ever was enough to give, I would give it to you. If there ever was enough ways to show I would show, I woud show you my truth. My love for you is so alive it would never die. you take my breath away, you make my heart skip a beat.
My sweet daughter,
A lady at the store once called me A Great American Beacuse I gave her an extra discount Patriotism
The dream of a fool, Many might say We’re capitalist’s tools, As we’re on our way Surviving as slaves On minimum wage at Wal-Mart or K-Mart Striving for the day until we get the part  
Motivation, it's what keeps us going, How do we keep motivated in a world that's never slowing? Our goals are too important to let go of that sight, Our focus will help us reach a future so bright
Go to sleep, close your eyes
I am from destruction, Destroyed emotions and abandoned kids. I am from dirt soup, Long summer days Soaking in the sun, Playing in the lawns, Finding my friends.   I am from books,
And in fact, I'm really A poertic mastermind. It's just that, I never Really had the time To uhh, grab a pen and record these lines That just, cloud my mind with words and rhymes.
I am told to change.   Never to my face. That would be too simple.   But in the magazines and the movies and the momentum of society carrying them forward.   You are not right. Change.  
There was a criminal along the pilgrimage, nicknamed the "Escapee", who had taken advantage
Black sleek wings tinted with blood Death dark eyes devoid of love
I am an ice burg
              Swayed by their emotions running to pick up others
With the power to change, I would change power. The people have to struggle while our leaders just cower.  Few enjoy all the blessings of wealth,
You give me laughter and joy  hope for a better tomorw  despite your ups and downs  I still and always will love you      who could accuse of a crime  if the crime is your genuity
What I would change about me?It’s funny that you ask,Because if there’s anything I’d change,It would be just one thing,I’d ask for a friendOne who completely understood me,Who wouldn’t hate me,
I can't chase my demons, they've tied me too far down.   God would not forgive me, I don't deserve his crown.   What if I walked into the ocean? If I mysteriously drowned.  
People discriminate me by my color!
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
People are sensative, caring and often kind People are rude, oblivious and even blind  People are people and will act as they please No suprise considering all the tempations of this world are just a tease  
What happened to goodbye? You left without a trace Gone for good, never to return You don’t understand, you never did
In April 2009, you left this world to me. And at the time, I didn't know who I wanted to be. The sadness crept up my leg, a snake, threatening to swallow me whole.   It was morphine
Rotten apples, please Again my friends stayed inside Old fun, such a tease Lost online, my words denied
Today and Tomorrow Not the same now Its like two sides of a coin Heaven and Hell i supposeToday's ride homeTomorrow's pollution stormYet no one seems to botherunless its the order
Love a shadow             Gray in vigor             Gold in prime             Gone as all             Given in gifts                         An endless friend
Waving Beauty along the waterline          Proud, splendid, fantastic             Rowing among the brisk waters             Warming the bitter days
It's great to stop caring.It's nice to not cry.The people in the world,Who I have to leave behind. I'm a human grenade.A plane with no wheel.A hobo in the rain,and a no next meal.
in this world filled with hate you have managed to take the bait heaven in and out of hell some love is gentle and filled with sweets while others are brutal that threaten to beat
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
kiss my petal-pink lips   hold My tinny hands   stroke my porcelain cheek   if you only knew not every doll is a sweet little Girl ;  
What is a friend? By any other name Would it be as friendly? It be, in fact, said That friends are to which to blame For survival of love and fame. I believe it so, For fame bring many a foe
missing you is easy to do every memory like water stains on the pages of my brain they have been engrained to my soul only your hands can unfold thee only your words can console me missing you is easy to do your love is my drug with every touch e
To change or not to change that is the question. . .
He stood there, slight, black, white, and fat As simple as a soggy newspaper, and last Sunday's at that.   My eyes tear up and i blinkblinblinkblink as my friends say "coming Mady?" and I say "in a few"
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
Do you remember when we used to play grown ups? Somewhere along the way when we weren’t quite teenagers but we weren’t still kids,
    You ask me what's important to me, what makes me happy,                                           
God is a hide and seek player He's the seeker He sometimes intimidates the hiders They are afraid of what He will find   He's the seeker God would walk around a hiding place, knowing
I’m tired of being second best.   I’m tired of you treating me like shit and me putting up with it. You’re a terrible friend and I’ve been good to you but I’m not good enough to include too?
I've lost my motivation. I've lost the absolute love for writing. I try to come up with a great chapter maybe even a great word. But I've lost the ability to do so. No words, no characters.
    You can't imagine what its like, inside here.
Tell me your lies, Give me your sin, I know in my heart I'll never win.   Look at those eyes, Look at that grin, Melts my heart like a piece of tin.   But when will I realize?
Identified by the marks of her own fingerprints,   the places where she had gone, and where she had left,   blurred into one and became all the same.  
Am I my love's main cast? Thought my life was dreary, You fell into my cloud ordinary. Thought You're the one, You fell for me like a movie. Thought you confessed to me, You fell for my best friend.
Everyone has seen the movies, everyone has read the lines, everyone knows 'bout the boy and the girl, their story is told time after time.   We know how it ends, all perfect and happy,
What makes something pretty? I mean, what qualifies a thing to be pretty? An opinion?
“It doesn’
One dollarThat's all it takesTo save a lifeFrom a distraught place Where the mosquitos buzzand water runs brownThe situation is poisedTo take one down
Give the World a Flower As one individual
Fallen tearsCorrupted earsBroken heartsFamilies torn apartSex driveDrug highIs this all there is to life?Dreams of loveHopes of famePasts we cannot changeRunning from the scars
Softly, the leaves whisper, As they move aside to let the wind pass. Obligingly the water parts, To allow a magnificent swan to dive into the deep.   Meanwhile, a tiny frog hops across the leaves.
“Thank You For Life”
Catching Feelings We are both fishing for each other But only one of us is willing to get caught, Up and hooked on to these feelings we have for each other
1)         You see a man sitting alone on a curb.             His beard is white and his clothes are old.
An insomniac? Me? No. Never. I don’t need to TRY to sleep. That’s usually the only thing that comes easy to me I always need to TRY to accomplish greater things I have to TRY to learn, to study
The map is drawn and the lands are imagined. Nations formed out of mere thoughts. Yet the places and peoples are unreal,
I am a person of color. Sheltered all my life before I knew the truth. My world has changed. My world has grown And you’ve opened my eyes To the reality of privilege That I do not have,
Just as the scintillating stars rest upon the bold chest of the deep sky, the young boy lays on the lush green grass gazing upon the creations of God.
The sun is a blood red puppet, 
Tiny toes and little feet, Pitter-pattering on the kitchen floor. Hop up on the chair and put your feet on my lap, We’ll need paper towel in case we spill. Which lotion do you want, the pink or the blue?
Some people say, Why are you so into this? Do you really want to realize your own insignificance? Do you really want to think about how miniscule you are amongst this gigantic sea of galaxies and stars?
Never Shall I forget that one morning, foggy and windy. The screech of the car, waking up to screams and shout.
Dezmonique A. Garris Alzheimers I walked up to an older lady and told her, “I am your lover”, I told her never to forget me and that there will be no other.
I wrote for the voices who were too busy to even scream
The blue canarysings from dawn to dusknot becoming wearyknown as Indigo Bunting                   Full of gusto, cheerbut born to be blueand a merefour point two 
“Her face was priceless!” We collapsed into laughter. “And remember that time at Wal-Mart?” I gasped, turning to look at her. But she was wasn’t there.
Let's fight the environmentalists. Who do they think they are? Don't preserve nature; Don't protect wildlife. There's no need to save the planet. We have another one - right?  
If somebody were to ask me what I thought of the world today,  What would be the first thing that I would say? Would I quote a singer and say, 'The world is a cancer" Or say what I think, that it could be better?
  I love the way you part ways And allow the sun to shine through you Big white puffs that sit above Our heads floating like dreams You are the outside walls of heaven
You didn't make me well enough to survive Your finger tips didn't paint me pretty enough  You left me without a repertoire that was exotic enough You didn't grace me with enough talent to be special 
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong In the body you call home? I do.   At times, or rather most times, I am so timid that I think I would be better suited
I sit in the last pew-watching and listening. Everyone stops and looks at her.  Some people stand there for what seems like eternity, while some barely glimpse her.
I sit in the last pew-watching and listening. Everyone stops and looks at her.  Some people stand there for what seems like eternity, while some barely glimpse her.
when i was young,i believed i would go straightto hell for questioningthe good book and god:
Sunny days were always our favorite to sit on a stoop Even though we were forced to watch Young kid’s faces cry out for attention Scream their mother’s name While their fathers were too busy dealing on a corner
i'm sixteen years old, and it's nothing like they said it would bethere are no wild parties and fun hangouts,only excuses for people to get fucked up and shit-faced.
I thought... shells are entitled to being whole fish are entitled to do the "wave" in the deep blue sharks are entitled to fins sea turtles are entitled to plastic-free snacks
  You cup your palm
Blaring horns Form melodies, The familiar tune: That of the night, That of the rush.   The 3am toms Prowl fire escapes; The midnight tramps Nod off in doorways.  
I keep my daytime nightmares in an envelope - which my restraint has sealed. The key, I swallow whole, Until I gasp for air. My control, unchained, finds release as I invite the sin to tea.
I hear the forest singing as I meander through the still, familiar grove The wind-rustled leaves rise in a flurry and dance among the tangled brush The cheerily chirping songbird carelessly flits among twisted, ancient trees
Way back when the floor was lava
Don't tell the birthday boy congratulations on living another year.  Do not tell him you put a lot of thought and effot into the gift wrapping. You know he will tear it anyways.
He ran through clouds of dust  Kicked up from his comrades' trampling boots And neutralizing fire- But our children sit.   Rise for The Man! Rise for The Land!  
It’s cold inside, But no one else seems to notice Except the poor boy Who lies in his room, eyes swollen.   He’s been cold the past few days now. Months, years, actually,
When you need help,
When you need help,
A strand of hair  derived from my scalp  is detected by my two brown eyes, the color a reflection of both.   My vision blurs  as a sea of unwanted memories 
I thought pink was a nice shade of red Until I learned that pink should be hated And wearing it makes you weak.    I was told to shave my legs because Hair on a girl is unnatural and revolting
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                          
The house sits silently except for the hum of the heater                                                            Everyone is asleep but here I lay wide awake        
This pain you feel I feel it too It's deep and dark We're scared inside Of all the things That could go wrong Of all the songs That have been sung The hurt inside Is bad; I know But the way out Is not to go We must push through Even when it's tou
His eyes opened,
I often like to think of you like 
Imagination The most cunning of human machinations Is, without some resultant flare For naught, merely spare   Flame Cannot be born without frame For the kindling that sustains
Poorest neighborhoods and liquor is at its finest. 
*/ /*-->*/ Oh how you scoffed at my theories As we walked along the hall
I trust in my Heavenly Father, always. Though the bitter snow and ice encompass me Making me slip and slice, almost succumbing to vice
When it starts it is dark, A wall closing in on all sides, Warm and secure. Suddenly- Light, Warm and blinding, Enveloping everything, Like the rest of my life would be surrounded by.  
Once upon a time,I would have asked myself,What was hope?Was it needed in my life?I wandered aimlesslyThrough my school,Daydreamed through classes,Surrounded myself with pointless matters.  
A precious life cut too short Taken away by a vicious disease A hard fought struggle has come to an end Though she is in a better place We invision the smile upon her face
look, here i am.
Problems, Everyone has them And we all can’t stand them Problems, They are hard to face Even though we are the ones who created them in the first place Problems, We want to get rid of them
Any time Any place I hear music Beneath the surface My brains jingle with Fast and Furious clips Flashbacks of my life Triggering happiness, sadness By lyrics or tempo
Without a story, Bedtime is unfulfilled.   Without assistance, Homework is a pain.   If not your model, Who is your mother?     Imagine your first teacher
How can beauty be such a talent?
My winters are a gray burst of sky smoke moving cement hurt that peelsknees yellow teeth and sun sofar away winter is not gray it is white between split ends and in department stores things
I'm walking home, mind ablazeTrying to think past a mindless hazeAll I do is "write 300 words or more"But what good is all the nonsense for?
it's the 21st century, be who you want to be! do what you want to do with your life! if you love history, linguistics, drama, music, follow your dreams! college is for exploring your passions and dreams!
The first time that I met you I had no idea that you would mean Absolutely nothing But curly hair and jeans.   You met me in my darkest time; Full of anger, fear, and pain.
Poetry isn‘t really my thing. Phrases that make you blush? That make your heart sing? Words that fit so perfectly on a page? No, poetry isn’t really my thing.   But all the thoughts in my mind?
He was the one that made me get butterflies in my stomach, the weirdest thing I had never felt before. He was the one that made my heart beat faster, and showed me that love doesnt always hurt. 
I guess this a poem Meant to thank you Because I would not be able to write If it was not for you.   Yet, some nights You allow me to sleep But it is never peaceful when
Like a seed to a tree, you brought forth life, You planted three, including me, all origins strife, But your love never lessened. Dedicated to my success,
Love  Attraction, Spark 
Do not give in, keep up the fight when all hope is far away gone bring the bigger dream to sight.   Press on, do not go into the light do not be wooed by the angel's song
When someone means a lot to me, I tend to write about them, usually in poem.
I have
  I tried to be soft; tried to be gentle and delicate, but I’ve got a body full of bones and sharp edges. I’ve got blood; red hot blood, pumping through my veins. I tried to be soft,
I have known happiness It is within my very being and my reason for living It greets me in the morning with eyes so loving and so kind My dear blue eyes I will adore you not only when the sun shines its brightest
Wanna hear a story?good.On
Dreams that track a vast ocean  Smooth as the face of a mirror Is the Time I lost The surface unbroken  My thoughts unspoken Is the Time I lost  
My first day of elementary school My mom woke me up and made me breakfast With a lunch box in my hand I walked to school With my white sketchers that had double knots So I wouldn’t trip over myself
To not procrastinate To know more vocabulary To master Japanese To learn Korean To be able to type fast To play the piano more often To volunteer more To be more social
The numbers are swarming in front of my eyes,
Her scars can make the blind see Her pain burns within Her words are deaf  Her voice is mute Her tears are unseen Her fears create a demonic birth Her life is her inescapable nightmare
The day I was born I was given a daisy. When they gave it to me they told me: This is no ordinary daisy, As long as it’s with you, Everyone will believe you to be innocent before guilty,
We live in a world were we are judged. Needless to say, we can't be who we truly are. What makes us special and unique will separate us from society. But why? Why should we hide who we are?
Oh little sis, I wish you to be the greatest woman in history. If there's one person I want to surpass me, it would be you little sis with your heart in glee.
The road before him Is straight Raised calf high above the ground   A mountainous cloud before him So soft Wide enough to anticipate his fall But not his failure  
HandsThey are taken for grantedWe use them everydayAre they what keeps us so candid?HandsThey actually define us commonersThey can be rough, soft, dry, moist, cold, warm
I wake up every morining for school, but gess  what no one cares. I go on to class thinking about everyone else.
It's after prayers and this lady saunters over to me The new leader of our community And asks "What happened to your face?" I give her a confused look Is my make-up off a shade?
Tonight you told me you almost kissed me on that night in December when I almost wanted you to. I told you I knew it and you asked me just what I thought that we should do. But how am I to answer that,
Tears, like rain, stream across the world.  Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters; tears of joy and of remorse; tears of fear and of sorrow.  Each speak of another language hate, love, anger, despair. 
I travel across the great plains Adrenaline is surging through my veins On a quest for the throne A quest to be eternally known   Suddenly the foe appears just over the horizon
Peace be still  That is what The Lord said To the storm  That storm they passed through All the waters calmed The sea obeyed  And nature was at rest.  
One time.   One time to live, one time to breathe, One to play and be all you can be.   "One time," Mama said, and I wanted to believe,
Karma starts as a neutral seed;
Daddy always said education is important. Growing up he constantly reminded me the importance of a college degree. Ambition is key, he always said.
Whimsically wishing for a life of happiness, yet constantly constrained by a monetary monster.   Reasoning roads to take or to avoid, forever weighing the pros and cons.  
My crimson sorrows, pour onto the floors, Bathing each torn petal of my orchid, Lying in my puddle of crimson crystals, With the stained daggar of blood dripping royalty, Royal in Hell!
Jasai Perkins You Only Write Once 
What art thou that thee pierce thine heart so? Art thou thine love? I shall never know
Small, hungry children waiting on their food. And yet patience will not help stop the feud. The fields remain barren- no sign of life. Livestock needed for meat, meet owners' knife.
The waves crashed high over my soul as I flew through every nautical mile.
Queens By Mariah Michelle (Holden)   You little sly dog you Well the jokes on you mister My name isn’t actually Stacy And I’m not British  
The weight of your absence presses upon my eighteen year old shoulders. The weight of my tears dent my well-loved plaid shirt as they fall like my heart when I found out you had gone. At eighty-something,
Tell me, tell me, tell me why you look at me that way Your eyes scream everything that your lips don't wanna say 7 billion people in this world, somehow you're all alone
Have you ever had apple pie? If not I suggest you give it a try.
I been called the future I been told i could make it But I'm totured by failure and by past defeats   I have a chance to take  to take power back but the quiver its empty the sword dull
Discover adventure, life filled with danger, A palace guard, super spy, or funny forest ranger. The world out there is filled to the brim,
People don’t know how I feel about you I tell them that I hate you so they won’t I’m afraid that this has been far too long That no one would or could ever understand How stupid I feel for loving someone
I am from a place called impossible, Where no dreams can be achieved And if they are, hold on to them I'm from different states, Packing up and moving on And leaving everything else left behind
I love You, Oh, Jesus, I love You.   You're the Lord and the King to my awe and song. You're the Father and the Son to my righted wrong.   You're the body and the blood to my bread and wine.
Best friend turned traitor Who is truth and who is a hater So much love you dedicated Just left, discarded and desecrated No longer could you tolerate it So gone, the ones who left you empty and desiccated
As the years go by so fast, The days are what drag. Memories live in the past, As college approaches with a hefty price tag. Friends begin to part,  After eighteen long years.
Ode to My Rabbit (Goes with Jingle Bells)   Jumping in the air Like the cute rabbit you are
3:04 am think, what joys are left? i'm hiding from the "real" world: of money and loans and signatures and confirmations and sighs but is that real?
It started off nicely I guess A flutter of wings in your stomach every time you touched Easy going laughter Your other half that was once empty and void Was being filled and satisfied completely  
A little girl, grew up so fast, so many choices. What shoes to wear, what friends to make, and who to date.
“FROM THE ASHES” by Thomas McClellanJanuary 30, 2014 A life so bright, yet so young,
Miss you, bro:  
People say if your parents are alcoholics then you’ll be one But my mother isn’t. And people say if your parents are drugies you’ll be one, But I’m not!
There is an old saying: Love comes in many forms. But why is being gay Excluded in that love?   “It is a sin!” they shriek. They throw slurs and death threats. Souls are trapped in closets,
a self portraita passiondesire to be and live and seethat fueled her every dreamher life was simple in the big pictureliving on the outskirts of timea brain desperate to fit in
So there I was, awaiting joyous as the hour drew more near us When the man would come and join us, my dear love and his Lenore. I crossed the room, nervously pacing, playing with my dress’s lacing,
For the first time in forever You find you are alone For the first time in forever You find your world has changed You thought you were ready You thought it a choice The independence you craved
I’ve been regected and neglected with a silent anger, That I know I shouldn’t feeel. It’s an ownership I’d wish to tamper, To make them bow down and kneel. But I know I have to hide my shadows,
Life isn't just a game of tic-tac-toe, it is indeed much more complex.
as i think of how many days have passed through my life, i can't help but to reminded that it also means i'm one day closer to you. & as the years are flashing passed me, 
They tell me not believe in new beginnings,
Write. Weigh each word on the scale of perfection - Only perfection - Settle for no less. Bind each word together with a silver thread Upon which could hang the very weight of nations.
There are so many kinds of hate.  But the most insidious is the kind that hides behind a smile and an open hand. The first I knew of it was a boy in my class. 
There are spikes on my shoulders and studs on my belt. I see rings made of metal arrows and daggers dangling from fragile throats on delicate chains. When did fashion become our armor?  
I remember everything you did for me. I remember when we met in 9th grade.I still remember the prank you played on me you see,
How do we pay for an education?Laborious hours reading over contractsScraping and scrambling for a "good enough" GPA Praying that Financial Aid will come through - this time Just maybe
In case you hadn’t realized, Being “different” is no longer acceptable, Assuming that it ever was. It seems as if people are no longer perceived as people,
Father, I feel as though I've been marching around Jericho for six days.  I'm tired, and my feet grow weary.  Daily they hurl stones at me from their high places. 
In life, we tend to take things for granted far too often   the food on your table the blankets on your bed the clothes in your closet the heat warming your house  
  When I came home today, you’d left all your papers scattered on my desk Darling, you know I can’t stand the mess  
Foggy protection of light and sight, or chemicals that burn tears, into leaky eye sockets.   The water blinds creatures who walk on land, but scratched shields still provide
They say if you drown in the oceanYou become a mermaid   You always ate the end peice of the loafNow they sit molding in a basket. 
Everyone keeps asking me so what you been up to and I'm always like what do you mean? I mean what are your plans, how are things going? I guess I'm fine just you know the usual, getting ready for prom, finishing up with school.
  I walk around in school everyday. Looking down at my feet as I say "I'm okay." It gets hard, I get weak. I look at the kids around me to see if they'll speak. 
Whether you want to be a famous basketball star or a congressman, don't let others say you can't It is your life-your dream, not theirs Don't let them make you do something you don't want
What is going on today?Violence, hatred, negatiity surround me.I look for a bright side but it's too dark to see.In order to live we have to pay.Blinded by our rights, we live "free."
My whole life I held everyhthing inside Trying to run and trying to hide Scared of what people would see Never showing the real me Until now finally feeling so alive
There is a life to the city, a vitality not found in Suburbia. Uniqueness, sprinkled in among the chain coffee shops. Food trucks with steam rising from them on cold days,
please come out of your hiding come out and show your face, please I am watching, waiting for you to come out of your hiding   i need to know there is someone please show me,
Basic. necessary as the air we breathe: Human Rights. I multiply 365 and 100,000 and find that 36,500,000 humans suffocate to death each year
The coffee creamer of society I am what others believe It is tough not knowing your nationality For it is based on the individual and what they perceive Natives see the refined, marble white
He sat upon his throne, stoic
  I don’t understand why you pushed me away. I tried so hard to follow in your footsteps, To be a lamb and live by your teachings.
Words have power--the power to uplift, the power to give back happiness or love, to shift a mindset. But they have a dark side too. A side that leaves bruises, black and blue, all over my body and mind.
There you lay, in box of the deceased.I watch as they carry you to the nest of our creator.Stiff as rock, and cold as a winter’s day.Here I am wasting away what others have achieved.
Creativity feeds on expression,It thrives on liberation,It fears oppression,And it creates affection. So let your mind free,Let your spirit be,Be your own entity,Your act is the key.
For the first time in life, I had encountered the individual who was called struggle. He was a mental struggle, a physical struggle, a ceaseless struggle.
Write about anything I want? does it need to be in a certain font?   Your letting me choose?
Some things in life Seem so small. Some things in life  Seem to mean nothing at all. We walk We talk Such easy things to do. But what if one of these was suddenly taken from you?
I’m walking down a silent path,glancing quickly at the lives I passbut as I slow, I begin to learnthat truths are buried deep behind masks.
   Damn the way life could change, it’s really such a shame the thing you have became
First came the baby carriage Then promised marriage Our own little family Little things started to build
Here lies the quintessential Moroccan night. Sky at midnight still faintly lit, a cool breeze ruffles my sweater and blows the smoke from my lips. Sounds mix and collaborate:
Whenever I am lost or lonely, I know that I need only to pick a book and disappear. Whenever I am hapless or unhappy, I know that I need only to find solace in these pages.
     You are never afraid to roll the dice. When it is my turn you are never fair,
My back layed against the red-wood bark. A nice breeze of air, hits my sun-kissed skin, releasing a sigh. With the sweet melody I hear through my ears, wanting to press repeat.
Your aroma is so pleasingYour smell is so delightfulTo my senses you are appeasingWithout you, I can be spiteful
Life is what we make it out to be Whether we are wealthy, poor, warm or cold Life is like the warm breeze on a cold December day It can be cruel and it can be tough But life is a newborn childs warm smile
Sound reverbates in my diaphram, screeching out harsh melodies. I sing. Steps come down the stairs, telling me to shush. I sing louder. Again, I am scolded. I scream lyrics.
Children be kind Elders be strong Everyone tell me one thing
The sun sets and night will soon fall Darkness spreads throughout the land, The shadows growing tall. They move through the wind like a grain of sand.   They move through the trees with ease
I am from lost privileges and hard workers the land of war ignominy and expansion  
Bitch The words bounce of the wall like after shock. Slut The words hit hard like a blow to the chest. She was just a girl at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was asking for it.
I don’t know who they are,yet, they all know me.Well, at least they think they know me.They don’t know who I am,who I really am.Who are they?They call me names.
My mind it's in havoc. My thoughs are jumbled, They confuse me so. How can I understand?
Staring out the bared window My heart sinks with the setting sun I rest my weary head on a pillow The nightmare has already begun
Staring out the bared window My heart sinks with the setting sun I rest my weary head on a pillow The nightmare has already begun
Lines that cut across in front and behind lines that we wait in, lines that we abide by, lines that we break, lines that we cross, and shatter, and tear apart, until there are
It's hard to enjoy the moment when The future is as close as an arms length
Summer days they only last so long  We try to enjoy them before they’re all gone Remember nature’s most beautiful ways Brought to us by the most wonderful summer days They never cease to amaze
What is culture? What is distinction?
I was only a kid when the streets took my identity.
  Click-clack. Click clack. Thundering sounds of  heels on hardwood. Click-clack. Click-clack. Like a play-by-play announcing my progress to the chair. Click-clack. Click clack.
Sweetly sleeping on a lake A deep long breath I dared to take 
Don’t control the chaos and
“Release me release me” The voice arises An unnamed mass of hatred and darkened woe “The agony you feel, you can no longer bare it alone” Time strengthens its calls, its shady whispers emits from inside
Released to the hounds, my fear has come. Running away, the time is now, to find completion. I'll lose my mind. The end is near. I give up.
The first heartbreak; Unforgettable. The first love; Memorable. Both because of the same person. Starting with lust; ending wiht loathe.
If you asked me how I felt about you right now,I would not lie.
A whirl of feeling pours from my pencilas I write of my unrequited love.I think of struggle, I feel it. I knowwhat it is. And not just of love, of hurt.Of someone's pain that you just cannot stop.
They told me all my life How, if I tried, I could be anything I wanted to be, how I Should never let anyone stop me.             Careers in creativity awaited me, I thought.
You know how good it feels To have a license in your palm, your hand on the wheel There’s no parent to guide you, you’re on your own
Hiding in a crowd found and exposed by the harsh and simple-minded viewed with digust and annoyance called strange and crazy by the judgemental, over-rated and complex   Wanting a better world
The white snow flutters to the ground. The chilly air signals winter has come.  I stand on the street with no one around. Oh, the lonely season has just begun.   The days are shorter, the nights are longer.
Poem 1: Keep Calm and Don’t Judge Me Love (Shake my head); when I was fourteen years I thought I found love, Love like: Fairy Tales, and all that Fucking Bullshit people allow.
I spent a year in a foreign placeWandering about what truths I would learn or face...
It is dark and dreary. The sun never comes out. I feel so wet and sticky. Why won't this mud come out? I know not what it is like, to even know how to ride a bike. I'm stuck in this house,
'Where are you?', is what he called. The sweet childs sing-song voice called over the cloud of darkness. 'Where are you?', he calls again...giggling shortly after. 
To see with letters crossed,  A blur of black against white expanse, Staring, squinting, turning, shaking off,  Words of clarity often lost.   Pounding, throbbing, aching eyes
  Stay out of my life And I’ll keep from yours; Running in circles, I’m done with this chore. Chore of watching you Take my life from me; Chore of letting you Be where I should be.
A Hero sets out to sail the seven seas and to come back a newly change man. He frees the innocent and hears the pleas
Love. Sudden…unexpected. Lifting the heart Out of the dark, empty crevices of life.    
    When I was young And things got tough I’d call my mom
I transcribe these thoughts From my head In hopes of mental relief So that I can go to bed. But now that I’ve begun, I cannot stop or slow down. These words just keep pouring And tumbling out.
Eyes, They are windows to the soul they say – But do they work both ways?   I see the smiles that don’t reach their eyes, The laughter that doesn’t reach their expressions But they don’t see my tears.
“Are you ok?” you ask. How am I to answer Such a small, simple question? Got a D+ on a test, I studied hard every section. My face is breaking out. I hope this proactive helps.
Daddy is caring, loving, and kind. Daddy is paranoid, insane, and fading. Daddy buys me anything that comes to my mind. Daddy's actions are terrifying and degrading. Daddy snorts the white powder in lines.
Together: incessant the potters mold Us, clods of clay first dug from earth. A process replete with change; rebirth- Oscillate the wheel, change the world.   Their hands methodically vertical-
The city that never sleeps Where I relied on those thousands of constant peeps To help me cope with my own weeps Suddenly grew quiet As I approached the alley   At first I had no fear
She sinks below the seas. Cannons weigh her down Her hulls leak with water She has failed her captain.   She withstands the stormy waves black cluds consume the sky- all hope is going to die.
These highway lines burn designs into my focused eyes eyes focused on a sight that blankets my mind a blanket of where only comfort resides This comfort, it's meaning, drowns my perception
the forlorn echo of wind barreling down a deserted avenue blanketed in a shimmery layer of undisturbed powder of thieving silence and darkness reminisces of a time called poetry and a people
Inertia, drifters' neccessary companion and most fearsome adversary. Inertia, she carries the car through the drift, or carries the car through the wall. Inertia, the maker or the breaker.
A year ago today we became Best Friends.
The horizon seemed to stretch on for miles and the shore was already a spec in the distance leaving me, with the constant motion of waves, as my only companion.
I know girls searching for love under the belt buckles of guys who just called them beautiful Or cute, and go mute when the pursuit of the same type of guy yields the same result Scrubbing the scent of cologne out of their pores
numbers don’t talk,
 numbers don’t laugh; 
they don’t breath, or even have a heart, 
How does the writer write as eloquently as you speak? How does the painter paint with all the colors of your spirit? How does the composer compose a piece as wistful as a shared glance with you across a room?
It's like you don't see When I look into your eyes That shining sparkle That can only bring me pain The essence of my sadness
So young. And joy lights up their faces As the simplest pleasure transforms Into a wonderful miracle Engineered just for them By fairies, or angels, or God.   Growing up,
"A Line in the Sand"  
No sun in the winter sky when I wake No cars on the road when I ride First light breaks over empty fields Two tires zip over unused streets   Light overhead when I return
Be determined to apply Stand out to receive Scholarships are much obliged I would love some money   College is expensive Oh yes, it's expensive I am wanting a degree In Apparel Studies
What is there to do When I'm crushed Suffocated Torn apart by loneliness People passing all around Yet here I stand All alone in this ocean A sea of society
A tear flowing through the pacific river and crosses the valleys of hearts 
Mountain tops and ravines.. Highest of heights... Lowest of lows... The midst between... Reaching the summit... Or atleast strive... Goals in mind... Oppertune tasks... Venturing on...
We live in a world – Where at a certain time of an October Evening, The sky is pure blue and clouds look like cotton candy,
The school year is coming to an end,  It makes my heart cry. Though we are forced to move on,
Listen! Hear! While I tell about a dream That came to me one night I was somewhere, somewhere else The people spoke not English, but a different tongue Their words fluent and peaceful like a song
I remember the traditions like Thanksgiving on Friday because nana wouldn’t get off work to do a full day of cooking and We always open the knitted stockings first on Christmas
Helplessness: “(adj.) Unable to help oneself” No.   Helplessness is when your father Absolutely convicting in his sermons and so sure about where he stands in his faith
A Night Under The Moon With The Queen  
Hey Hey Beautiful I can't wait for tomorrow to come Because when tomorrow comes It'll chase away all of the sorrows That are keepin' me from lovin' today So bye bye beautiful
Emerald eyes that shine from a demon wake me up and you will release the beast.
Pithy, wondiferous, visceral, cant The words are there like new flavors at a coffee shop waiting to be an experiment an impulse an inclination a seduction sweet as sin
My raging heart was tortured by my demented flesh Temptations tried to eat my soul for evil I was trapped in sin with no more rest
Her ears have never heard a word, Her feet can't jump into the leaves, The view from her wheelchair isn't so pretty,  But Brooke's heart listens.    She doesn't think the same way I do, 
This is a poem to my best friend Anna,Who has stood by my side since the carefree days of childhood,And whose smile and unmistakable optimismHave shone through the clouds of my darkest days.
When you are little,They never tell you how difficult life gets.They don't tell you that losing someoneNear and dear to your heart,Would be so painful.They don't teach you how to deal with the loss
I have a story. Everyone has their story. When I start to think about mine, everything gets a little gloomy.
Seventeen years all lead to this This moment of destiny and truth And yet like the grains of sand on a beach
Y, O ,W ,O
You stand there watching me, While I sit here thinking of you. This endless cycle with you in mind. One hopes this moment will last forever.   For once the cycle is broken you fall off.
Being skinny my whole life, I’ve gotten a lot of: “How lucky are you. You never gain any weight,  You can eat anything you want. You’re so lucky, I wish I was you”   I am so lucky.
I don’t understand where this is going. Where are you taking me exactly? The way I see it, This has become an endless cycle Repeating itself, Leading to a dead end each time.  
Trapped in a world filled with so much judging People would rather change their selves than be who they really are Trapped in a world filled with so much hate
'What is it? What is it that you see?' He asked I choked on silence Beneath my ribcage was a hollow tree
She reached in And took something so beautiful. She drilled a hole in it And locked it to a chain around her neck. She called it hers. She stole it from its home In glass hopes and thin illusions,
Why do we worry and where do we place our values life is not as simple as pass go and collect 200 dollars the ideas you are fed help none what so ever struggling for self identification and reconciliation
I looked out into the crowd and saw nothing but the lights beaming down on me. My hands were clammy, and my heart was beating rapidly. I took a deep breath and assumed my position on the stage.
The world has a way of changing people,
If you want to succeed you'll have to read if you get the need to lead , so don't smoke weed, or you'll bleed with greed and that's a bad deed so I'm going to plead like a small seed in the middle of a stampede.
You wander the streets of this newly changed environment where everything in surrounding has been drained, lifeless and the burdening aroma of sadness in the atmosphere lingers upon each movement.
What I keep inside, Is what I always deny. What you love about, Is what you’d never doubt. That I’m Jealous.   I’m sorry she’s the one you prefer.
Be strong, be bold, never let go of your hold. Be free like the sky,a nd make your dreams fly.  Be right, be wrong, life is ping-pong.  Be true to your hear, and make a new start. 
Sometimes things go right and things go wrong and usually those things become a poem or a song, but once you've made that mistake, you really cannot change your fate. 
They say diamonds are forever, But this diamond has been shattered.
She gaze into the mirror for a quick inspection, Her analyzing eyes flits up and down. I wonder what she sees in that superficial glass,
Trudging home from another lonely day Is there anything that can make this feeling go away? Stomp up the stairs and flop on the bed Try to ignore the pounding in my head  
  The air around me begins to buzz. I tightly clasp onto someone’s hand.   Don’t worry-   I always presumed that events like this do not happen in places like this.
The rooms spinning
I am from the tiny, lushbackyard in Small Town America, from AWC, shiny Fender guitars and acrylic paints on canvas. I am from the "last house on the left" with the crumbly concrete porch and the weeping cherry.
You inspired a songYou make me feel strongI know you would take me along You turn on the lightsMake everything brightAnd you never put up a fight
I live inside a cold, metal case. It is inscribed with the company who built me. Inside the case, a much harsher environment ensues. Scalding temperatures, inadequate air, and continuous use,
  Her gaze drops in class             Towards the meat they butcher Her heart races and her breath is short           Her past flares up again  She wonders how she even got this far
I face many obstacles ev’ry day.Each day is filled with despair and boredom.As they go by, they become more loathsomeAnd ev’rything in them just fades to gray.
The passion runs through my vains
Broken fathers, broken homes Crumbling beneath the weight of the time, of the circumstance. Open wounds lead to scars, daily reminders of the past. No amount of alcohol can fill the cracks in one's soul.
How dare you? How dare you let your brothers run these streets as if cool to hang is some gang?
They’ll take a bullet for your freedom.Years away from parents.Months from their kids. They’ll take a bullet for your freedom. Weeks without a shower.Days without meal.
I'll stop the world The truth has been unfurled See you when you arrive here Seeing as the truth is near  
I ask her What is your favorite color? She smiles and says Water.
Whoever implied that the red rose could love? Surely, then, he has missed its wicked thorns Be it no angel fallen from above Underneath the smile, silently it scorns. 'Neath slender stem, her false pretenses show.
To those who tried to comfort me when I was diagnosed by saying "it could be worse," "everyone has something," or "at least you don't have..." What are the Odds?
  I hear the words, They echo Like a trigger that’s just Let go Not a shriek could sum up words I could not say   I release my fear And listen Let my jaw drop
I want education to create my own foundation because how much i learn will determine how much i earn  
  A deep darkness encircles the city; as another dreary day begins. The sun looms beyond as I loosen the bed coverings. Daylight breaks and I dash downstairs to bring forth the boarding pass from the printer.
Chills follow his hand wherever it goes,  His touch is like magic, I wonder if he knows.    His brown eyes look fixedly down at my peaceful face,  I let my hands wander along his back, remembering every trace. 
  Tab over and begin,
i wept with you how can you deny me now do you remember  sitting in the corner all alone sobbing face in hands praying  that I would send someone over to hug you to talk 
1. Don’t doubt me when I use past tense. Don’t call me into your room every night so you can check for new cuts. When I have an overnight school trip, don’t make me do this for my teacher.  
we begin young and green no knowledge of mean curiosity keen  
So many times I’ve heard, “You don’t act black”, And to this day I still don’t understand, How does one act a color? Do I be decrepit, ugly, or dark? At least that’s what Webster tells me,
Finding the will to get off my bed Feel the blood rush to my head Am I content with the way things are? To feel inadequate in the world Yet the determination to be better has faded
People think independence is being free Freedom from parents Free to follow your dream Freedom to embrace the present   But independence is the opposite Full of responsibility and issues
  Fresh faces full of hope and excitement for the next four years. I was once at that point, Scared yet excited
Making all the rules 
Four By Four Enclosure of Space Is it Simply My Room Or does it represent my Race the limitations set upon me like a Glass Celing What is this frustration that I'm feeling 17 year old black male 
Kids are laughing… They see nothing but, joy. Elephants, tigers, monkeys are just roaring. As the children stand in amazement. Spinning in circles, smiles everywhere.
There are so many things we need to do, so many things that come in our way. Windows fogged with hate, and mirrors reflecting fear.   Too often do we take refuge in a burning building,
One piece of paper after another 500 words or less each screaming, "Me! Me! Me!" But there are only so many spots,  so many chances. How can one stand out against another?
Down she splashed in the deep blue sea 
My forest, my home, Where the dead leaves fall.
Dear Lefty,I'm sorry that I took it out on you,
As if preaching to the souls of man just wishing they'd understand You people don't know anything! You don't know what it's like to be labeled as a rapist, A murderer, A baby stabber,
I look beyond the balcony And see the stars illuminate the Aegean Sea. The gentle wind ruffles Ginny’s golden locks
shadows of figures that aren't really there with glowing red eyes that peirce my soul that do not blink or look away from the stare as they pull me into a spiral black hole  through this hole is a familar place
What do you see In your daily life? Do you see me,  Your Pain and Strife? What about it That you do not like? You look to sit, To avoid that spike. How about her,
Can I compose a song of your love?The love that i've Surrounded and held cl
  So where do we stand? On two separate lands. Between us air is heavy, thick but nary do we try so solve our dispute. Never will we have a new  Relationship, beginning, too far from ever thinning.
Her bones griped about their pain as the weathered seats tried to rise to the occasion. The pews hadn’t had company in years, so they forgot to be welcoming.  She studied the hands mounted ominously at the tip of her nose.
Generations killing generations with all this discrimation and hateration I wonder whats going on like Marvin Gaye and see how people kill each other everyday Martin Luther King Jr said, "I had a dream"
    We called him Mick- I still don't know why. It was about noontime the day I met him- Same day I lost two tips of my fingers, nails and all.
There was a slot in the fence at the end of my street
You were my oversight and it wasnt intentional not on purpose.
I will write it 
I will write it 
Flat. Like a piece of paper. Empty. Had she turned to vapor? Why was it that when she spoke all anyone heard was a faint choking noise? She had a voice after all. Didn't she?
i'm tired.of ritually slicing at veins,
Spring is on it's way        Love will surely blossom Like a river flowing out to sea.
W O R D S are eternal, but we are not.
There's a thousand words on the tongue and a million on the brainevery single sound, utterance, pronunication, annunciation is a different facetof my cognition
When you dream do you believe it once actually happened? Maybe in a movie, mixed with parts of your reality? Is it about a dream of your "true love"? Is it about a dream of a battle you will fight in the future? 
If you play a game Do you consider yourself a player or a gamer? What if the sky and ocean reversed? What if our roles in life were extremely cursed? What if good is actually bad?
He's Up Again, It's Time To Ride, And The Thought Of Him Dying Never Leaves His Mind.
Everyone tells you to live for today; Forget about tomorrow. But if you never think about tomorrow What will your today be? The people that tell you to live for today
“Serendipity” by Shelby Smith
I hurdled over the laser While the farage door closed over me
the coastline is a
You tell me do my homework, and go to bed by nine You tell me that you love me, almost all the time You tell me “don’t forget…” and ask me how’s my day
  No! Stop!
You may not see it, but things are changing drastically. That dream i see myself in is a climb not worth climbing anymore. My faith is shaking seeing our friendship drop to the bottom of the ocean.
welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.the general population is counting on you,they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.
I love to sit and imagine. Imagine life without a smile. Life without being happy.  To imagine my entire life rolling by without the thrills. Without the beautiful dreams. Without my favorite colors.
Satellites and lines 
Stretching out that horizon sky 
 Searching for what? 
Limbos and escapes, highs or holidays 
 Grasping for just a moment…what?
Family   My family matters most to me They are the seed to my success They have poured out their generosity
Frida Kahlo whispers to me in my sleep, says, and I quote“You must stay gone,Train your heart like a dog.”So I do. But the cliché about old dogs and new tricksis true though.
You ripped me apart,piece by piece,calling me names,saying stuff that I did,when I didn’t do a thing.You aimed your insultsat me like darts,how I wanted you to cease.
Early September I still remember That day Day of Shame  When I was walking out Out of my house And I didn't know That it was my Last time seeing That place For another
It was hard to see the ground right in front of me,
There is no quiet place inside of my head everything between us seems dead I can’t help but to think there is no sun
I am your throne, Your glorious chariot Who has come to take you away.  It is I who will give you your last tender embrace. And it is I who will return your fragile warmth.
We often hear of great success Or those who change the mold But I long to make great mistakes To finally be bold   Boldness to pursue my dreams Courage to face my fears
The constant pressure of being someone Being a person that others look up to To have a following and to lead I don't want that I want to be in the shadows Change the world through small actions
Nights are
The know nothing, yet they know everythingLike a bird, Im trapped beneath a sheltered wingThey always ask where and how Ive beenAnd want to talk every now and then
Up close and personal, your blemishes become blatant.
They come and they go It’s heartbreaking You learn so much It’s like they are now a part of you  
Dear Starry-Eyed, Five foot two doesn't determine the heights that you can go Nor does your greatest adventure rely on the size of your shoe.
My heart is a racehorse I'm terrified yet whipping it faster. Sights sharper than cut glass tastes like a penny on my tounge hands cold and clammy, but body burning and bleach clawing at my nose,
Negro-Crayola-pigmented figures may dance, But their minds lay paralyzed, Wasting away in the flow of the idolized, Instead of the flow of the idealized. It’s been said that ancient secrets lay hidden in text,
When I'm hurting insideCrying and begging for a miracleI turn around and open my bible for comfort
A diamond twinkles in the dirt—
Morals, beliefs, principles How are things meant to go Where we put here to love or fight We all think we're doing what's right Everyone has their own justice Don't stop reading we need to discuss this
I'm a young, black girl who will make a difference Yeah, life got hard but I am more than a statistic Facebook has you fooled, All of us aren't being ratchet and twerking
I am
What made me decide
What kinda hard knock life is this A bed to sleep on, and food in the fridge A computer to use, a television to watch PS3 in my room, I really want an XBOX
Got bucked off the bull once again, with the wind knocked out of me, I shook my head. Time after time I try and try, but with every fall, I give up and cry. Can't I do anything right? Why is this so hard?
If time could freeze and our hearts melt into one Sparks of spontaneity signify something has begun But fate is at our door and grief is waking us in our bed Desperation is pushing us towards the cliff
Heroes Heroes don’t have to have “super powers.”
Life is strange.  you can go days not knowing someone,  months at a time just fine.  But after you meet them,  hours are too long and I'll never understand why.    You can trust someone so much, 
This is something I can never reread, this low, this phycological disfunction and everything that coincides. It's funny, I still see color. No dull, no enhancement, Just Life. I can think.
Reality is but an illusion,  The heart a magician.  The mind is audience,  Shifting like winds of society.    Reality is but an illusion,  Trickery of every kind. 
They call us lazy. They call us tech-savvy. They say we aren't like our mommies or daddies.  
All around us we are equal Yet some are more equal than others After long years Some cannot be along others  This is what our world is Will everyone someday be equal to everyone?  
Your eyes are wide open blind to the truth. Judging with your head and not with your heart. Not taking into consideration that you might be wrong. Unable to see what lays ahead.
I am but one, A lonely child. Only a single mother. Shouldn’t a babe of merely two, Have both? I am but one, A lonely girl. Not a single friend. Shouldn’t a babe of merely seven,
Once I had a friend Once I changed locations She had made the preparations of my departure from there to here I didn’t think much of it she was so worried of our end
Last night, I imagined life without you. 
Music is my life. Flute, guitar, piano, voice. My four instruments.    
As a child The most feminine thing I did Was wish to be a mermaid I cursed my Latin thighs
I just want to let you know what is on my mind you know that I love you so you are one of a kind   In my heart, there's one special place where all of your love live
He is like a robot His muscles are as big as boulders His words are knives cutting her to the core, When he is done she will have nothing left. His eyes are coals: emotionless,
When I'm all alone, When no one is around; I let the feelings out, I let the tears fall down.   No one sees these tears, No one dreamy sadness; No one sees the blood drip down, 
I'm nothing near a poet I just like expressing myself to you
Guardian Angel, You were once so close to me. I feel your presence every now and then.
Look up into the sky, young man,
The day is still branded into my memory. It probably always will be. The looks on people's faces, the imploding feeling in my stomach, Even the way the light reflected off of that picture 
The mind moves mountains. Poetry in motion proves louder than –
Once before, I did not know my vicious friend; Simply because I was young and innocent. But when I least expected her, she flew in, to shake up what once was mine without consent.  
  Your life is now one long night Will you ever see the light? You are putting up a strong fight But in the end, will that be enough to save your life?
We go our whole lives without looking for it,No one seeks the answers anymore,No longer are we wise men and women,No loner do we question existence,
    you entered this world with your heart beating faint i smiled first at you with little sincerity i didn’t want to fall in love i didn’t want to get hurt in the end  
Open mind present Sincere never ending love Never leaving us
If man were perfect he would have a louder voice to grant the power of words to his decision and choice. "Actions speak louder than words" at least thats what they say
Loving. Listeners. Laughter. Memories.
Ever since I was young, I always dreamt to be something while others doubted me.
Ever since I was young, I always dreamt to be something while others doubted me.
Is your adoration for me the same as the world's or different? You wake up and I may not be the first to see you - clothes indescent and feet bare.... but either way, I'm the first to await your initial step....
Heres a story about a kid that got cauht up Living the life of a college student that he thought up He felt he was invincable in anything he did When one fine night life stepped upon his crib
Hardscrabble life
I've been lost for a long time. Not emotionally lost or anything gay like that, but the end of High School was flying towards me like a brick wall and I still didn't know what the hell I was planning on doing with my life.
Life can spur. Love can be found. A memory can be made. Spontaneous laughs will happen. A surprise kiss. A wonderful dream. But tears will fall. Hearts will be broken.
Down her face streamed the tears, Of 20 years. Of 1,043 weeks, Of feeling weak. Of 7,304 days, Of being in a daze. Of 175,316 hours, Of thinking, how are We supposed to go on from here?
I wan't to subside in a place where there is an abundance of beauteous wildlife.
The gas station clerk gave us milk (like a mother). Donuts were seventy cents each, but we stole them. Seventy is a number with slim, bony hips. We tightened our belts for sixty.
A flower growing Up out of the sidewalk Turns to face the sun To bask in its glow   It knows It is one of the lucky To be alive In such a hard place   A flower growing
A black boy was killed, Shot dead in the head, And the nation went up in defense. “The murderer was provoked” “He was acting in self defense” They said.   Now the situation is ‘tricky’,
I carry an abundance of things Some chosen, others obligations, A mind saturated wth memories A soul captivated by another's,   I carry a JanSport backpack With a tear on the tag,
A tear drops from her eyes
When I was little, School was a prison. Forced to learn Numbers and letters Until the school bus came And took me home To freedom. Now There is no freedom No games of kickball
My Mama always told me somethin': "Don't be goin' makin' people's heart rip." Now that she's gone, left me alone
A nap isn't a nap without a phone call from your boyfriend. Of course, he's not your boyfriend anymore, is he? Slipping and tripping on your lost emotions over that dumb, scrawny boy
“if insecure girls date closet gays, what kind of girl does it take . . .?” by mikaella antonio   the boy with the pet snake in his room dyed his hair pink in the middle of june,
Oucast kids, What's the point to fit in? Rejecting the status quo, the center of their woe. Born to stand out, wear that badge proud. Walk on the edge, with a steady breath.
In love, in lustIn bed, in dustWe lie together
I see you day in and day out In the halls or on the town We wave and say hello And even “chill” or “hang” a bit You’re someone I call my friend So this you should never forget,
I hate you. I abhor you. If I knew, everything I do now From the beginning I would have left And not come back This is how you made me
After everything i went through so far in the new year, 2014, I've decided to leave to Ecuador for the next month. After going through attempted suicide, hospitalization, the pysch ward, therapy, trying to find myself back into life, and such; i
What we forget to remember  Is that all things are here Yet we live in the past In search for a seer We look for an answer Day in, day out  We walk around in trance
Pounding through the halls at all hours of the night; boots sounding as they fall, the left one, then the right.   I know that he can't control his restless wanderings
I used to hate running all I could hear, were feet pounding all I could feel, were lungs burning I saw nothing ahead, not even my next step. But now it's different. Now, It's Freedom.
Sometimes I think of our rotating world And of the events that have already unfurled I look at people caught in a daze And see them obscured in a material haze The fact remains that I cannot see
I know I shouldn't  But I must  The craving  It is just too much  The taste of sugar on my tongue  All I need is just one  To feed my desire  To fuel my fire 
We all come from a father and mother My Mom played both parts With working day in and day out Supporting my brother and I   We all have a Spiritual Father in our hearts Such a common tale
I am very different Some call me queer Harsh words borne resiliant Though I can't hide from fear I see what you think I know how you feel Tears on the brink I'm not unbreakable steel
I will write. I will write even if my hands bleed, Even if there's no one to read. I will write even if my fingers break, Even if there's nothing to create.
  A little girl, quiet Sat there in the aisle
Effortless beauty, contagious smile   Confidence stretching in every mile   Trust in her power for lack of defeat   Ruler of the kingdom, bowed at the feet   
First I was different
The teenage years are Hopeless, devastating, and full of angst. Countless numbers of us Treat ourselves as if we are Nothing, useless, and worthless. We compare ourselves To unattainable personas:
I fake a smile everyday To let everyone know I’m okay. It hasn’t been easy to lie, But it was better than for me to cry   I don’t want to feel this way And maybe I won’t some day.
There was a man That wrote but not He believed that stories could be changed Though the man could not  
His bright red cape had lost its luster. His deep blue costume was faded and grey. He no longer flew with the same speed, the same gusto. Instead, it was as if he was dragging himself through a vat of slop.
I refuse to be convinced that doing my homework is more important than any other facet of my life.  
The things one can see When sitting at rock bottom It’s truly quite amazing What you’ve never dreamed of. The view from down there Is simply just sublime All you have to do
Hey do you remember me? The voice in your head. The person you could not see. The voice that comforted you when in dread.   We haven’t spoken in a while. Are you okay?
If you were to visit my elementary school playground between my 3rd and 6th grade years you could find a
Sandy beach and the blue sky, Sitting, waiting for the sunrise, Sitting on the pier, drink in hand, Watching the waves crash into land, The smell of salt and sound of seagull screech,
In the checkout isle of the grocery store with my mom by my side, I couldn’t ignore the images fighting for attention on every magazine cover, block letter headlines in neon colors shouting, “TEN POUNDS IN TEN DAYS,”
Two people need to grow to be in a healthy relationship I've grown up with you all my life
I wasn't sure how much more to say to you. So I hope my verses reach you and that you may come back to us. Lately you have been missing. Stuck in a dark dark cave. A deep hole of depression.
The Night is quiet and devoid of lights, the world is holding its breath. Until a single spark ignites,
what matters most? well thanks for asking I could say a lot of things friends, money, being in the sun basking but I choose to say music a broad topic with so much significance
"I'VE GOT ACCEPTED!" We all scream when we open that letter. That one word, accepted, makes our day so much better. Accepted, however goes a little bit further. Accept yourself, accept others. That girl you don't like? Yes, even her.
Raped, beaten, yelled at, threatened I still keep my head up high Ditched, cursed, bullied, shunned I still say good morning every time you walk by I am a strong woman  
Her eyes start to lose its kindered shine,
So what is so great about being a poet? I don’t mean to slam slam poetry. But I ask again, what is so great about being a poet.
I was a bird afraid to spread my wings but one day I stopped listening to the voices that said "You're not good enough" "You're not pretty enough"
I wish the world would freeze, I wish it had no fault. Life would be a breeze, If everything would hault. Growing would never come, 'Cause everything's the same. And no one thinks you're scum,
There Once Was a Green Man Who lived among many   There were many green people, along with red people, yellow people, and blue
With one foot in place, I can only pivot. I could easily lift my leg  but what would happen to my foot? I'd lose it.   My heel is locked in place. My toes have already dug deep into the earth,
They are the building blocks of intelligence, And yet they are still used to tear down others. Slut, Whore, Skank: Harsh insults are not relevant? Tell that to the lifeless bullied girl's mother.  
Rising before the moon has gone, The frost is still on the ground. Dressing quietly in the darkness, Everyone else still sleeping sound.   Slipping stealthily into the woods,
Every year, teachers ask me at school: What am I passionate about? I sit and ponder, unsure of whether I should give the easy answer,  or if I should go with the hard one.  The easy answer? I'm passionate about
Being Me,
I look up. I look down. My smile turns to a frown. As the clouds go by, my heart beats, and my feet begin to shake. As I wake, I know what I know, and I know what I don't. I see you. I see me. I can be whoever I want to be.
The sweet sound of birds singing through the leaves the wind innocently plays tag around the trees.  The soothing sound as water travels downstream, or silently rests clear and serene.
If I could shut up my pride f
Letting go of someone
My mother sits and talks.She explains to me our loss.She explains the things which are wrong.She explains how our road is coming along.I've understood these things,
By the people for the people is beginning to seem feeble for a reason typically simple, We the people are a weapon used by government at disposal of any time they say jump we say how high.
Teachers make me mad Kids treat each other bad We’re all like animals Some big and some small   Teachers rule and tell Words that cast spells Little do they know We all come for show
Was it the death of a scene,Or a misguided dreamRealized in the processof hitting the streets,Trying to make a name,- For what reason? -Unknown.Just to be heard?Just to be known?
I always thoughtI wore the armor;but now I see I never did. Here I stand before you naked. Now I need you todon your suit of armorand help me slay my foe.
When I was a small child I would dream I would dream reams ha woul ake me far off, the dreams made me an astronaut on a space ship the galaxies were mine to control, i wold surf the skies
The silence of the morning; the moment I faced reality.   Packing my school lunch for the first time, I realized my mother would never be able to do this for me again. Even the simplest things would trigger a deluge of emotions.
Stars How much longer do we have? There’s no sure way to know.
I want to make a difference.  I want to help others. I want to make an impact on the lives of others. I want to help. Let me help. I could change the world. I can change the world.
Words flowing off my tongue Like honey flowing off a spoon It doesn't; they don't I've climbed this Tower of the name Babel, I cannot comprehend I cannot understand  These words
The light of the moon caught my attention The cold gush of air made me shiver With nothing less than nature's beauty confirmation I did not have anything to consider
She's frozen, bitter Keeping love inside Been betrayed one too many times before
Music is my soul,
Fluttering wings in the distance, Dancing in bright light. White and shining in a trance; Falling to what is right.   Forever more, descending  Towards the Heavens; A feather dropping
Inside a little negro shell,Confined by mighty crooked chain,Was suffrages and principle—The color coal—enduring pain.This tiny black integumentWithheld the strongest ever heart.
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death And witnessed the face of the many Who suffered greatly without remorse I gazed upon the anguish and Fear within their eyes  
His face is intricate, ancient, dusty Ominous numbers loom in the distance, sprouting up like a city tower  The old man smells of wisdom: subtle and musty He stands boldly in a corner, watching, ticking, always in power
You see, we are Asian But you might view it differently “Oh, you’re Asian? I thought you were Chinese” How stupid do you sound? Our skin tone might give you a hint of who we are
     May Morning air holds so Much sentimental value to me. Breakfasts on the deck before school Where Nana and Papa say “Do you see? The day lilies are blooming!” And magic pierced the air.  
I can’t spend one more night waiting for a fat girl chaser. You know, Like a cold glass of milk to make you forget How much chocolate you just ate, Or someone saying curvy girls are real women,
you look around as if you're not even there
I’m sorry You fell from the roof onto the concrete at my feetAnd into my life You were so beautifulThe color that leaves would be if they were perfectA miracle of nature, of course
  Deaf. Animal. We see them with their hands flying around, their faces making expressions not normally seen and think, “Surely they can’t be human.” Deaf. Broken.
Why write of something only temporary? There's so much out there already.
Everything has a contradiction nowadays:Freedom has restrictions.Love has hatred.Intelligence is dumb.Common sense is not common.Happiness, has no meaning anymore.
  1852. Where am I? What is this strange land that we happened upon? I clutched my mother’s hand tightly, Nearly doubling over, At the stench of a strong sense of nationalism, And pride,
Remember those days When mouths opened And legendary stories of the most memorable days of school Were created: That hilarious prank which was pulled during an afternoon class,
Begin the dance. Lock the door. Put on the mask.   Shape the curls. Brush on the paint. Plaster the smile.   Look in the mirror. Look away. Begin the dance.  
The weary look in her eyes His hair finally starting to gray Is my dream school worth the price? Their sacrifices are clear No more downtime My parents, to me so dear Can I bear the guilt?
I get ridiculed for my music, so it's time to strike back. People call me a rapper, and I'm not even black. I'm a lover of metal you can state it as a fact and living large every day with my life call it shaq.
Filling the heart,
Hustling, bustling with great sound
The world was giving to us so we could take control. So we can wake up to take crazy turns, and reach new heights.
Check the faith in you not him Check the distance on your thoughts before that pen try's to walk
A midnight winter-
Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from? When we got here? How? Questions Americans need to ask themselves. Before we say the word IMMIGRANT to anyone,
She left a boy to raise me. She said i was driving her mad. That i made her want to pull out her hair.
I am a woman. Catcalls are not a compliment. Not in a world that blames vulnerability instead of those who take advantage of it. I am intelligent. But it doesn’t matter because my body is worth more than my mind
There is no time for us, watching the clock on the wall, waiting for something to happen, for excitement, encouragemet, and motivation, but nothing happens, just the sound of the clock ticking,
it is a power so strong that even the strongest will succumb strongest as in physical with the abs, arms, legs strongest as in will with the mind, heart, and soul. lurking eyes to see the lumps, bumps, and imperfections
Am i a threat to you because i speak my mind. Am i a threat to you because i think outside the box. Am i a threat to you because my smile is sincere. Am i a threat to you because i'm in harmony with myself and others.
Why boss, why? We shouldn't end the life of child due to the mistakes of the parents. I won't push the button, I won't.
The Friendship Garden Is dead.     Lofty copper words upon a Pedestal of weeds. Promises and hollow words, caresses, loyalty, and love Hold hands and proudly look upon
Musically driven,Your passion spoke to meIn so many ways that I didn’t seeHow much you were sufferingAnd trying to say goodbye. 
Equality. Equality is a word that is used too freely. We are all supposedly equal. But this is not true. So I am done. Done with the rules made by White old men who earn more
I am cocky
Some poeple are preoccupied By thoughts of racial  Discrimination,  By thoughts of sexual Harassment, By thoughts of  Where their next meal will come from.   I deal with such things.
When your given a chance,  To show the world who you are, You better believe, You'll feel like a star, Just one chance, Thats all it takes, Make your life a little brighter,
Br- Brea- Break- Breaking Clouds in the sky
We held each others hand through it all,
The idea of stuffing her into a box was unnerving.The pink coffin mocked my ache.Coffin was such a strange word to use then.It's such a strange word to use now.I was terrified to approach her corpse.
I listen but hear nothing What I hear does not exist ticking of a heartbeat a system about to split   Encased in wicker, am I not? Feigned memories are nigh want to go back when I had ambition
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
Young love, A terrible trap, From the life twisting heartache, To the unfufillable promises, But who could blame such naive adolescents?   If people on the telly can fnd live, why can't I?
She walks a path, Her own... Hazy. No guid before her No shadows behind Only clouds above her and ground below, Feet dragging Heavy.
Is it just a song, for all of us to sing along. Is it loud and cheerful, for all of those who are fearful. Is it slow and gentle, to make moments special. Is it a memory,
Yesterday it was I like you a lot I'll never leave your side. I'll be here for you no matter what. Today its who are you? I don't know you.
Every time another outfit is ruined by the dress code, I hear somebody say this: "OMG, why can't girls wear tank tops?
She sits alone Alone she sits Waiting for answers Answers that may never come Who asks for this? Who wishes for that? She looks wide eyed But still cannot see We wait
Punch Me You hurt my face, not my heart, I'm still STRONG, you're still INSECURE How do you feel? Curse Me "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"
Relax, breathe in. Place your head on my chest and hear my heart beat. Do you hear it? It beats for you.
I hope some day we'll meet again, and continue our story where we left off. I want you to know that deep inside there was space for you,
Take my hand, sweet child of mine And let me guide the way. Just wrap your hand around my fingers And hear what I must say. Listen close to what I speak And I’ll show you how life is true.
Where are you from? With ease I reply, I am from the Midwest. But this answer doesn’t seem to satisfy The eyes that are continuously Burning, questioning, yearning for a reply That makes sense in their eyes.
So I guess that our topic for
Do you want to know The secret of life, For it has baffled many souls. It is quite easy to receive, But quite difficult to hold.
As precious as pearls found by the sea, That is what you are to me. As it seems to fly right past, My time with you never seems to quite last.   You make me feel like I'll never have to be alone again,
Mothers tell their daughters, "Be strong, little lady." Fathers tell their daughters, "Watch out for those boys." Put fear in her eyes, No trust in her mind, A knife in her hand
To be yourself, is the greatest gift of all 
It was suppose to break
nobody told you life was worth its weight in numbers. it begins with a month, a day, a year day one of month twelve of year one-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninety-five
When I was eleven years old, I met a girl named Fatou. She was in my sixth grade class,
It feels like I’m chocking, there’s no air to breath my dreams lay broken as I gasp for anyone to see. They it’s too difficult to take the next step, but I know I would make if they would just give me a chance.  
"Shut up." "Sit down." "Do as you are told." They speak the words with their eyes as their mouths say "I understand your concern, but there is nothing we can do."   We thought school was for students
And I still remember that I could not seewhen the sea would blush and wink at mewhere the warmth of sand between my toeswere glints of memories that no one knows
Love is God God is love
Come out! Come Out! You blissful moon You that occupies the night as your slave And disturbingly disappear at the peak of the sun
So many times I've heard people say that they're attracted to passion. But I am different.
"Why do you love the falling man?" The answer comes quick to him like a fond memory It is shown in the calming of his hands The tension eased with memories of his love
Dear child I see you over there
As girls we are taught to cover up and hold on to our innocence as long as possible, but as we age a new voice merges in our lives.
His heartbeat is my lullaby      His smooth chest is my pillow His arms are the sheets that comfort me when I need comforting The sheets that caresses my face and dries my tears when needed
It is now senior year A time filled with Cheer
We’re a group of girls with very different minds And on Wednesdays I walk into that room, and leave behind All the stress that comes with being me
Thousands of kings soar through skies– orange and black flocks riding winds between California and Mexico.
YOWO! You only write once? Perhaps they don't understand that We as students only have one shot at a frist impression.  So in other words, we do only write once.  We write that one paper, that one document
Night seems dreary and rather dark, Light radiating only from moon, planets, the stars I see through my window. When sleep subsides, I will be whole again. But, until then, I will wait,
I look into your eyes, glistening with the tears of memories. You speak of gold woven like silk. A smile on your face, seeing a world I can only imagine. The sadness creeps in and threatens to choke up your voice.
I had a dream but it was nothing like Martin’sI dreamt that I was in a box a box of darknessno one on the outside could hear me
How can you hold her, when you hold your gaze on anything but her How do you sway her, when you stare at everyone but her Why do you fool her, just to fuck her Can't you see, she's the sweetie with no disbelief
Stop. Please.   You don't know how much it hurts to stand in the middle of a party and see everyone having a great time ... and I'm terrified.   You can't imagine the fear
Is it wrong for me to love you? Is it wrong for me to bear The emotions that I feel for you? Indeed, how do I dare?   How selfish I must be, for sure
  How do you keep memories? Keep them safe Like a wedding dress for…   How do you know who you are?  How are you, you? How will others know? Does existence blow away like dust when dead?
  As you walk around each day, take a look and see, All the things you are grateful for, well, they are not free. Now I am not referring to materialistic cost here,
A rain, Falling, Through a Cold, Dark, Winter’s night.   A dawn, Breaking through, Shinning, Awakening rays, Of light.   A chill, Lingering,
You are as soothing as an autumn breeze,  For I can confess my every thought. When I'm alone with you I feel at ease- As you gently blow my way what I've sought.  
I am a giant before you,
I planted a tree It grew I didn't
KLS It really sucks Don't know what it is? look it up!   I missed my whole freshman year Because of this stupid sickness, Now I just want it all to end Definitely with a quickness.
Discrimination. This nation. No matter the class or station. Unjust. Unfair. How I feel with this load I bear. Prude. Jesus Freak. The labels they stick on me.
Sword bearer truth wearer covered in blood like Hanibal but I'm not a cannibal I'm plannin to animal beats on all the flammable channels Cant drop me with choppers or pop me with glockers
Resolution to never be a part of any institution to cleanse my heart of this pollution In Christ alone my absolution because mankind won't provide solutions
Guess you can never tell who's really suicidal It hurts so much you wanna end your cardiac cycle What's the point...smoke a joint or cut yourself with a razor blade point
As he is our canvass We will force the star Upon the moon   He shall shine brighter than the sun
I knew no one would understand. My parents would say, "You're too young to know." My friends would think, "She's just looking for attention..." My teachers would wonder, "What's wrong with her?"  
Love Happiness, Joy
Who is the minority? Definitions are skewed When those who can speak Suffocate the mute. The Speakers pull the hats down Over their faces. The wool keeps them warm, And it's easy for them to
Bang! Gun pointed at my chest, I feel a sudden warmth on my chest. I feel it and I freeze. Blood seeps through my shirt and drips. Stab! A sharp blade within me.
Like a weed it rooted itself in her chest Out of the norm and different from the rest It appeared unexpectedly In the soil of a body so young The Lump that changed her world
Windy or dangerous, im not afraid of it. Peaceful or a riot, I know when to keep quiet. Chicago is where I am, so I dont give a damn.
Education seems to be slowly crawling towards equality but the "quality" in equality is slowing being extracted.   I am the biggest advocate you will find for giving kids the education their skills need
Interconnected and together infectedwe feel the weight of a Moral Lawpressing in on us.We do what we should notand fail to do what we ought,
Where did the first story come from? What histories were warped to make The first creation of fiction? When was 'imagination' invented?   I shall tell you.  
Maybe I can't live in my "fantasy world" forever with my unrealistic dreams my overly-optimistic hopes my fanciful desires
To greatness I aspire Now that I’ve emerged from Fire. You’re a pathetic, diminished Flame Since I’ve overcome what you became. Since that dreadful, burning hole, And the childhood you stole,
I can begin to see it now, the little ripples in my cup that form a smile, a ladybug climbing up my window sill-
We were designed as one race To be united, not mistreated To be caring, not defeated We are all the same, yet we all chase The desire to be better than eachother   We were designed as one race
Why do I feel this indescribable temperature? Inside, I feel I need to be nurtured Future looks so dim, yet I'm so bright At the end of this tunnel, I know I'll see the light Only time can tell, whether or not hell
Five years ago, She sketched her name on the wall and no one wrote next to it.  She drew a somber heart, outlined in disgrace, colored with hope and left it to dry on its own. The next year,
I sit here  In a comfortable chair With a comfortable amount Of food in me And a comfortable amount Of cartoons on the tv At a comfortable temperature And later when I'm done
"SHUT UP!" "Go back to where you came from you wetback!" I stood there as their words pounded against my ears. I watched the teacher rip the two boys apart, fists and faces smeared with blood.
There once was a girl who loved to dance Who spent hours in the studio Jumping, turning, eating, sleeping. But one day nothing stirred in the studio. It grew quiet, lonely, abandoned.
It’s sometimes hard to fatho
There I waited By the rabbit hole Waiting   But the white rabbit never came It was probably late For a date much more important than me   And for a second I lost hope
There's a little black box with a little brown brush And endless colored paint for an impossibly white wall. Holding my brush, I stare at the wall,
Loneliness is said t
  Walking into the white circle I go Feeling the metal discus in my hand I look all around me as the wind blows The feeling of confidence is just grand  
I can feel the stares. Not shy glances Not admiration As if looking at a piece of art.   These are stares. Obsessive stalking Predator and Prey Ready to pounce  
I’ll never understand the pain of a woman
  Fairytales begin in the same way a grandfather clock works— wheels turning, pendant swinging, chimes ringing Time wraps around all of us.   Once upon a time, I knew a girl with blue eyes.  
O vanity of vanities, That I travail below the unrelenting sun and profit not For such a generation sows, another generation reaps To whom the sow'rs, their monuments and treasures they must yield
As one spins the dial Fate is actually revolving In hands of gold Trembling with power They pass the notches round Carefree, or perhaps with concentration Landing on the pre-determined numbers
I feel free. Free as a tree that's not moving As someone that's bottling up I feel so alive when I'm dying I'm so happy, But not.   I just can't wait to open the door
I really just want relief From this demanding society Demands for my words Demands for my deeds Demands for my plans Demands for my dreams Success is measured by gold But not the state of your soul
Happy Birthday! The car crumples like shiny wrapping paper. You’re sixteen! Red hued leaves flutter and fall like confetti. You’re all grown up!
  Overwhelming compassion falling like the turned autumn leaves
  If a boy ever tells you you're beautiful, ask him what he thinks of your heart
I remember back then I never wanted to sleep all I did was eat pick fights with my little brothers and sisters Now I would die to get some sleep to have food without the price behind  
My body is a home For my soul and spirit. An alien on Earth That's how I see it. Our time here is temporary. On Earth we know, We serve our Father, Until it's time to go home.
Hello, somewhere, elegiac yet angelic Kurdt, Solar flare of otherworldly insight and humanism Iconoclast of modern societal bullshit The universal thinker. While exposing the surreally underground
That night I had caught your eye a few times,  but I was choking on my insecurity, words wrapping tightly around my throat. So instead you watched me with an intense gaze
                                            Everything happens for a reason                                             As the old saying goes,                                            What is the “purpose” you may ask
I soar through the night On a cool summer’s breeze.
Moon with its bright light radiating in the night Then comes the sunlight
It hurts my heart to see those eyes That have no voice and are surprised To be mistreated, killed and hurt. Always hearing screams and whips That sound louder and louder with every step they take back.
Rivers of blood Flow from her hands She curls into a ball Too weak to stand
Soft light falls through the trees Falls like the last leaves of autumn Blowing in the breeze And here I am missing you Missing you   Tell me, do you miss me too?
I don't care if I don't know you, I don't care if I do, All I know is that you need someone to listen, So let me be here for you. Rant, rave, cry; Let it out. Don't bottle it up,
We all are the Same  On the inside I feel so Ashamed  On the outside The moon is my enemy i feel only Pain  Surrounded by darkness all you see in Cocaine 
Your my love, my life, my everything When I first saw you I could hardly breathe
Once, one day, I had nothing to do, So I decided to talk to you. I couldn't have imagined, I couldn't have known, That this was the beginning of a friendship anew.  
“Come here my puppy.”   You stretch your arms wide open
So, This poetry thing, It’s not really my deal. I’ve always been envious of you who can feel. Who can spell out emotions, be open and raw.
(you) yes, you with your pencil hovering over the paper too scared to mar a canvas;  you with the can of cerulean spray paint, poised to let colors scream out all of your failings.
I saw him casually walk by a perfectly perfect stranger His arrogant nose stuck up in the sk   His face plagued my mind His words played again in my head No magic spell could I find
Transparently I observe; my eyes paint a picture, A landscape of the world and those within.
You were my keeper of secrets, My pierced, listening ear. From dawn to dusk, From year to year.  
I am a sap
The world was not kind to meI guess it saw me unworthyOr maybe just too plainOr maybe just too strangeJust too different from the restAnd decided I needed some painI suppose some suffered more
I've tried so hard to cover the wounds so no one can see my pains from yesterday but they won't stop bleeding I cover my whole body but the blood still drips
Don’t leave they said You’re too weak they said   OBJECTION!   The weak would never leave the nest, As what I thought!   So I spread my wings
I was pretty once When I was sixteen or Seventeen maybe Or somewhere between:  
It’s who Y
The true American experience Is like a tree.                                                                       As we come together we Grow tall and strong. Our roots are buried deep in our rich
All this time we waited, watched, and expected the un-expected.
You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam These hands carried my wife through the threshold on our wedding night and comforted my daughter whenever she had a bad dream.
What do you want, they ask, smiling like they already know and for a second I consider saying I want an old VW bus, some friends and a summer playlist.
The most important thing about my grandpa is that he will aways love me. He also never stops joking, touching peoples' lives, and he will never stop creating art.
A lifetime of suffering, strife and pain; Eyes full of tears that mimic the rain. Working in the cotton fields, under the sun’s hot glaze; And all we have to celebrate is twenty-eight days.
  You make me fulfilled Your beautiful Fatherhood Is displayed each day   Greatest sacrifice Descended to rise again Put Death in his grave   You are the cold breeze
Till you come in Last All your mates graduate from a school that you didnt even participate IN wait-ing to exhale but you too busy inha-ling Taking in the world and watch it pass you by
I look to my left And what do I see A suffocating sight That’s choking me   It’s horrible disgusting
Do you walk on two legs or four? Is your soul free of hate? Are you sure you're not an animal In a sophisticated state?   I am not an animal No need for legs or arms I am the tenacious buffalo
1. My voice is not an angry mob pummeling quiet tones to promote teen anarchy.  
I believe in black checkers, Slinkys
A teacher once offered me a proverb: The purpose of a teacup lies in the empty space. I think that gives too little credit to my teacup. Even when holding nothing,
When I was young, I remember staying up late many nights tossing and turning in my bed. never okay. It is wrong. NO ONE deserves to be beaten. There is no "sorry" after hurting someone.
YOLO is the name But it will never be the same. You say "you only live once" And I say that is a damn shame. Everyday there is a new way A new adventure to lead you astray. A simple hike by the creek
Seeing the beauty in me that everyone tells me about is hader to see than you think. I only see my flaws because these flaws are all I think everyone sees they see that because when I was younger
Puffed pillow tops of vanilla extract,Golden brown bodies making a pact,To savor the flavor of sugar and spice
What is Love? It is a word that many crave to hear A word that many attempt to understand But will we ever understand it's true meaning?   What is Love?
your eyes were like storm clouds grey, dreary ready to let tears fall like raindrops cascading down your face i wanted to be your umbrella protect you from all that was wrong
  The magazines shout out at me,
Millions of people behind a goal Few who realize that they’ve made it What is the definition? What makes it? How do you go about being it? Where is it?   Happiness
We remember our mothers On this special day. But what does my mother Do, anyway?   Mom wakes up each morning
Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.  Whether you are saying goodbye because of death or because of other things. Goodbye is saying adios to someone you know. 
Age does not define me
I Wrote the Books I wrote the books, Why Do It now?, Procrastination for Beginners, and How to do 6 Hours of Work in 20 Minutes. I wrote the books, Don’t Eat Anything That Comes Out of the Ground, Fast Food is for Winners, and The Time I Ate Taco
Beauty. One word causes so much pain for the younger generation. Truth is, none of us are beautiful; at least not in society's context. So if no one is "beautiful", how can anyone call a person ugly?
I had a pretty regular childhood I was outside all day, smashed bugs, played sports and thought girls had COOTIES! By definition I grew up like a boy should
when the Novacane of life drains...  when the Weight of the world gains...  when the Sword of evil mains...  there is only one answer... God! and maybe coffee too. 
All is peaceful, but upon closer inspection,the Leaves the Trees in every direction
Across the canvas A young man leans against the wall
If this were my letter to say goodbye.. the "last words she wrote before suicide" I.. I would tell you to blame yourself for these dried out eyes. Yes, you're to blame for my lonely heart's cry.
anger at the wrong done to you when you know they are right. hurt from the words
Stalking the streets for prey, So many warm hearts beating. Stay clear out of my way, Souls ready for the reaping.
Oh Helena, what be it that Me see in Thy Countenance? Is it some banished fear or reciprocity from years yore? Or the doubt to face recklessly the years henceforth?
Sophomore year was not the best. I tried too hard to please and impress. I worried about what others thought, and I accepted that I would never be, "hot."  
‘Twas only moments ago, my cup poured out Only moments ago, took only moments, lasts many moments Now I feel for an empty flask My hands grope blindly
Nevermore that door of white light Which came and vanished in a day. The stars shall never burn as bright.  
Criticize me i don't care. just let me be who I am we've been friends for years and you still don't get me. i dress like this because it makes me confident. no, I didn't copy you.
Crowded rooms never felt so empty and voices never sounded so fake. Cunning and wit are lost upon them as their jest and jeers all rake thin ribbons across a fleshy face.  
Very few understand the importance of escaping Thinking of it only as moving Eighteen years in any place is enough to drive anyone crazy
Love is laughter, love is joy, love is shared with a girl or a boy. Love is forgiveness, love is trust,  love is something that is a must. Love is honest, love is true, love is something anyone can do.
Alright, you may open your textbooks and begin. Read. Read. Read. Bubble. Bubble. A, D, B, C, C... See. Look. Look around. Look at him, look at her.
    I spent a majority of my childhood crying. Crying because time outs were often, candy was limited, Barbie's weren't allowed at Dinner, and most importantly because my little brother had ruined my life.  
She stands in a crowded place lookingLooking for something
As I walk through the leaves My mind wanders through memories Memories of the one I've lost Flood my head as tears flood my eyes As I approach the sepulcher I fall to my knees and weep Oh how I wept
  Pink is the sunset of the fiery sun. Pink is the color of having fun. Pink is the color of a well-earned petting.
One family turns to two And who is left, but I For now, these families are one and two Family one is gone and just passes by While two goes on to be remarried Rebuilding their lives separately
Because I'm a straight man, I'm supposed to hate the gays, Or at least that's how it is in my small town. But I think it's time that we all stand for change, and realize it's not right to look down.
We sit at the table, "Pass the gravy please", any starter conversation enabled, but it's usually politics on war.   "You love them so much?!" You'll start to say,
I know more than most about the lives  of those who need me.   Why, you ask? I live with one who was in need.   I'm young and I can't help them very much yet.  
I do not know when I started All I know is that I am here I am lost, but I am here Wandering down the road Without a purpose for now. Maybe I'll find it My niche in the world
  Having bed head fills me with dread An embarrassment like no other Puffy eyes yearn for a disguise Do I really look like my mother? Oily skin is the ultimate sin Yet makeup is such a bother
Everywhere I go, people stare. Jean skirts and long hair. I hear them whisper, and  no one understands, Why I don't conform to the worlds demands.   Some ask me why, and some may even try,
Take a Chance Roll the Dice That’s what you often hear people say anyways Though I know a little better than just blindly following their hint “But these dice are loaded!” I proclaimed to fate himself
This pounding in my chest is from the beating of my heart. 
In sonnets all feelings encased therein
Cancer: such a short word. Hidden within those six letters comes a lot of meaning. In between the C and the A is a big thing called faith. Faith in God,
      Think of yourself as a sea. It is not far from fathomable thought to simply conceive that emotions are like an evanescent ocean breeze.
As the day grows older,
We’re losing light by seconds and sounds With it dimming are the stars, the sunlight, the fluorescent street lamps lining the streets With each blast of darkness           A part of me passes
The westward-facing window rose above the girl in the stairwell.  She watched the near-setting sun fall,  Blazing golden yellow and casting its rays of light on her face. 
Here's an oath to one another!
Each day is like a race to the top
Picture on a wall, framed with Love as the subject—a boy and a Girl hold each other for a Moment in time, smiling and Blissful is the
Time is all we have. But is it really all we have.
At a crossroads we stand, Our heels in the sand, A decision weighs heavily, On our soon-reborn band.  
I hate my life, I wish I could die, And go up to the cloudy sky.   To fly up high, Into the sky, Were I can be free, Like a butterfly.   Up and up and up I go,
Remember when we were strange fruit hanging from the trees but never ripe enough to be picked? Remember when we had no voice but a singlye syllable could get us whipped?
I see the air around me, swirling into mists of darkness and despair. 
To only write once Is every science major’s dream
The world seems imbalanced when you can't even break a smile The thread is snipped and you fall but to where is unknown Yet the journey is enjoyable...?   Wide awake while falling asleep
Dreams are stupid. I dont mean the
Notes of a faint melody linger in the air. What is this song? The tune plays, bringing with it a feeling of reminiscence. The piano strikes a chord and all ears stop to listen.
To write is to fight, Of that there is no question To wrong this right Lest I am to mention   To let words fall as they may As they spill over this precipice of indecision Nay I cannot!
 All you hear are deeply sorrows All you hear are vague heartbeats
I am the f
Standing alone amongst a crowdI’m the little boy no one wants around.I’m different, I’m ugly, I’m a nobodyStanding alone amongst a crowd.
  They talk behind my back, I know exactly what they say, Their words worse than smacks, It’s been happening every day.   They say mean things, They laugh together,
We live in a world of peace? I don't belive so but for a moment unotice We unite    Music unites us Sports unite us Family unites us Love unite us   No matter the problems
She said, What this means to me, One hundred sleepless nights, Wonderland, Mad world, My obsession, A thousand years, Paradise, Kids, Forever, King for a day,
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Life is hard You get up and get knocked down again Again and again   Why is it that things must be this way? Tears rolling down the young girls face Her mother just died. You mean 11 years ago?
I am only a child Inexperienced Clueless to the dangers outside Society claims I should know better I am too young to know Many are the times I want to cry Cry in my parents' loving arms
There was a time when I would look into my lover's eyes and we would share secrets meant only for each other But she left So that happened I always wonder What she told the next guy
I know a man who could wield a thread and needle  through and through. He learned the art from a pair of wrinkled hands that were charred from a cigarette’s kiss.  I know a man who could compose symphonies out of a pair
If everyone is an actor, to each his own, why do some leae the performance in the first act? One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings. But Look at your hands.  
Hello? Are you there? I cannot hear you anymore. The voice that once brought comfort and bliss, Has of late, brought nothing of happiness. I cannot see you anymore.
All of her life she'd planned for this day Without fear becoming a problem;  It was the time when adulthood would take her away To find who she could become.   
Inseparable for 9 months But, once I left your womb I was the one hit with dark and sudden gloom.   I didn’t choose this life You chose it for me Whether or not you heard my plea.  
When I was younger I thought being skinny was everything The epitome of beautiful Magazines reinforced this “How to loose 10 pounds in 10 days” “5 foods that eliminate belly fat”
I, Am The Same As He & She. We, Are All Seeds, Trying To Grow Into Decent Human Beings. The Day We Are Planted, We're Allowed To Choose The Direction In Which
A young girl that's so upset So she goes through life giving nothing more than sex You ask her what's love, and she'll give you a puzzled face maybe it's cuz' her father dropped out from the early race
What is there left to say? When all the words are taken up. When every sentence has already been said. Guilt, lust, nerves, happiness, sickness, relief,  writing always used to make these feelings better.
I don’t wanna be brown no more I wanna be Black   Real Black Pure Black   Not that nigga can’t cross da street without holdin’ his belt   Not that nigga
Seeping  into your mind from s
This weight is piling on my shoulders; I can barely breathe. Can't you see? I'm downing. You think that I can do it all, so you'll let me fall. Your faith in me was misplaced. The walls of this space
  With coffee I can see, “Black, please,” “That would be $1.60,” Pulling out the pocket change, That was supposed to be my college savings.   With coffee I can see,
I have an irregular heartbeat. I got it from my dad, like my propensity to get lost in the country on purpose. It’s 121 beats per minute while I’m lying in bed, My heart racing my thoughts while my feet stay still.
The boys and girls live in separate worlds. The girls in their universe and we in ours. As a child, I only had friends that were boys. Girls were some kind of alien species from another world.
Edgar Lopez, who is an 8th grader at Bowman. Who is a Mexican. Who has been suspended 3 times. Who I beat in the school four-square tournament last week. Is a cool kid, that’s what my friends say. But I know what he’s really like.
  High School Heartbreak  
Her eyes are jewelry I never cared for until nowemerald facets set in summer freckled skin,too soft to not be drawn toher lips are like nothing else,
I wasn't exactly fine before you came.But I was still okayand you were youjust a friend of a friend.Then our hands brushedand my cheeks set a flame.
With your smile you dim ten thousand of the universe's brightest stars,
Don't leave me behind, please don't go I need you here, you need to know They way I feel whenever you're near Is now gone and I'm brought to tears Why are you leaving, why won't you stay?
Who says I can’t be poor? Oh, the color of my skin? Yes, it is white. But who says I can’t be poor?   Notions of race and class have defined me as white and rich.
I am kept with in a prism of the pale moonlight The Stars I count, a daunting might I grasps my dreams to my heart like a  Lark, in the quiet night. Whispers around me call to say, "There is no
There once was a girl she wasn't too tall she lived in a house unnoticed by all   One day she came back no one was there and there and thereafter the walls were quite bare
He walks this road Nobody to stand beside him He pulls his cloak Tighter about him But that cloth Can’t save from the cold inside The pain and sin and loss He’ll never leave behind
The ground is frosted, the leaves falling. Trees were sleeping, dying, crying. I can only puzzle over how reflective Autumn is on my life. I fell in love with the forbidden. The sacred. The untouchable.
Some might say that rhyme is victorian But I think it's important as valedictorian To highlight all of the things that we've done In a way that's new, creative, and fun.  
Growing up ain't as fun as you think No one can prepare you for the Zits, quips, stink of uncertainty The fog that overtakes, blinds, defines you Picks you up and clouds your judgment,
Sky is barren Earth desolate both lonely and windswept until they assent to replenish and nourish themselves. They dance gracefully through  their labor.   Sky grabs his brush,
Your words, they trickle while I stand in awe As they float out of your mouth like bubbles I struggle to pop them before they reach her ea Such darkness and vile created and submitted by the corners of your lips
I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm lost. I'm scared. I'm happy and daring and waiting, prepared. I want to, I have to, I need to share
Sometime I feel high, sometimes I feel low I hate the low, but I love the high Find it through my life, not focusing on the means to ends Not playing no game of pretend, I only have my life and time to spend
    An ancient city, crumbling. Ancient walls next to Not so ancient skyscrapers, All of them scattered, together.   In the center runs a river, Splitting the ancient history
I've never known death.   I've never met my aborted brother, Wasn't there for my mother's parents. Had three goldfish and one hamster, But that was all.   I've never known death.
I'm like any other, at a first glance But I've got a mission Not many give me the chance But would you care to listen?   I love history It's almost an obsession
I’m from Monopoly From the Game of Life. I’m from Sister, Sister From the world of CatDog. Games and fun is where I’m from.   I’m from the sweet sound of summer glistening on the pool
So here you are thinking that you're losing the fight  
So here you are thinking that you're losing the fight  
I want to forget. 
Most people say:  "The Sky is the Limit!" Oh, contraire!
  No wars on their dime
The voice isn't coming from vocal chords
  I just want to communicate the questions that run through my mind About the love that I want, the lust that I have, and the love that is blind
they say pick directions, make connections, write a sentence advertise my future, capitalize my computer & do it sooner the world is not waiting little did they know, with a pen I'm gold,
A chance encounter at a late night hour lit up a path for me. This may sound funny but listen honey  This showed me my dreams you know. What was once a hobby
Everything was lost and broken. My very soul was thrust upon you. You held it, And you tested it. Words of true love were breathing life into my wounds. There was nothing left for me to say.
It's like when I was 7 I used to follow footsteps in the snow until they mysteriously disappeared and just like then, I wonder where have you gone?   My dentist asked me
She blinks and gapes and her mouth spouts crapThe audience stares and claps and their mouths flap I sit and watch and wonder how or maybe even whyThey talk like I care and wonder about nigh
A lazy breeze hums Hammocks swing in the summer The sun smiles down
I was your little girl who looked up to you every day we skipped the rocks and fixed the clocks and ran around and played.   One day I went to school left you behind I didn't whine 
As you've noticed, Ive pulled myself back
You are perfect in every single way. I’m sorry, you were. You were intelligent, athletic, worldly. You were presidential. Inspiring. Attentive. But You
It’s that moment when One innocent smile. Can take your breath away. Knowing from then on He holds your hearts deepest desires.
      Stop judging. Move Slowly.
All the world’s a sundaeAnd all the men and women merely toppingsMarvelous to behold, yet irresistible to devourThe creation of which being seven stages
  On the Thames In a building, where books go up in flames With captive, candid cameras And sexual paraphernalias
A flash, a flash, a flash of light. A bolt, a bolt, of energy. A man alone, on a sleepless night, wrought with desire of a lover’s heart, alone he sits on the porch watching mother nature play her song and weeps and weeps. And sobs a sob.
You lost someone It's winter The ice gets colder   Every hour is spent thinking of her Every hour reminiscing over the accident Every hour haunted by the idea that she will never come back  
I’ve been back a week now. A week out of Europe and a week in America. So why does that feel so odd to me? I was born here. I lived here my whole life. Why do I feel so out of place?
We sink together, you and I. Slow, slow, quick does the water rise above our heads. Next to me  you grew ever so still. Out of breath, out of time, we sank together, you
Uh. Uh. Agency. History. Word.
Save me Oh Lord, from me From this traitor within Defeat the beast inside my heart Free me    
Frozen Ethereal Heaven
"Bisexual" equals "Confused" I go "both ways" therefore I have poor decision-making skills and I am living in a phase that will pass, straight until proven queer. Let me tell you what I have:
Time. It flows ever forward Fleeting moments and long caresses Like a river Moving. Order in a circle Tik tok tik tok Numbers, seasons, feelings It flows ever forward
“What’s wrong?”Do they care? Do I answer honestly?“Nothing. Just been a few bad weeks,”“Oh,” Yeah, oh. Sincerity and compassion are long extinctLost in a world where the prestigious Ivy
Living in this world sometimes disgusts me. How can I find the beauty in life with all these tragedies. They tell us to reach for the sky, but life tends to brings us back down.
One word and I’m all yours But you don’t even know it Bring on these confusing thoughts And how I know I’m getting ahead of myself once more I think of a future Even though our friendship has just begun
Music     Music…. I am music. Music is me.   Music is the essence of my life. It has defined me; it has shaped who I am; it is molding my future.
take my broken pieces
Life, it is too short and sweet, But at times it's a bitter release. Live while your lights still on.
She took the kaleidoscope in her hand and put her eye to its head. And it all was spinning, but still colored and bright and maybe glittering a bit, and that’s all that mattered, right? She thought.
friends, parents, teachers,  all seem to have only one thing to say to a child desperately seeking advice: "just be yourself!" it becomes the core theme of children's shows on disney or nickelodeon
My revolution is the intentional endings assigned to life.My revolution will not be brushed aside.My revolution will comfort the heart broken and despised.My revolution will hide the guns, knives, and ropes.
The dark grass glitters; the frost lies like white diamonds ‘neath deadbolted clouds.   The trees stand frozen. They creak and crack with each move like old men stretching.  
I hate testing, the way it makes me feel nervous  and unprepared prior to approaching it. The anxiety of failure lurking in the shadows afterwards. During, enduring a twisted metal contraption,
How can it be that when I see a tree, I see life in it's purest form and beauty. Yet you see a tree and all you believe is that it's taking up space. I can't believe the human race!
I am young. Smooth, Fresh and clean. Youth of today, Leader of tomorrow. Open hearted. Open minded. Free to be, what I want to be. A spirit not yet confined to the rules of society.
Alone with your shame Breath coming in short, purcussive gasps Hands shaking with anticipation and pain Blood drying on the inside of your gloves Memories of the last man to break you down
Every leaf Shakes the hand of another, For they all share the same branches, And they all share the same tree. If every person
It was a hot day at Yiyah's So we went inside to play A game of Sleeping Beauty That soon went astray.   All three sat on the capet Criss-cross applesauce. I laid out the rules
    He held me close and pulled me tight And forgot all about the fading light I closed my eyes with his arms around me I lived years for this moment; for destiny  
Writing essay entries as if they were my diary entries I try to write two a day, but some days I wrote nothing, other days I write everything. No time to waste, gotta write those essays.
Everyone knows the story of the man and the mouse His famous stories flood through every house
The girl thats hurting, from long days. Head throbbing, feeling alone. Missing school, pushing herself to hard.  Still she smiles, nothing phases her.  For she is the girl, who lived, who survied. 
Her        Hands shook as she took the steaming bowl from the tray.        Her oversized winter coat was threadbare and frayed.        I could tell it had been a long time since her last meal.
Break through your melancholy shell And witness the world for all that it is. Stop isolating your happiness. Find solace in the warmth of strangers.   Look up and see the life and the love,
To see you smile is all that I crave. Don’t worry, my darling, I know you were brave. You were scared of yourself and what you might do, And I promised to be there to help you through.
Long ago, I found a tree. Alone it stood by the sea. I went beneath its brilliant shade And all my troubles there I laid. To the tree, at night, I stole And released the sorrows of my soul.
Blue skies and green grasses, Evergreen and oak and apple trees. But damage caused by the masses Lies beyond this dystopia in disguise.   Picture perfect white houses, sports cars, and planes,
This world is bitter cruelAnd I was a foolA fool to think I could change a world of coldThat I could change it into something bold
This generation is the end they all say. We hear this by teachers at least once a day. You will amount to nothing is frequently stated By those we look up to not those who are hated.
  It don't matter to me No way, no how. I'm right here Smack dab in the middle. So no way's it gonna matter to me. And I ain't diggin' no concrete coffin. No backyard mausoleum
I am a mixture. A swirl. A combination. A blend. A concoction of two different nations. I am two parts color and two parts white. One half day. One half night. Two separate parts of two separate wholes
A transparent water droplet, seemingly microscopic in the grand scheme of things.   But one must not forget that a butterfly's wings can cause a tsunami.  
Little one Close your eyes
I won the case, my prize? One way ticket to paradise. I take my people and go The land is vast, they said We don’t need your savagery, they said My people’s tears trace the trail
What’s wrong with the world?We live in a world where grades are more important than learning.We live in a world where college, which is supposed to launch you into a prosperous career,
Education is the way to go They say the more we learn the more we earn Go to school get good grades and one day it will pay. Read them books and write them essays Answer the questions and pass the exams.
I exist in a generation of people longing for a revolution. They have a burning desire, as I do, to be a part of history, to make a change. However, my peers have no ambition to be the start of the revolution.
One moment, a multitude of thoughtsThe fear swells up like a raging stormIt envelopes my muscles and my knees go weakLet it go, clear my head, take the leapTwo shoes over, one step back
Chance is a thing known and disliked by almost all. Whether the changes be big or small, short or tall, made during the spring or the fall, change is always change.  
What does it mean to be who we are?We come so farOnly to findThat we can never rewindTo take back all the things that we said
To you it’s just a word But it makes her soul burns And leads to that knife She takes that first slice And though the cut hurts She’d rather feel that pain
All the word’s a yoga studio, And all the men and women are yogis. They lay out their mats, unfolding their journeys ahead. Beginning with Sun Salutation and ending in Shavasana.  
I Am in a  
Bee-eep Beep Beep HUT! The familiar sounds. The whistle. The snap to attention. I feel the harness on my shoulders, Gravity pulling the drum down. But I stand tall, Me and my drum,
It has been five yearsFive years.Five years since I left my home, my friends, My love.  
Turn around and see The mirror on the wall. Face it with all your strength And stare into the eyes As they glare back. The emptiness you normally see Has vanished.
The room, it beckoned me sound To waltz again round and round. “Dance with destiny and test your fate.” What it held, I was unsure. That which beckoned did quite lure.
Look at the stars The rain, how it falls The smell of the flowers And the grass so tall The rushing of the wind
I’ve lost all faith, all my trust in the world has dissipated into thin air. It floats away as a mist that I can feel but can no longer grasp. How can something that you know
Oh permanence! I long to live Life with actions like a pencil.             Not ink…   Removal of mistakes and Forgiveness for lost words.             Not ink…  
Once beautiful, strong, confident walls surrounded the city that was your heart built to keep the secrets in and potential dangers out until one day a gateway emerged and tourists
People fly by me In a whirlwind of colors And I begin to think Who?   The people that go so fast
Sisyphus presses on as always, Lucky rounds the corner, and a man in a desert stares at a rope.   A rhinoceros trumpets just out of sight. Gene Wilder will not capitulate. He’ll never be a hero, then,
Where do I go from here? Do I go in a straight line
It's a thing that you see as a little girl watching Bugs Bunny The woman who comes out to sing in the end of the opera cartoon is big and fat And then you grow up and hear that it's "not over til the fat lady sings" 
A trip to Auschwitz My apprehension growing with every step I can see the sign that welcomed the prisoners
Family and friends enrich my life,
The farm was so far away.
Over sidewalks covered by childish chalk doodlesI see your little feet walk on by,and I turn for a second glance at the impossiblebut you've already vanished into thin air.
I am a phenomenal woman! I am black, strong, proud, and hopeful. I am some so sweet, but like anyone else, I won't let you step on me. I am different and hard to comprehend. I someone weird, a true friend.
On Valentine’s Day you gave me a teddy bear In return I gave you my heart You said “Take good care of him he’s my favorite” I said “Here, no strings attached”
Maybe we could educate men That no always means no And I guess we could educate women too That it's not your fault What he did to you Even if he was your boyfriend A random stranger
Her ringlets fly into her eyes, as she skips up the walkway,
God is my strength when I am weak He is my hope when my world is shattered
During the night Look up into the sky And try with all your might Not to lie   Think of everything youve done Think of everything you do
In this damp, dark room, a shirt hangs
Do you ever wonder If this is the right thing to do? Do you ever get paralyzed With fear Because you don’t want to wake Forty years old Look back and just say “What the hell?”
Ah, what a pitiful sight.
You are always there Just never with me You make other girls fall I’ve fallen the hardest Your smile lights up the the world with kindness You are so nice it’s your curse
Today is my cheat day, Or maybe my cheat week, A smirk of a smile, Of diets and exercise I do not speak, The guilt forgotten because I seek, The delicious foods no longer I sneak,
The last glance is always the heaviest. Even though you'd stared at the concrete front steps thousands of times as you stepped your feet up them one, two, three.
withered petals, dented leaves, and crusty, dried dirt blanket the ground beneath our souls. the rain is cold but fresh; nature burns the vestiges of fall and cerulean forget-me-nots remember me.  
When you’re alone in the castle When even the mice have gone When the moonlight shadows stalk And it’s a long time till dawn When you cannot hear a voice Because the walls block out the sound
I don't remember how it started, but if I did I would imagine it to be like a fog twisting and pulsating within the confinements of my brain   A speck Of dust smudged between "I'm tired" and
That tear you saw Represents all the pain i have suffered The built up anger,hate, and frustration That had been bestowed upon me That tear isn't any ordinary tear It isn't the cry for attention or pity It's the tear of someone so broken inside I
Sometimes growing up Is like the first day of school. You aren't sure what to do, You aren't sure who you are, Or what you want For lunch or for life.   The second day of school
Where I’m From   I am from Indian descendants,
To the students we are "freaks" To the staff we are "special" To the administration we are "wasting time" To our parents we are "going through a phase".   But to the script we are life
Anxiety flows over you, toppling and sending radical shivers of coldness throughout your body. It makes a cold sweat and a nervous shake; Causing overthinking and a racing heart.
It was during one hot summer’s day—the Sun—ripe—Fat—That a droplet of sweat—fell to the grass—lifeless--dead—flat—
How could you love this skin i'm in I don’t even love this skin myself Rough are these patches Millions of scratches Months till they go away Yet you see beauty anyway Shallow you are not
Me Self I Mainly engaged Sometimes energetic, lonley or fading I hope, I dream, I wish, I want I have finally learned That I am myself And that myself can fight for me
Recently, I started writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners And writing myself into corners.   STOP.   There is no way out
Bread   by Annabelle Einhorn    Kneed me like dough Roll me flat out and let it all show Mix my sins with my successes My guilt with my pleasure and throw in chopped bits of worry for good measure
How would you feel
  “They r just (w)ordz.” Tell that to the suicidal kids Taking it everyday, silent Letters (o)n a screen, never quite heard Yet stings of fag and slut ringing in the head
Sweet pea, sweet pea won’t you dance with me? Sweet pea, sweet pea, won’t you marry me?
At a young and confused age She is lost. Everything She has ever known is gone. She's on the edge of breaking. She just doesn't know what to do.  She tries to find relief.
I am a lover of words, of prose, of poetry Something about the way the vowels and consonants create varying Syllables that ebb and flow, forming something beautifully aureate
We find ways to make it. We are stronger than we think. Most believe they will break So they give up at the brink.   It is when you are near the end. Do most quit,
Tip it back. Chug it down. Chase it. Pace it. Feel the tensions escape. Feel the worries  d r o w n.  
I wish I could alter more than a few things about that night
  Tiptoeing past my shame, Where once again, I start to question if I’m worthy To eat that extra slice, To role the dice To tell me if I’d ever pull off “curvy.”   Smiles watch me now;
You left me that day. You told us to grab a bite to eat. When we put our key in thekeyhole, there was something different. IT NO LONGER TURNED... I wondered as a 3 year old young girl about what this all meant.
The wrangled wallet lay on the desk, Full of clutter i brush it aside, Showing  cash and only an ID, Currious i pick it up again, I flip it open and look inside, Lost memories fill my empty room,
"I'll take these lies to the bottom of the sea,where not even I could retrieve themAnd all of these emotions that run so deep,I was just pretending, lying to myself again
  Let me tell you a little story about a cat I know, That wen’t from love to loss not too long ago, From inside a warm house to outside in the rain, Nobody cared about her struggles, hunger, or pain,  
According to some peopleApparently I sound too white to be a black girlAs if tone of voice directly relates to raceAs if how I articulate and reiterate can directly relate to my heritageAs if someone can"sound white"
My mother is an atheist, any notion of God
You never really listened to a word I said All of it just got lost in your head You say I’m something you can’t comprehend But all I’ve done is bend Over backwards for you And your issue
Looking to the East never gave me peace, but Lifting up his shirt to feel his body heat. Waking to the West so sure of my end, and His brave soul to house my heart – take me in.
The life I abided to was never my own.
At age 16,  My momma said to me, You're gonna marry some boy, Who cares about bein' free?
Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag   Hash tag.
Innocence was just a figure from the past There was never any doubt that it was going to last A boy that saw the world as a wretched waste land Has now come to see the full effects at hand  
Your mouth moves but I do not hear. I look at you but do not see. Your words are rocks Sharp and gray.  
Sweaty palms, nervous ticks, shortness of breath and feeling sick. Overwhelming sensation of doom, the raging need to leave the room. I want it to stop. I want it to end. 
Distress. I lay there in a bed that's not even mine, my tongue still  scorched from earl grey tea that now begins to simmer into my bloodstream, taming my trembling fingers and knocked knees. 
Use your creativity          Make your dreams become reality      As I go throughout my journey      I will learn new things       My insight will become clearer         Dreams are and can be intellectual    But anybody can dream      Like Martin
Nerd, Punk, Dork, Geek I found myself becoming meek Words, Words, what can they do change me and change you   Spit words, tears fall I hated the shallow hall Forgive, forget
You can’t sleep, you can’t eat,
I've never had a boy slip his hand up my skirt, for good reason too because  he would now be without it. "no"  was the first word out of my mouth and I'll be damned if I don't 
I miss the days, When all I had to do, Was wake up on Saturday mornings, Just to watch the Looney Tunes.   Lucky Charms in a bowl, And a Scooby-Doo spoon.  With an innocent soul,
You only live once, It's time to grow up and be classy, Put on that red dress, Strut your stuff down the cat walk, Mommy and Dady watching, You want to make them proud,
I do my homework, I go to church, I never get in trouble, Why doesn't he love me yet? I've cut my hair, I've changed my clothes, I laugh at his jokes, Why doesn't he love me yet?
Thank you for the bracelet you made me in your arts and crafts class Thank you for showing me your passion for playing through the glowing gleam of your sparkling, hazel eyes
The guitar I play so passionately
There's ice in my veins, cold steel in my bonesWrought iron bars across my heart, and the highway is my home.I sing a song for the weary, a song for the broken soul
This boy. He is the epitome of everything I never wanted Yet I can’t let him go because he took hold Of something near and dear to me and frankly, It is essential for my life.
I'm tired of you looking at my skin, And not seeing the power that is within, I'm tired of you looking at my skin, And not seeing the beauty that begins, I'm tired of you looking at my skin,
Patrick Armstrong You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam Power Poetry January 31 2014 Silent and Content The sounds of music flutter through my ears,
The time looms closer To when this journey is over And we begin our lives anew. Look forward to our futures,
The songs our callous iPods play urge us drink all night, party all day— seize our one and only chance.   We’re dying.   Throw ourselves into the dance.
Family, The thing that brings us home For Holidays. Gives us a stable rock In each of our lives. Who could ask for more?   Love, The thing that holds family together
This Place of Comfort  
The snow is melting, The chill is receding, The flowers are changing, The birds returning. The day is gay, The clouds are calming, The smooth day is punctuated By the shrieks of happy children.
Light like the dandilions in the midsts of April.Fresh like the grass gleaming greenCalm like the summers breezeExilirating like the morning humming birds 
Opportunity cost – the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action  Whether to reap the comfort and benefits of the moment, thus gambling the future,
What is true beauty?  If not honesty and kindness  Some think appearance  to have that hour glass body and a pretty face To look like models on tv to have the attention, the spotlight
I know a bully, JR is his name, He thinks he’s so cool.   I grew up with him, 5 years together,
Life is about more and a won hey is better than to seize.  Accept the day, it’s fine. Two sides with every main door and perspective is the key.  I think the way is mine.
Starving mad endless violent             red and anger with those disagreeing With blind gov’t & jackoffs but you be quiet now
  I am not angry. All I want to do is place myself far from view and release a shrill demonic sound. I want my voice to carry, for my scream to vibrate the air.  
  The fog hides it all. How tall is that building? I don’t know where I’m going.   I need to keep on Looking, searching; failing; The fog hides it all.
Day one, walk in, backpack light, chin held high smile on your face, you nod to your friend
Sleep away the awful day dry the eyes and let them gleam with new dreams fall down and get off the ground
As a child you’d like to believe you could trust the world to be Everything you’d want it to be Such innocence in seeing life in an easier point of view Nothing sugar-coated Just straight forward
Come snow, while the morn is of thy breath,
Blood pools onto the floor of the fetid concrete cage And the bile rises in my throat And the tears sting my eyes As I wash away the stains of misery Of malnutrition Of neglect.  
    Do you know what it's like to want the simplist things, but your budget just doesnt simply call for it?
Life is fleeting and short, often wasted taking all the little details for granted. Every good thing in life is a blessing, every dark day a lesson, or a time to build strength, so you don't fall later.
Am I the one who will change the world? Am I going to be remembered in history? Am I going to allow others to hold me back? Am I willing to make sacrifices to succeed? Am I making a positive impressions on others?
stereos blaring cars honking footsteps many many footsteps walking     People Pass the Pieces to Progress sometimes intentionally sometimes unknowingly
i'm rolling fast down a steep hill. you know what they say about old habits. they'll eat you from the inside out unless you eat yourself first. but what happens when you throw yourself back up?  
i am a flowerpot woman. i am grown from a seed, a tiny speck of life with the promise of, one day, becoming something beautiful and without purpose. you give me life, fill my veins,
Some of us were Volcanoes in a past life Could’ve been something else But had a mission way too hot to be anything human Women were once fire mountains.
Humans are drugs to me. Tucked together in a cabinet out of neccessity. I'm a fool, popping person after person. Each package labelled with the empty promise of progression.
When I was younger I didn't understand all of these feelings, Why wasn't the opposite appealing? And everything around me made me feel like a mistake, I didn't know that I was made this way.
Mean what you say, say what you mean. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. This poison that tumbles from your lips Can destroy a reputation, Can destroy confidence, Can destroy a soul.
Letterers with numbers That's all they get
Trust worty as a Strawberry Tree Innocent as a tattoo Never the confiteor, never the shame-faced
 People Imitate, No originality. This poem was copied.
The secret that lys deeply In  my mind the truth behind  behind my tired eyes. The answers to all the questions Only I know, holding it in because I'm afraid to let go. Horrifying memories
Calm down take a breath...  there isn't much to say society is becoming the victim while the rest of the world is a dictator. telling you how to dress and play the game of life.
Money, Money, Money Its on everyone's mind Everyone needs it for something Whether it is for food or drugs Its always needed People love it People go crazy for it You wish you had a lot of it
I don’t understand this world we live in. People are angry so they abuse their own kin. The economy’s crashing down but prices are rising.
I look around me, and everything is changing. We are growing up, don't you see? We are actually aging.   Yes, we are in high school Junior year to be exact Reality will hit soon though,
I had a thought, Maybe two.
The pain begins to kick in. The never ending pounding,  The drums beat inside my head.  Trembling, the room spins, Sipping the vodka in my glass, I'm drowning. My liver screams
You caught me with the tears running down my cheek
mommy, mommy, don't let me go.
I gave it up... to the boy of my dreams... never treated me wrong once...
Troubling how I can’t seem To stop thinking about you. Thoughts, images, fantasies Of you and I doing things. And not to mention the way I feel when I’m around you. I’m willing to lie just for
You insensitively categorize me Branding poverty as my own while claiming me unwise You may see me as a waste Well that no longer applies.
Friend. By definition, a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. By society, One who will let you bend over backwards for them, but won’t move a muscle in your time of need.
But I begged her to come downstairs because the guests were waiting. 
Dearest daddy we were always so close Your magic tricks and games made me love you the most But I was only three when I would finally see What you were doing to mommy and when you left me
Truth be known this is a poet’s story Of agony, pain Glorified dismissal Acceptance at the blow of a whistle That as we speak a child is forcibly falling to their knees
There was a time that I went crazy and that's all you need to know and it's happened more than once, Who'd guess I'd get so low. I'd like to say he saved me But it's so much more than salvation
I want the real world There is nothing here for me School yields no knowledge
I used to go to the beach with my father,  and I laid, three foot ten, on the shoreline face down to the sand. I learned to do a push up when I used my elbow
It was once said in a lovely song That love makes the world go round But what happens if we lose all faith And can no longer find happiness or love? Has the world become so full of hate?
Trauma: The Most Powerful Lecture                                                                          By: Matthew Luz  
Strive to wake up before the rest of the world.Watch as the sky paints a picture of a new dayWatch the birds chirp a new songWatch the earth come to life before your very eyes 
The sensation I felt replaced the darkness I ran to it hoping that it was mutual For years I stuck by you Praying for the truth With endless nights of wistful wishing
A tedious gnawing at my tummy Strays my eyes from the board. The disparity is doubled. How can I pay attention? When I can’t pay for food?
  Her only love from her only hate. She only hopes it is not too late To learn if his love is true, For by his love she is consumed.
There once was a boy from Ohio Who applied for scholarships like wild Well I am that boy and  College will cost some bands Give me the cash that you've compiled
Here I sitHere I sit in a bed no bigger then me,With blankets tossed,
I remember that I was irrevocably and hopelessly in love with him. Everything about him drew my eyes like magnets.
I'll come right out and say it-- I envy you. Your ability to Leave it all behind, and Escape To where nobody can touch you.
Don't be discouraged when they fight your beliefs When they attack you for what you know to be right The are simply afraid of you You present a threat to their narrow world view
Don't ever give up on the life you are given! Strive to be the best you can be, to show the world who you are! You wan't to know who I am?
I still remember that look in your face
She’ll never
When I look inside their eyes I see cries They tell me of their woes When they look like they're about to decompose In publicThey look idyllic But in private They seem to have lost their spirit
What is love?Love is a bond that we share. Love is our superglue that keeps us together. Love can be contagious just like a deadly disease.
It is time to wake up to the sound of the world, such a world that consumes its habitants with dreams and goals that come and go with no reward left for those
You cast out your line
  there is a little dingy garage not far from where i live
Tears fell that morningand a heart was broken.I wanted to be there tohelp you through;to be the one you couldtalk to, and though Iwill never feel exactlywhat you do, I know just
Inner conscious in three Action begging for a move, Reason waiting for an explanation, Awareness lost by the arguing tunes. Back and forth they go, each stating their own reply.
I am terri
We are inventions of a maddening scientist
Having trouble starting a poem about somone I adore so greatly Is like somone having trouble walking again I should have this down innately. Personally I'm struggling to come to terms with the reality of not seeing you,
I try to keep myself from lashing out. Cause if I do I feel that I would only be without. You'd think that people understand but they're a sloppy mixture, they still believe in stupid boxes with the moving pictures.
A child. A wonderful miracle to still be alive. All alone inside a box on a street; The umbilical cord still attached. A small child left alone; a small child abandoned.
She told me she got a bad grade on our last math test The problem is, she told me while crying. Why would you cry over math? The simple answer: Everything. Is. Math. Literature? Math. History? Math.
Your expectations are too high for me I'm not yet ready to climb such a height Images of things I could never be   I know I might choose wrong, instead of right Be mad, just don't have that look in your eye
She saw stars. Bright as day in the blackness of night. Beacons of hope in a perpetual unknown.   But they dulled. They dulled as did the twinkle in her eye.
Out of all the things on earth, Of all the things in the sea, What matters most to me, Is my wonderful family. They pick me up when I'm down, And hold me when I'm up, I wear their love like a crown,
Days fly by and nights linger coldly, And I stand watching through the window, As the sands of time slip through the hourglass slowly, And yet I am ever-still as I keep vigil over those below.
 Sometimes I wonder could this really be,
   Sea….We all carry these thingsThat nobody else can see.
I hope that when you kiss her, you taste the sorrow of her soul. and I hope that it saadens you to the point, you no longer watnt to exist. Because you died to me long ago,
And to this day I will admit that all I ever wanted was to hold your hand For the thought of my fingers playing in your palm Sent shivers everywhere Postage stamps weren’t cheap
  Do you ever stop and ask yourself why? Why are you here and the meaning of life? Everybody lives, but only to die. So tell me what’s the real meaning of life?  
  Its Game Time But we were down at the half Leilehua Mules with the second half comeback And I gave up a sack
Music is my life, my love and my passion i'm not conerned with the trends, the gossip or the fashions i'm not worried about what other people say so I just put my headphones in and let the music play  
scattered blue on the floor broken lives knocking at her door
Tip tack tippy tack is the sound of thhe caalcuaters ringing no flowers or song sing for me will it be .See I let my mind flow unwilling  letting my mind tell you the things i want you to see.
      Not Like Others
Why is there such disrespect For all those that we know? Why is there such prejudice Are you putting on a show?   Why does the color of your skin Or the gender that you like
For I have wasted 12 years For do not get wrong of the educational experience Just time better spent would be simple Being the little time we have on this planet To actually doing something with our lives
Only with a finger prick, do we truly see what lies within. What can you do, when your own body decides to attack you? From the inside out, you slowly die. Faster than most,
  The rocky surface i feel  beneath my feet. Gliding like an arrow  in the wind.  My hair gets in my face  and i gently push it in back  of my ears. Every inch of my 
So many choices  That I can't make for myself  So many places That I can't go and explore  Let me make my plans So that I may have control  Let me do my thing  So that I may learn to grow 
 I know I'm your only child And just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm going to run wild My head is on straight You just have to let me concentrate I know the world is a big place
                I dont think it ever mattered to me. It never mattered how I use to take care of you when you should have been taking care of me.
This is a poem for those who left and those that are left.   I. This is a hanging poem, Love is a hanging poem.
How many pills do you drink a day? None? I drink ten. How many eyes do you have starting at your way?None?I have one too many. How many voices do you hear while no one else does?None?I hear more than twenty.They all scream,They all cry,They all wh
I pay attention to your mouth, then you turn away to look somewhere else. You keep talking but I don't understand, I just hear mumbling.
Sometimes dreams seem too far awayEven when you want to seize the dayEven when it feels just within reachHopes can die with a piercing screech
  He went to war.  He went to die. He went to battle for you and I. He was not forced to do this thing. He did it, because of the Liberty Bell’s ring. He left his family, his only kin.
Bullying is wrong, so why do we do it? Does it bring pleasure to hurt others feelings? Maybe we all need to start to commit. I, for one, am against the killings, of a smaller kid's pride. And him felling unfil
It’s horrible To be stuck in a place While wanting to fly Far above space   Dreams, illusions, future schemes So bright they show Through a huge thick glass window So close do they seem!
Sleepless Owl in the eyes of the sun.    Mocking thy simple existence in this perpetual world.  Starved by the thought of food, craving the ruby red taste of wine.  The owl saw this miserable creature and made a faint smile.   The owl spoke," I kn
Hello, sir! How do you take it? Cream, sugar, both, black? Actually, none, thanks. Take it back. If I wanted a cup, I'd call you up. But I don't need a single drop. So, you can stop.  
This world is taken by the dreamers, who create the ideas that soon intercept our minds. A single word can change the course of time; A small murmur of hope that is carefully whispered into a hopeless mind.
these things that i paint inside your head things of beauty, words perfectly said but just when i think its all figured out the color has faded as the canvas decay
They enjoy chiffon dresses of blue and white Ribbons on hair of straw People made of China's best porcelain Painted with faces bright and white...  Little houses and little steeples
For as long as I could remember I've used writing as an escape When I came home to an empty house, so contradictory Full of expectations of me  I wrote I filled page upon page with beauty and pain
The world’s expectations for you are high, you’re judged right off the bat People expect you to fit into a mold, but there’s wrong in that.   Your life is on a timer, so it makes sense for the mind to yearn
  There is no telling what shall lie ahead, The future is hardly meant to be known. No one can guess what is best left unsaid, And who can assume how the dice are thrown?
I didn’t mean to be rude, sir; it is not that you, yourself, frightened me, for you were pleasant and kind. You liked my hair, you said, but your lips said you dreamt not of tugging it salaciously,
Question the way you live, What meaning do you give? Answers never there, not even in evening prayer.   On one unforgivable day you will have the chance to stray. Before you make the mistake
Fixate your  narrow point of view On that pedestal you thought I'd never reach. Listen to my ballad of words spew from my brain Down to my mouth and across the plain. The audience is roaring and standing up tall,
My thoughts are forced to be trapped Trapped within my head because I am to afraid to let them show Thoughts of my friend "I'm going to do it tonight" More meaningful than anyone could imagine
I am only seventeen and I might not have one clue on what a good relationship could mean, but observing what I have seen between multiple people around me, I have created a list of things that a relationship needs to be. There are six of them.
Well I succeeded When I thought I had mended The door receded, the colors blended And my mind surrendered to the feelings rendered. I want a peace that is pieced together and not falling apart Like my heart
She was death incarnate, a toxic drug. My health was at risk, but still, I took her. I was afflicte with this mental bug. A year of my life, nothing but a blur.   Her heroin was potent and lustful.
im afraid we're falling apart you know that its true you were always to smart but it can't just be you i've nothing to offer yet offer i do over and over making you beleive its true
It’s a disease. I can’t help it. I have to be right. I crave perfection. I am not a know-it-all; I just like to be correct.
You’ve been given the opportunity, To make your life easier for Eternity. You ignore the gifts given to by God, Then you have the nerve to say “How odd?”
She told me that he is beautiful, and I believe her. He tells me that he loves me, and there is nothing stopping me from believing him wholeheartedly. I know the world is beautiful; I hear it every day.
There is no fragrance more compellingthan the trace of a cup of coffee,raw umber mixed with ivory,dancing together until they are one,as daylight shows its head.
You and me fell in love a perfect melody, we intertwine so beautifully like song lyrics to a beat you make me feel so complete a fair tale relationship perfect in every way
From where i stood, Tecate Baja California. 20 feet from the line. 20 feet from a different world. from where i stood all was mine. i step across that fence and I'm swirled.
The time has come. A sea of green and white lays before me.  My pulse is rushing but I have to remember to breath.  In.. two.. three... four... Out... two... three... four...
Solid jaw, ridgeline held, promising belief, factors controlling a fate future cannot withdraw nervous attention strapped to a shivering last name Attention. Right-Face. Parade-Rest. Follow through.
Yes ! its almost that time GRADUATING,
One cigarette at a time, your time fell short// A life in desperate need of support??
If at times you feel you want to cry And life seems such a trial Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky So make your tears a smile   As you travel on life's way  With its many ups and downs
As they fall from the trees, I see them change colors.
Follow your dreams they say Then they say your dreams are dumb To be or not to be? Obviously, not to be Do what you want they say Then they say what you want to be is dumb Don't do that, you will mess up
                          We are fixated by Reality, the shows that lack base rationality.
I look around and I am surrounded totally, completely, utterly surrounded like a cocoon But this isn't a nice and cozy surrounding, this is garbage on the ground, cigarettes ground to stubs surrounding.
Spinning  I guess that's the only way to describe it Aimlessy wandering trying to hide your own confusion Reaching and grabbing  Hoping that maybe this time, you'll get what you've been after Spinning
The Last Night  Her little bird bones grasping for comfort Against one golden laden ring The story book life coming to a close, Now rediscovered by those left behind.
Crashing waves and endless seas all across the weeping willow tree. Mists and winds and children’s song leave an echo through them all. And in this whimsy of life we find a spirit in warm delight.
You hurt us by...   Throwing "queer" in our faces   Harrassing us   Rebeling,no sympathy   It hurts...   That we can't...   Walk down the street in peace
What is time? By definition its an indefinite continued progress of existance But is there even such a thing? We measure time with numbers, But there are no numbers in the sky, on our bodies
The only thing I find important, is the mixing of words called poetry. Depsite the fact mine's irrelevant, It's the only thing I have left you see.   Even when the media tells me,
Fear bumped past me in the street Whispered my life's nameless defeat Left me on my knees Telling me I'm never gonna please Terror crept into my room late last night
  Out along requisite’s bay Up before the sun How to begin each day I have started my run   The pain embraced Little voices suppressed My blissful place Where my soul can rest
The life I live The life I live isn't easy Hmph I want to see you walk a day in my shoes You think the life I live is all breezy and easy Hell no! You don't even know the half of it
Why don't you understand?If you like me, & I like youThen why do our problems expand? We fight, we loveAnd end the night with a hugBut everyday that I'm with youWe fight so much that we're immune. I miss you moreYou miss me lessWe run in circl
He smiled at me but not with his mouth, no, this man smiled with his eyes. you see, this man was a stranger to me, never met him once before, yet somehow I knew him. Funny, but,
  Sleepy Little Farm Town, Provider of Produce, Maker of Hay Town of Believers, Gateway to Alabama; Country, Redneck, Strong, Town of Tradition:  
              Degree of Labor By: Trumere Butler 11/11/13 Questions as bitter as a lemons juice plagues all. How?
People on the screen don't exisit anymore All that's there are explosions and products to buy And this makes me burn. The screen has become a bible more or else, it's what society bases it's joys and pains on. 
I feel a sort of numbness An everlasting sickness I am trapped in my own mind, I’m so worried all the time. Will it kill me to let you know? Would it kill me to make it show?
Broken bones and twisted joints keep her there, shackled to the bed, prisoner in a jail. The phone rings; she doesn’t move; sheets cover her face, a sixteen year bride with a veil.  
As we started in this school, This place where we would learn to use life's tools, We also began to form our views Which, through push or pull, became askew, Young peoples' minds turning to hate.  
In little time a great journey is coming to a end From doing childish thing to becoming men At the beginning everyone was your friend but slowly that numbers decreases by the tens
I pretend to drown in the bath. I dream of hazy, pill-induced dazes. But then I remember these kids. These Salvation Army angels have become true angels to me. They came when I cried and have saved my life.
I'm coming to you as a little girl who needs her father. This little girl has had too many to reach her.
I’m smart, wasting my time in full IB. I’m a musician, not in a band. I’m religious, missing church to do homework. I’m curious, not researching things because I have “too much else to do.”
THESE WORDS Words scream out joyously like the children in the street on a hot summer day. Words coat me in a sticky sweat like the humidity of the swamps of Florida in August.
Reverence-  demonstrated through my parent's beliefs and their ropes on my limbs-- that you would dive in foreign ocean's despite the ropes on your mind    Gravity-
They told me I was “too Jewish” Because I wanted a more detailed service. They asked me why I didn’t go to a more Jewish camp, they asked me why I wanted a more detailed service,
Love is passion. Love is attraction. Love is devotion. Love is a notion that people care for people other than themselves. Love is small. Love is big. Love is humble.
  You are the Lion, Strong and Quiet in the grasslands. I am the Gazelle, Graceful and Swift alone by the water.      “Our safari of hearts”   I know you're hiding somewhere in distance.
Look at me; what do you see? Because I don't think it's me. I think you see a number: A grade, a test, a paper. Is it truly me you like? Or just that I do the work?  
The bells are ringing But is this ring heard? Do people stop to say any words? When a bell is rung is it silent? No When a bell is rung it calls out just so a reverberation
Strong, brilliant and independent I stood, Unable to be moved, cracked or struck. I guarded and protected my heart, mind and body, from all the dangers running amok.  
Will you stay with me till the very end? Though harsh and troubled times may come our way, Though leaving is the easiest of trends, Though easy now but hard someday? Or will you leave and hurt my fragile heart?
He is an unmatchable mutt, I do believe. He causes chaos with all his snooping. The friend who will never leave.   During the cool months when colors reave
A rush and it's over Cars flash by, lights blink shut Candles flicker, sound crashes along And my head whirls with The Speed of Light A world that never stops moving Never sits and thinks
when i was five,     anxiety disorder laced in my genetics, i couldn’t fall asleep until i whispered a prayer,     tears and snot dripping onto my pillowcase, so god would protect me from the nightmares
  Everything is shattered, broken, utterly and completely destroyed So dramatically so, windows broken in to a million pieces, paint strewn across the floor Yellow wall paper gone gray as if out of fear
You talk about all the money that you blowed Preaching to our youth to get throwed You Rich and Famous acting like you really cold This is one thing you never really told That the mainstream gettting old
I loved you in the curve of your upper lip; budding laugh lines; the edge of your eyes.   I loved you in  the swell of your lower lip against my own and in the stories, the pads of
You stand at your podium High and mighty, bigger and better conducting your eager students creating sounds and noises that come out as beautiful notes and you gush with proudness, then you stop.
Words mean so much when they’re coupled with truth. When the words I once heard as a child come to life as I realize the meaning, then they open my mind to a new world of meaning.
What is love? Who can I ask? Is loving someone really just a simple task? I believe love is rare and love can be kind, But beware, is it true? You can tell only in time.
  The wind blow through these trees so fine, but you blow through this heart of mine. The wind blows over waving fields of grain, but your name bounces around in my brain.  
Laugh at me, put me down, spit in my face, take my virginity, lecture me, kick me...But Never will you Define MeI am old as ancient times.I am the roots of an Oak Tree.
Oh Darling, let's go see the world See places of every kind Let's go be adventurers Let's see what we can find   Oh Darling, do you want to come? Egypt, Peru, Belgium, Nepal
He wrote me a poem once The boy who leaves in January for LA He wrote me a song once The boy I don't want to say goodbye to.   We spent the day exploring a museum once
As I sit here and think of something to write about So many things come to mind I could write about a failure, a success A life lesson I will never forget I could write a funny story from my childhood
We are made up of molecules, left over dust from the explosions of dying stars. We are the descendants of the first man,  every one of us. The blood of kings and queens, conquerors, scholars,
Sitting here trying not to think,Trying not to think of you.From your smile to your wink,everything about you had m,e wooed.
"Take your fish oils."Despite them and the yellow particles I breathed in,I lived in sin.Guilt smugly unwound its coils;It had become an expert in multitasking.
Walking around campus Not sure where I belong Going day by day Just singing to my own song.   Everyday is a question Knowing my future is near Without direction I live in fear.  
Resolutely, I have indoctrinated myself Into a world of know, where Things that were unexplainable have been Inarticulately explained— And we didn’t even need a graph to do it. We don’t need any statistics
  I remember telling my little brother That our aunt was "in Heaven" Even thought I didn't believe In Heaven Or Hell Even now  I don't believe in that stuff I leant down in front
Family is key, Or so they always tell me. Family will be there for you, To support and love too.   But it’s not always like that. They sometimes hurt you like a rat. They build your dreams
They said go, But I always said 'No'. 'Cause I-L-Y, til the day I die, You make me smile when I want to cry.   You words of sweet love Hit me like moms apple pie, I don't know why
I do everyone else jobs without complaining I do all these things for you, for what, tell me what am I gaining I fail to realize that I have a voice that should be heard
The sun has peaked and at its highest Here still I am without a clue to life even in the slightest This window, fogged, scratched, and tattered Tinted black, without a chance to flee from its fetters
Spotlight warms my skin, I have a rising feeling, All I have worked for, One shot for the role, And I know the lines, The audition piece is engraved in my mind.   My life is better on stage,
I’m 16 about to be 17. I try to get away from everything. Everything that makes me feel like I’m not worth anything. They say school is where you get away from all the negativity.
Yesterday he showed me his bruises. Pulled his sweater up and underneath his breast They were scattered across his ribcage like a Little patch of violet rorschach tests.
Every inch of exposed flesh Distorted by the image in the mirror Can't you see you are perfect? Can't you see you don't need this? All you see is baggage All I see are bones Come to me, my love
I felt its presence in the room That leering, awkward warmth that it brings with it gives it away The way it can't resist touching my eyes Reaching in my throat
Tears. As I sit in my bed.I try not to cry.But the tears sneak out.No one can deny.
Do not forget where you're from. Stand up tall. Face your fears.  Tell your tale. Make it count.         
You look up, hoping to see another day The love is no longer there; for, hatred has overcome This world is corrupt and fire fills your bones You can't take the abuse, the torture, the ridicule
Dancer most my life. Musician half my life. High school graduate before long. College is the best time, best place to become the artist I am meant to be. Not ready to quit what I do, what I know, what I love.
My brother is a cheerful ray of sunshine on a sad, sad cloudy day. Bubbling and overflowing with joy. His big and shining smile is like a sweet M&M, That lightens up the eye and heart.
This is my fight My reason to write Music is my voice and the world is my audience I'll speak my wisdom through a riff and a song and when the world turns their ears I'll show them the wrong.
So ladies and gentlemen!!Get ready for a no-chance SUMO WRESTLING fightIntroducing the contestants....on the blue side,is the all time professional BIG SUMO BROTHER.And on the red side,
Here I lay in the hours of night Filling my mind with all that I know The image of an angel binds my sight With frozen emotions embedded in snow.   Nine years in the past Whether by first sight or not
The doritos of great heaven,have the cheese of simmering greatness   that spices my tongueon every tasty crunch.
Above is where I want to be, Success is all that can see. The top will be hard to reach, But the will to try is easy to teach. Reaching my dreams is all that I think,
  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  I take that back... Hold your breath.  Hold it in, Hold it back.  Its not worth it.  not worth it....
"Thats not even muisc" they say "All they do is scream" It seems to me like you're forgetting something Catchy beats and rhyming words is not what music is about
Until they see me Imma be meA dime a doze for talent seen on tv.Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.But I'm five cents short and my dime is spent.This is kind of common on commons sense.
  Xiomara Martinez, the most Hispanic girl I know, Shows me and teaches me la cultura hispano. Her accent lilts like a rumba With no hard turns or consonants, Just a soft, rolling blend of sounds and
You're not allowed to be a kid anymore; no more fooling around, be serious; every move you make from here on out will affect the rest of your life;
I daydream of being something different, somewhere different I wonder, I questions, I think and I have come to the conclusion. Im not living to die, but dying to live.
Here are a few words of advice, For those to whom I speak: Think before you say what you say; Look before you leap.   Words can be weapons. Dangerous ones -- like guns.
you say you care as you stand and stare into my eyes its no surprise but underneath, yeah i can see everything we had, it all went bad we felt in love, but the stars above they rejected, we were protected
As I grew up I never had anyone to turn to. Sure I had friends, But they didn’t understand. The anger. The pain. The feeling of being so unwanted. I knew people loved me. I knew people cared.
Crushed by this endeavor. Broken by my lover. I once thought love was forever, but time seems to end when we were together   Hit the rocks from the tide. Dropped down from the vibe.
When I am weary and tired of worrying, I take a look at my phone and see what new vine is spreading. I distract myself from a heart beating too fast and a mind reading too quick oh stop - 
Life is beautiful. Isn’t it? Not when your dad is a drinker. That just makes it total shit! I am glad my mom was a thinker. She left real quick, And met a much better man. Daddy you made me sick.
If people were emotions you would be love, the way you look at someone and let them open up like an old cupboard.
Breathing In, Breathing Out. A world of hatred, fear and misconceptions; A world without grace, love and mercy. Our leaders run
Stop and Stare, look around at all the trouble, As we try and walk around as if we aren’t going through a struggle. I try and make sure my school’s environment isn’t what other schools go through,
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
A dark gloomy place where there is know hope, just fear and exhustion.  Where food is substitued with screams of agony, fear, and hunger. With know escape, but maybe there is one, your only way out is death.
“This is just a portion of who I am. I don’t think anyone can be explained on paper. A person can be explained only by experience. So maybe you knew me all along.
She’s the one always there, She always shows me how much she cares. She cheers me up and makes me laugh, She is my other half.
So I'm suppose to sit here like I have no sense? Your white collars praise the past so there's no past tense. If you can't live in the past there are no regrets, and your water still expects us to pay infinitive debts.
the words flood around me become part of me people laugh in school calling me freak and others words but into my skin forever scaring me   i go through everyday wondering, hopping
    A troubled mind of broken thoughts to ponder as you lay; drowning in an open sea of sorrow every day.   Console your thoughts with talks of love and what you hope will be,
What if you felt an undying affectionAn honest, eternal, phlegmatic protectionIf love couldn't find you, would you go off and lookFor the one who'd complete you, by hook or by crook?
  She looked into the mirror and watched herself cry Examined her scars, and let out a sigh She wiped her own tears; lifted her own spirit She's screaming inside, where no one can hear it.   
  She looked into the mirror and watched herself cry Examined her scars, and let out a sigh She wiped her own tears; lifted her own spirit She's screaming inside, where no one can hear it.   
Little brother, little brother,  where have the years gone?  Last I remember, you were just turning 7. Still held a sparkle in your eye.   Not anymore.   
He laid them out carefully His words were spread Like pennies on the ground I saw them as loose change Not as change that I needed to be found   But it’s when the green is gone When his words
For decades, she longed to live, but the flowers that once rooted, sprouted, and grew in her mind began to wilt and rot. The technicolor world that she knew faded to pure darkness.
  Almost every nightI dream of taking your handand bringing you tosuch fabulous faraway places.
Staring into the dark empty void Finally uttering my last goodbye Tears are for the weak So never will I cry   My life follows the road Far away from all I know Forever on I traverse
Snowflakes unwillingly brighten the day They drop silently; so blissfully Through these gloves And frozen fingers They slip away Leaves and bright flowers Along a path They start their way
                Another day, once again         I have lost another man         Someone I thought was oh so true         Found out he had another love or two         How dare him!? How could he waste our years?
Dreams are lined up against the bedroom wall like an organized stock room, organized according by size, taste, also color. Trapped in jars, dreams are not given the chance to flourish, becoming stalking regrets.
We are the Generation Unknown.How do we classify?We are classified as unknown,so diverse. Society nowIs full of people who vary.Full of opinions that vary.We are Generation Unknown. But are we different from past societies?Yes.Are we better than p
Here i am again this day, living in this specific way. whatching, seeing, spectating,  Oh what a feeling! Like a moth to flame, to this world i came. Born with tears of joy
Typing on that keyboard, do it all day long, essays and riddles, books and titles, the jam of sweet writing. The happening of this inspiration, can only be the cause of one beauty,
Pause quickly the world Gravity rudes heaven’s tears Force pressures weak creations Trimming a mockingbird’s years.   Pause quickly the world Rain’s mercy left too mocked
All of my memories from before I got my glasses areblurryLike when you imagine a story told from someone else'spoint of viewOr trying to remember a dream you hadyears ago
The Treble Cleft That works wonders in every breath In every note that is seen or wrote Can I feel that warm tingle in my throat
 What is life but a swift-fading vapor  Filled with works done in vain labor.  This Misty Veil in which we stand   Veils nothing more than sinking sand.  A filthy smog is all our righteousness,
Winds push grasses, and rocks rolling back through What lies behind me, the clouds are so blue And the sky whispers, of things haven’t said Very glad am I, that I left my bed
I've seen discrimination, As a child, insults hurt. I will prevail.  
Demons hide within us all Echoing in the back of our minds Pulling against the chains and begging to be let free Everyone has demons Some are just louder than others  
Stop! and learn how to breathein these halls where we shareour discontent with the waywe pretend to be. Stop!
I don’t suppose I’ll ever rememberwhat it feels like to be touchedsomewhere other than my bodyby the pseudo-warmthof your cherry lips.But it’s my fault:I unzipped my rib cageand placed everything
Pity the puppet! For not wicked is she, But unjustly a victim Of master's decree. And pity the master! For puppet he is too, Though with much power, Thus unaware that 'tis true.
Would your life be different now,If someone had just told you how?If they reached out to help you changeEven if at first they appeared as strange.
You only write once. One chance to say what you mean. Something important.
Senior year is here!!! Senior year is now These past eleven years Have gone by fast I often hear stories of success Of those who got into UCs But I also hear stories
why do you base your thought and feelings on a book written hundreds of years ago by the men who you don't even pray to   why do you judge others when judge not lest ye be judged  
Intro: So I'm starting to write again after having a writer's block for a little bit. I guess this means I having problems with relationships again. I apologize to those who read my poems, I know there sad and you probably wonder why? Why so sad?
I met Mr.Gun on a lonely night Sad and alone I took him home I told him my story and expected him to laugh but he didn't to my surprise, He just stared at me  He seemed to understand me
If there is a “man”, Saying you are not beautiful, He’s telling you lies, His screwed up, twisted opinion of you doesn’t matter,
The blinding lights make it impossible to see The audience's faces floating in that black sea The notes soar through the air then down to the ground Her voice creating a beautiful, everlasting sound
 Black and white pictures tell a storyWell , lemme give you a little history on why i give my God the most high , glory ONE I've been through it all , made a couple mistakesNearly gave up because i was unsure of the later decisions i would makeSca
The world can be a hard, cruel place It throws tribulations into our face Some of us fall into a pit And then give up, that's all, that's it I have fallen into this as well
The twist and curves, Wind around the ominous islands. The wooden structure Flows slowly, Down the creeping current. Waddling through the clear blue waters. Little fish swim; Free. Free.
Once, there was a girl, she was all alone. She had no friends, and hung around with no one. But then somebody stretched out a hand,
It's time. It's time to say goodbye.This is the end...the end of you and I. I can feel it deep into my bones, through to my heart and my soulthat this life we've built for ourselves is over.
Children’s laughter rings out like a symphony of bells. Halloween candy saved for when friends change plans. Hugs never failed to make everything okay again.   The years grow old and grey
Father says to girl, it's time to go now Grabs his bag and begins to walk out. Daughter in shock, what can she say? He's gone, walked out, he's away.   She's left wondering what the hell she did wrong
Family Joyful and Hopeful for the future Abandons you when you are in dire need of help Helpful in every way Annoying in different ways Loving and Supportive Brings you down
Look! Can you not measure his beauty without comparison? Is there anything more true than what is looking you in the eye? I write for my beloved, and myself. That is the only purpose.
If sadness is the cause for pain Then indifference is why we are numb Then extinct is a rule of thumb. If we were on the edge of time Would we slip and forever fall? We could let go of our beliefs
My green eyes Gaze against my nearly translucent skin, Then flicker across buildings Of mirrors and concrete, With blurry lights, As rainwater descends, Before pelting my crimson coat,
"This is about being heard." By whom? Not the people who most need to hear what I need to say. Because they won't listen. So I wonder: why is it that we're so willing to listen to people we don't know,
I may look like I'm from overseas, But you don't know me, No, not really. So don't judge me, I can hear your whispers, though you think I can't see. I may be American born,
Late night arguments, early morning fights Opened the door and was petrified by the sight Take my little brother and fly away like a kite But instead you ran, what happened to all of your might?  
This child jumping around with a smile on her face, naked. Not only is she naked of clothes but naked of the harshness of reality.
I want to do something  productive. But everything has already been produced. By beautiful hands. By beautiful minds. By arbitrary machines. By cold steel. I'm looking for something real.
I am from a packed down pavement on Main Street, USA My eyes drawn to the end of a long line of shops and stores to see a palace set for a princess.
The world I know  Is about to go A new chapter beginning  So nervous it's spine tingling Going to college to get my future straight  It's going to be a great big wait
They say that writing burries,That obituaries entomb the dead in linguistic sarcophogi. Beautiful, but in no way immortalizingWho was burried in the Taj Mahal?The answer is out there somewhere,
I ask myself, God can you hear me? Crying, stressing, but still happy because I’m a blessing. At times, I don’t think I can make it,  Some days, I can’t take it.
As I watch out the gloomy window of the van; big, dull office buildings go by in the stormy night.  Thinking of where I am going.  Horrible, sad, exciting, awful, forgiving, extraordinary, and cheerful thoughts go through my head as I approach my
   Accccccc  f won Let’s live to do or dare, Put our faith into one moment, And call it in the air!   Heads up and we will leave tonight, Just pack our bags and run,
Does it ever feel like your life is crumbling? Like problems keep tumbling And you cannot stop struggling?   Have you ever been told just a little thing That causes the anxiety inside to take over and win
There is something thrilling about a single moment about instinct and action because in a moment, which freezes in time something is born an idea comes to life. it came to life between warm lips and
When you have a dream You don’t let it slip between your fingers When some one digs a ditch You don’t fall in it because your friend tells you to fall But when someone puts doubt in you
You made my life so sweet each day Your name I will not speak You loved in such a peculiar way Your kindness made me weak   Your touch took me by surprise Your kisses made me melt
Go back to the days  when you lent me your pinky,  and I promised you my heart. Back to the days where that small bond was worth something.
At home is where I am with my family, Loved, cared for, and always happy, But when I go to school I have a treasure Which other students may not get to pleasure, It's my home away from home,
I can still smile, even if I feel pain. I want to utilize every moment I take a breath. I know he’s leaving again today.
when I was younger I was terrified of the ocean 
    The Trestle of my Interaction A manifestation of mind- Must afford no miscue- Perfection when Perfection
  At nine I lived for recess For ten-thirty in the morning When all school work suddenly vanished Like the lights somehow did whenever we watched a movie And all of us swarmed like ants from our classrooms
I am a poet. Writing is what I do. I weave stray syllables Floating meaningless in abyss Of oxygen and CO2. I weave a web of words, I thread them together with Inspiration, Respiration. First one word forms, then Three—twenty—thirty-two.
Caw, caw, caw! The crow goes. Boom, boom, boom! My heartbeat grows.   I stare at my window Waiting, waiting. Fear enveloping my mind and soul.
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