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Easy A-llusion (a.k.a.The Scarlet Letter).
There is no freedom from it Even in white lilies and organ music There is makeup on her embalmed face And men leering over an oak casket She is an Ophelia 
Illusion With the assurance of the horse of progress Galloping along this way The streets by the gateways have been straightened as arrows Widened and made spacious Concreted
You keep running from a world you also walk it to the beat. I learned to roll my cuff to keep my heart offsafe up off my sleeve.
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in truth, because there is no truth in him.
Pain. Oh how it throbs. Like the pulsing shots of agony when you feel the bones in your wrist snap. Or the emptiness in your eyes or the hollowness in your heart as you feel it begin to shatter into a million pieces.
It is the black eyes with your sweet smile that pierces my heart. That bold accent that takes me to the clouds and leaves me to the ground. I have never found my taste and crown in any woman.
It is the black eyes with your sweet smile that pierces my heart. That bold accent that takes me to the clouds and leaves me to the ground. I have never found my taste and crown in any woman.
Monsters I call them Abducting our loved ones Hunting with no remorse Breaking their spirit.
Shes the person i confide  There aint no way (There) aint no (Way) i make my way home Without you Here Because you my Everything i see you everyday There aint no way i make my way home without you
i been invincible so dont try anything   i been going hard till i change the Game (Yuh) im going to go to Vist North carlina when im 18  (No Cap)  im 17 right now (17) (right) (now)  My friend Tripple3DDD
If it is God who chooses leaders, then he has failed. My people are starving. Others are dying Because of the Man He chose for us.
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
I quietly lit a cigarette-the terrible ideas always winbecause they can.tempered glass breaks the ice.  I contemplated picking up the pieces...              but it was a beautiful night... I was lost in a song from another time, and the moonlight
a girl with abandonment issues and a boy with attachment issues fall in love.  
I am from the cities, The downtown slums. The ghetto of the ghetto Where gunshots is the sound of love… How can we tell
Just when I thought all hope was gone,you gave me the strength to carry on As I walk into the land, our salvation is in your hands. When I opened my heart to you, your love it has guided me through
Love, when I waved at you and said Goodbye,I felt a part of me just wanted to cry,But I knew that I had to let you go,Even though it hurt me more than you know. Our time together was brief but sweet,And in my heart, those memories I’ll keep,Of lau
I always want things that are impossible to have  I always give so much to people, expecting nothing to have I always put everyone before me even if I shouldn’t be
At times of utter despair hidden from the world when I sit, I wonder why I was raised without a father why was I shown and given people in my life, loved and supported became what they became by
The student outside the summer school Her bhava could she know said either me or you now must certainly Go dead Don't ask me how i swear in less Than fifteen seconds she'd circled seventy feet & back to see again
Walking on the street in my own town yet feeling down pains going down my feet Silently walked miles on the road of life the crowd aroud is much live bees in a hive yet am lonely wish i had a home
you been on my mind  have a good holiday lilhines i dont need no body else yall are mad that i like her first you better back offf lilhines is mine i like her
Shaunsterkid yeah we are in a legend gang dont hate on us please me and LILANDONHELBIG and Tripple3ddd are in a legend gang yall can hate all you want im going two
im living my Life im trying my best for everyone they are hating im sorry im doing my thing im sad i m just tired of people talking lot of stuff bout me i cant stand it anymore im having the worst day ever my friend peja Anne
im living my Life im trying my best for everyone they are hating im sorry im doing my thing im sad i m just tired of people talking lot of stuff bout me i cant stand it anymore im having the worst day ever my friend peja Anne
shaunsterkid13 im a Legend yall can hate all you want i really dont care yeah  my life is making people happy im okay im just very tire of people hate they should know there action always fine there
yeah 13 is my favorite number yall can say what ever yall want yeah 13 forever you are right im trying anything i can im gonna on the top so can anything rappers im nice two rappers there cool two im  gonna be a
13 is my favorite number i wanted two be 13 forever but 13 is my favorite number yall haters can hate all you want im gonna be a rapper and a legend yall can hate
Keep your kiss, sweet prince, you’ve come, Now leave me to my slumber, In dreams where harrowing dungeons crumble, Gone their gates of lumber.  
Dreaming is our souls voice from within.Connecting our brain and hearts true feelings.Dreams are the voice, that needs to be heard.Not like just any, but a black n white picture.
Dreaming is our souls voice from within.Connecting our brain and hearts true feelings.Dreams are the voice, that needs to be heard.Not like just any, but a black n white picture.
Dreaming is our souls voice from within.Connecting our brain and hearts true feelings.Dreams are the voice, that needs to be heard.Not like just any, but a black n white picture.
Dreaming is our souls voice from within.Connecting our brain and hearts true feelings.Dreams are the voice, that needs to be heard.Not like just any, but a black n white picture.
Once we optted for sucess. Lost justice for consensus. Time was mine my sentences. To night i learn tenses. Friends shift, no for none. We still lean on loneliness. Verse i thought too wise.
Once we optted for sucess. Lost justice for consensus. Time was mine my sentences. To night i learn tenses. Friends shift, no for none. We still lean on loneliness. Verse i thought too wise.
At 12 Oclock the day was darkly dark, the seafloor lifted itself in a loud cry, suddenly, a star fell like strings of light on a man.
The super mother— Infinity  Universe Calls stars  for the leap of all creatures  Within individual Paradise  A long trek of time 
Dynamic Worlds   How sweet is life  relying on faces  of matching Universes  down the road of hardcore bliss 
Glassy tributes  in fragments of classic fragility  variety of fragrances  as magical coordinates 
Art is the portal to heaven or hell A colorful perception of bliss or horror  Waiting to be narrated or manifested 
When it is only you Like two halves of the day,  your perfection will be  Twice a perfect circle in degree  Within diurnal lights of the sky
Sweet romance  Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with magical future In embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal
iHard choices are carved daily  Nothing feels their chill or heat  as their creators, creativity, and consequences. Years and years, by their charm 
Her love serves  Down her heart’s nerves are nerves In sweet redemption and reflection  Heaven makes their re-election  Oh, sweet help.
When alive  we say so much than thriven trillion words  When our eyes are at their last blink We say a moment of words.  
You are a terrific elixir  Yet you blow your essences up  By enthroning doubts  Like scientists working hard 
I yearn for how life loves to love  On the bridge of experience  Every fine day blooming by the tick 
We are complete in one another We are perfect perfection to apex perfectionism individually  We are a temple of each other’s worship
Hungry swords on dying days Running time in weaknesses find figures from ways Myths made man bleed with war’s mortality  Peace travels through Fortune’s winds. 
Sweet child, within you, sparrows sing blooms Each day like protocoled steps will lead you  Down Heaven’s aisle of tapping awe and cool
Singing waters sweetly save the world  With each glee of ready drops to sing along  Out there, there is a beauty of a world 
Shocks made pulses of her beauty  Each throb tenderly sweet from Earth’s syrupy bosom  Around Earth's Loins of infinite fruity bloom  
Seven chakras, seven worlds, seven persons in one  Dreams, reflection, and reality cooperating track of time 
Days are booked for awe where deepest desires spoon and fork One hurts your peace sweet racing heart glacing moan of yearning The other hurts what you love from films of thrilling affairs
Paths strides in curves  Time tours in curls God birthed Paths and Time  God is infinitely feminine. 
I remember how heaven was  With no worry or war I took heaven by its word With no will or choice to veil my gift or hoard.  
Behold him, single in the sea Yon solitary White Rock lad! Rowing and singing by himself Glumly; why is he sad? Alone he rows, and rows further Into the twilight zone farther
At first I looked at you with this hopeless ambition  This thing that I knew it would be ok  I started out looking at you with confidence 
The grief consumes my flesh, Here I lament over my words! They lashed and pillowed into my mind The bones pain a memory of memories- There is a chill in my body It tussles with the icicles and
There is a God And I know damn well because it keeps screwing me over and over. There is a God That keeps fucking my life up, I never gave it my consent. There is a wall, It keeps me from going forward.
The smart ones have already run away and the rest are waiting to rot You admonish me that any struggle requires skills But any skill here is in vain Why should I bother to express my views in a vague way
And you. What would you choose, if you truly knew? Would you even want to understand? A dream within a dream, where even the truth is sometimes a lie?
The Core Our world seems to crumble, The amount of us seems to double, When will we open our eyes, And see the sun's burning fight, The earth is slowly falling apart,
Whenever I see the river flowing from Fround to Foust fast upon  its track I see the rocks and pebbles moving brown and black I suppose the waters always moving so I never see the same
 Do you believe in love at first sight? Its a moment of still fright Your heart suddenly stops it plight Your soul feels completely light Your eyes cant blink twice
let's rejoin a journey. One side of bailey. Living aside my faults. Gathering her thoughts. My chances or her fate. To apoint us a date. On a finish i was lazy. Dear she was crazy.
Open your eyes.long have they waited for you to wake.One hundred years ago, they saw light.Don't you think they deserve to again?  
Nothing to write, nothing to listen Oh! I don't know what happen It was going smoothly fine Suddenly, feeled just ashamed How it feels to be the crush To the heart, a easy cruel rush
i luv you Abby your the best gf ever when i first met you  you defending me i love it you help me with my probloms i been wanted to date you but you said yes i luv you babe
juice is a legend i love that man rip fire rapper hes died from a cezer i cant belive he died he  was young and just getting started rip  your the best rapper ever i love your music
i work so hard but people dont care i need help im crying i need help with my rap im so sad and emotional please help me this is the truth i need yalls help i need
im depressed because i have a sad emotions i love my world yeah i doing everything to make kids happy why does six nine wanna kill me now im so pernoid now i have depression sixnine
im depressed because i have a sad emotions i love my world yeah i doing everything to make kids happy why does six nine wanna kill me now im so pernoid now i have depression sixnine
I can't seem to find Right now I'm not in the right state of mind It's like I am losing my mind Searching, trying to find Something for my kind Someone of my kind Someone who won't mind
shaunsterxxx legends never die i make good songs ayy all six nine wanna do is kill me ayy im  shaunsterxxx  legends never die i can feel my energy getting worse
She was not even old enough to know  The first time she was sold.  Men would come;  Men would go. She could only come;  She could never go.  She always did what she was told, 
The more I look at you the more you upset me The more you hurt me The more you disgust me You don't ever move a muscle You just stay as still as a corpse
My fellow graduates, peers, and friends.
There comes a time when life tells you to look inward and see what you've become. Your eyes will widen and your heart will pound. It is in this moment that you will see what you truly are.
Someone come teach me how to put the devil behind and see the sincerity in her smile, Make that memory of the Judas' kiss fade into oblivion, Cleanse my claws of blood dripping from hearts I've torn, Because-
What were you wearing is a dead question. It leads to no solution. should I tell you my frumpy pants hanging on my frame were illicit? That a shirt she bought a Mormon girl was too revealing, her body too explicit?
That night, my hands were not my own. My mind- I was not home.   I did not caress, I did not cry. You did what I was told. I wanted it all to explode. I wanted it all to burn at my feet.  
We are all so different but yet so much the same, everyone in some way or another will experience some kind of pain we all will heal from this love and pain that is all so real .
shaunsterXXX legends rap emonal im a legend all the legends are awsome  i becoming a legend i love all my friends haters are **** jealous i have to bleep it out the bad words because i dont want to be ****
  The sun rises The rooster crows Winter dies And the sun shines The Earth ripens Children play and run
Snap   Staring into the aftermath She’s gone…he is gone The responsible have fled and now are lost in the pile. The mouth drops The tears dry  Snap.   She rises slowly and in pain
My love, my pride The joy of my life You've got to know That when I'm in pain
When the sun shines over the mountain, And the sunset is the most beautiful, And  when ships are sinking, Under the night sky,
from being utterly unconscious about what she is doing, to being highly responsive to her mind a soul completely astrayed, out of dumbness
Vicious indeed to have such blessings in your hands those filthy hands that filled with my blood strolling in the pavement that I cleaned for you thus the word conscience can stumbled in your obscure mind?
I hang my head in sullen dread My soul is dim and weary And now that light has bid goodnight My eyes are wet and teary I take a pause 'fore midnight's jaws And look upon my future
Yea we're going through times where there's no jobs and there's a riot that you can get rob but we're praising God for our odds so I didn't need any pod so they're people that lie to be praise as that's how they want a raise.
I am a smooth Criminal And they say i burgle But I'm not a burglar Some say my days won't be eternal But that's too judgemental I am a smooth Criminal And i dare to be ethical
You were once neglected by many All they could see were imperfections Nothing good could come from you Tarnished and stained by many Your heart grew cold for Love You swore to dissociate from love
It's going to be hard to be inspiring after these words are visible, be wise and speak on event's that may far cry, it's hard to encourage, when some words are a lack of wisdom, being formed as brick of venom.
Excuse me, I beg your pardon,I'm just here growing in my garden.Like everything, I come from a seed,So please don't call me a pesky weed.
Dark thoughts, Love not seen, I just needed to know I was loved. Deep reflections,  Like the sea I’m terrified of.   You are the sand,
My heart speaks a million words per beat wanting and craving that ever lifting dream my heart desires more then your attention my being wants you your whole soul no secrets It's hard to find that one individual That one person who will be willing
Na you dey burst my bottles Na you dey roll my kpom Na you dey raise moral Na you dey ginger me My Sizing starts enlarging In you I want to slide and glide Foreskin and all my soul in yoh I want to plant
It's another day, Am up refreshed and hopeful Goodbye kisses planted on her cheek and lips Same goes for the kids Out on the streets on with a prayer ib my heart, bless today and may it run smooth and good
करते थे वो हम सबसे प्यार था उनको सबका लाड दुलार था उनको अपने दूकान से बड़ा लगाव कहते थे मुझसे सामान मंगाव बड़ा ही अनोखा था उनके साथ का ये सफर पूरी रामेश्वरम का वो प्यारा नगर
I can feel her teeth sink in my skin and her nails grip me like a pen; I can feel the poison deep within; trying to fight what's hurting on the inside a part of me died and the other side I feel alive; walking in this world like Constantine abidin
T'as le droit de quitter n'importe quelle relation où tu ne te trouves pas, T'as le droit de quitter toute histoire où tu ne t'aimes pas, Mais n'importe où tu vas, n'importe quand t'y vas, Si ça te blesse,
You unfasten the buttons on your shirt loosen the collar alter the sides tie the ends into a knot cuff your sleeves
I’ll say I remember, until I learn how to live with forgetting. I’m not sure which is worse off. A body controlled by a mind that refuses to remember what has happened. 
I just closed my eyes, Pulled a heavy breath in, Staring at the blacks in my closed eyes, Just started thinking about myself, of who am I right now, where am I standing.. holding up the tempest in my soul...
Would    Would you let me steal a moment ?.... from this otherwise  moribund day .
Hold On Be Strong! 💪 These those dying on the Bedstead! Stand to your feet no defeat. Never let anyone tell you harbour no disease. For the secret of a mighty wealth is a sanely health.
The dolls creeping, chilling, their hands dragging you down  where the dark space of... the chilly lonely hole full of dolls parts  the hole gets father as the rabbit falls down the hole
Something we don’t know the cost of until it’s too late We don’t know the cost until it’s sunk No primal scream to warn us We don’t know it’s air until we try to hold it
I know that in this path, I am alone ... And it is DARK . But, I am a Lark . I am not frightened, I am not afraid. I am just exhausted, Because, it's a long way... A long way to move on.
Hello my guide, my ill-advised guide. I see you on my shoulder,  wings bent and mocking a pearl’s features. Do they gleam with motive or ill-intent that pushes me towards the moving shadows
A vision where things seemed to be clear Where people were excited for the year All was starting to look super swell Until we saw his helicopter fell This year already has not been aspired amongst us
sheltering in place has got me seeing you in different shades of your favorite colors/you are like air...everywhere/and between the spaces of these words/our friendship spins endlessly as you tickle my mind with your thoughts, that are
 I’m from the dust,From where the wind blows and the sand rolls along the path.I’m from the bird sitting in the tree,    (Watching and singing,    It smells like fresh air.)I’m from the hot sun beaming on my face,    With heat I still remember the
My dearest friend Anxiety, 
I was 9 when women told me, men are amazing at dine and dash they’ll take their fill And leave you the bill Then they come back Only to take the centerpiece you found solace in
Yagquma ingonyama lahlokoma lonke ihlabathi. Yinkosi yezilwanyana utat'uDaza ngokugquma: Ubhonga ulwazi kukhale nezithulu. Ngudyakalashe umam'uCandlovu ngamaqhinga. Kakade kufuneka ubenamagqinga ukuze uphumelele.
Let's connect to reality; turn off the electricity, lie in the silence that invades us. I'll hear you for lack of the other sounds that made us bearable, one to the other.
She danced I continued my flute. Noise out of her anklet my craze. Eye's on her, soul out of breath. Don't express my gratitude. You could ruin up this moment. Emotions set up on stage.
I was in myth And standing by her side In the ownness of life and width I took her to bed and sat aside
Shooting for sport and we are the kill Using our voices till time goes still We scream, cry, and pray but there is no change God himself can feel this pain
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
The peace rose tenderly tended grows, In multiple seasons through out the year, It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear. And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.   I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,
And my laces are so weak Staring through them makes me weak I have got nothing to turn to this week So, why don't you come over and make me weak.
Music has been sounding different of recent Without reasonable doubt it's deterrence Has an effect on the listener Listen to it and you'll see what I'm talking about
Ms. Rona certainly turned out to be a bitch. She has taken everthing from everyone. Our rest, our family, our friends, our world She's taken over my entire life.   She's a devil, that Ms. Rona.
Behind closed doors, the enemy lingers Among us did it grow strong Prowess just like the Ninja's Closeness was our only wrong Fear grows across the globe Streets are empty as we hide
Behind closed doors, the enemy lingers Among us did it grow strong Prowess just like the Ninja's Closeness was our only wrong Fear grows across the globe Streets are empty as we hide
Behind closed doors, the enemy lingers Among us did it grow strong Prowess just like the Ninja's Closeness was our only wrong Fear grows across the globe Streets are empty as we hide
Behind closed doors, the enemy lingers Among us did it grow strong Prowess just like the Ninja's Closeness was our only wrong Fear grows across the globe Streets are empty as we hide
It was a wild night, even you agree;Under this Blue Moon, we dress in fashion;Whether we are rich or poor, gold or green;This night is just a human creation; Illuminate our so-called status now;Tonight, Leo's at Mars, so come with us;Let's party,
Alice slept to the sound of lullabies In her sister’s lap But I have to sleep to your allegations, Blames and insults Thrown at each other Like arrows And I hurting crossfire  
Subjects that of others to Her Power and authority is Her unique destiny that yet liveth in Her DNA unknown, To control the atmosphere Her forehead and Her eyes were created unknown,
  The music that streams from the unfathomable cosmos Touches my heart and my very being every single day. Oh! I hear it when the waves kiss the sand in deep eros
Music is what I love the most. I listen to you all the time. I can make you when I use Ambleton I can play you through Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and itunes  
I, we play all day we sleep all night  food it keeps us connected  drugs they keep us safe power it is endowed  credit cards go on forever numbers never ending I'll share with you my food stamps my pin is 7526
  The Sound Notes, Tunes, Frequency, Vibration The chills, The freeing Spirit It heals, It inspires, It brings us to one It can be really fun 
I circle round and round Impressed by what I see   Content Listening to silence   I walk alone Watching images
My mom says we have to leave our home to a new special places for Jews like us. I don't really understand what she means. We only get to bring a few things but strange men are yelling at us to hurry up. I decide to bring my giraffe.
My heart drips away, Hollow splashes in my stomach a tune older than time, younger than yesterday when I laid you to rest in the sky.  
A clear blue sky.The sun warming the grains of sand that massage our feet, eating away years of fatigue.Water rolls in and out, the faint taste of salt lingers in our mouth. This place is perfect.
  Who We Are   Imagine this Your ancestors living life free, No worries in the world, Until foreigner’s land in your city,
Inspiration—what makes us be our best selves; you ask me what Inspires me what gets me on my feet;   What gets me on my feet, I tell you, is hope— hope for a brighter future—
You blame me for every tear fallen, You say I forced you to join the darkness, You say I stole you from the light, Yet you continue to consume me whole. After years of observing you,  poisoning your lungs,
Live, die, repeat As the Sun ascends and falls I grow older - seemlessly, though. Open the door And morning explodes. Opportunities. Rebirth. How great are these Days?
 Sometimes the soulRises up. Dances in the sky.  SometimesIt liesDefeated on the ground. •Somtimes theWind gently blowsThrough the fieldsOf corn.  Sometimes it turnsTo cold and wet Leaving all the earthCompletely shorn. •Sometimes the nightIs stil
We used to hang out everyday. I did whatever you would say. The days you weren't there, I was blue. you even killed my best friend too.
​churchyard blackberriesteeth burst purple sweetnessno tiger needed   
I think. I think, because I can? I always Have Thought. Like a river thoughts
Midnight music 
It's already January and it's not much longer, We are breaking promises, as they have passed, We give up cigarettes, lose weight, light up dreams, February welcomes us with half dead.
To surprise you with these bars would to be to let you in on my scars leaving your mind set while same time still pulling people cards so let your guard down when you listening all truth with no gimmicks i say the sky ain't no limit.
Those golden pools  searching, learning, wanting I looked into your eyes And surprisingly I found it  
Where on this shall I get a bit of peace? Where shall I find a real friend who will forever Remain with me in happiness and temptations? Who on this earth will guide and or laugh with me?
Cold fire Frozen flame Chilling blasts that freeze thy frame Shudders shake thy trembling face Mist surrounding Ice abounding Lodged deep in fire blue eyes That frozen steel doth glint so bright
I quickly rise to the sound of birds yelling boom! bam! bop!   watch out for him, he always gets me run they say RUN!!
Sing Swan song This is how our cries to blank void Becomes a joyous song Sing Swan song For a death and rebirth in Christ Let the sound of our voices Enclosed in defeaning silence
a flower, the emblem of growth known to blossom and flourish  has been trampled she struggles to grow anew all willpower flattened
    I look around and I think what else could my imagination see?     
She said yes I had walls around my heart she made me feel safe, feel at home
With freckles on your cheeks Or scar on your knee With big yellow jacket  Or suede skirt
Those naked men came again With their quivers capacited to teeth And their shoulders laddened With the ammunition and rifles of wrath All carried to extract lives Machines hang on their backs
The pit-shades have unfolded And unspeakable has been spoken The cover of the darkest of the heart Has been opened Eyes of sympathy have sprouted The boisterous world has gone silent
I am tired. I am overworked and underpaid. I am consumed and worn out. I am away. Because I Love You.   I am trying. I am pursuing and conquering. I am progressing and succeeding.
I remember when I was your “sister”   But things changed with a certain mister.  I never thought I would be replaced  While my hurt was written on my face.   
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.butterfly she get butterfly she got from the sun up to the sun down in an out the sunshine she flys so high beauty i see beauty i seek the best to ever yet to come butterfly give me a peek a sneek to the cheek of beauty of
Keep your eyes closed. Don't peek. We're almost there don't go to sleep. 
               Catch 22I rather be mute, than misinterpreted Because I take pride in understanding. But the less I say gives off more of a-misunderstanding. 
Dear..... ?
Inspiration   a whispery-sounding word for something so big It can come like a Flash - lightning turns the shifting sands of  Thought to glass, clear as crystal Or softly
The Raven(ous) The black raven knocks on my window. Like her, it is hungry, dark and smart. It flies off, leaving me lying on my bed, wanting. Her palm on my mound resting then lowering to stroke my moist lips. Our mouths greedy for more kisses.
Rain will bring some good we hope After what this heat has caused Arid burning floors and walls Hygroscopic skin and clothes Heated heads, building malaise Parchéd tongues and spiculed throats
Life Sucks!
A cunning, thin man leads a pack of wolves to steal the little darlings of Ashley, Kansas. A magician of sorts who pins up tents and forts; piked up deep in the forest for youth's entertainment...
Change  is the hardest part of growing up.   My senior year began with anxieties  and profound sadness over a falling out  with my close friends 
inspire [in spīr’] originally, to breathe or blow  upon or into i.e. plants inspire us i.e. we inspire plants i.e. I breathe because of what has been planted before me
He looked up with guarded eyes He looked me in the face Carved his name into my ear Tore the skin out of my lace  
Medusa Beautiful; Innocent; Free.   Medusa Raped by Poseidon,  Villainized by Athena, Slaughtered by Perseus.   Medusa
Any switch mimicked day, allowing customers to watch the display. A silent man waited for his cue to bring the stage into view.  
I was unaware of your tricks and schemes from the beginning, but now I am more talented than Orpheus himself. You see, I watched you lure many girls towards you,
Drip, drip, drop, drop goes the rain falling down outside Everything is calm in the small towm  When soon comes a heavy sigh  In the window a face appears, along with a little girl who hair is brown  
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown So Jill came tumbling after. Jill up to run, called 911, and frantically waited,
PYGMALION & GALATEA   In the days of old, humans worshiped art  while the gods watched from above.  Poets opened their veins and bled out rivers of red desire
All sad stories start the same Kinda starts a while back On a bench you could be asked “How does it feel to be black?”
My name is Ahab: king of all of Judea, king of all I can be, king of all there is but me.   There’s girls from forgien lands
when orpheus led his wife out of the dark, through the nebulous host of gathered souls, in that moment before the first breath out of water,
  Even in its drunken state, the dragon seemed awake. Those fierce jaws gaped wide, Blood and saliva dripping down, And its tongue rolled in lust after my flesh.
Politics You can be real dirty Only we see your sanctimonious airs of supposed transparency. Before the polls, You make great promises of progress You are the Moses, sent to save us
Her unseeing eyes see me, More clearly than I could ever have dreamed. Her kindness envelops me like sunlight,  Chasing away terrors that have haunted me since the day 
Fortuna's blind luck Wreaks havoc in a palace Built with golden ore  
Phorcys and Ceto, two siblings so close, They birthed three healthy gorgons out of passionate throes. Two of the girls had interests that align,
The Queen, in all her beauty watch her majasty dangle upside down from the cosmos hands reaching in regret (or vain desire?) frozen in stone and stars cemented in endless astronomy
When the flowers claw their way out of the barren ground And bloom into the blue of your eyes Will I be reminded of you   I remember the day I first saw you A statue, mourning the loss 
Spiralling Spiralling Spiralling A one way trip but she's blocked Left, right, up Too much for goddess of madness to concoct It won't go through She can't get in Had to bid adieu To left, right, up
The Holy Grail empty, Arthur raises his glass. The bartender gives a look As Arthur downs his glass and raises it once more. Surrounded by his closest friends,
The Holy Grail empty, Arthur raises his glass. The bartender gives a look As Arthur downs his glass and raises it once more. Surrounded by his closest friends,
Gods, kings, and heroes Were all woven from different materials, But a common thread in each Came from their ability to dream.   Anyone in the arms of Morpheus
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
My Momma says don’t search for love but I’m always looking for you,  I collect the stars and weave them into a picnic blanket, They cover the sky like little tiny eyes,  
Walks with skirt hissing the floor Noise rages all over  She smiles wide as the celebration has begun Symphony of clattering of bones blend with the drums   Found Miclantecuhtl soon after
The turbulences of Winter, Spring, and Summer pass Enthusiasm swells as home can now be viewed  In the distance yet on the horizon Though I am advised to exercise caution--
Father Time It wasn’t my father but I allowed himYou must understand I had no controlHe was very well structuredAs he stood there with structureManners you couldn’t forgive.
By: Amelie Ando Feelings Inside Dreams    A feeling inside me creating butterflies, As words spill out with a warm breathe, My heart pounding,
Once, Nuwa shaped the skies with shards of shattered stone and turtle legs, But that was long ago; now you can find her in a skyscraper.
An old Man lies dying  In the cradle of his birth. Choking, Burning. His breath grows shallow, And his eyes fade dim. In doom, he is
  In the spring, the newborn sunlight glistened through her partially bleached hair. Her eyes sparkled in the warm daylight, as they glazed over the fiction novel she rented from the library.
Goddess of the war The war storming in her head, she of strong will and knowledge Walking the halls striding closer, Ever closer 
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
Don't look into the past Don't look for things that gone  Don't try to change things you've done Don't be a victim of the past. I know it last
Oh Hedley Kow, You’ve done it again, You made another great commercial somehow! I’m glad you love Chick-fil-A, And you can turn into a talking cow in his cow pen,
Swift, yet run down, there he is Too much to send So many trips end to end Everybody placing messages in his hands He’s trying and trying to deliver them Over the internet What’s truth?
  A first generation latina Making it out the ‘hood And attending a prestigious university.   She comes back home, 
Long long ago,  But not too long ago There was a time Wence hope did not prevail For a kingdom was Torn apart and never  put back together
Wings out stretched, feathers fluttering in the wind. "Don't go towards the sun," they said. "you'll fall to your death" So Icarus stayed low
Why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to express yourself in someone elseSo why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to be freed from the inside outIs it a sin to find yourself?Is it a sin to find someone else?The Christians believed that there is
Myths never die but change Conspiracies change but die off quickly Legends live on until society deems them unworthy and changes their history
Myths never die but change Conspiracies change but die off quickly Legends live on until society deems them unworthy and changes their history Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning was a fearful God of Norse mythology
My wilted leaves started to bloom when bare boughs shaked against cold My quivering breaths remained in rhythm when literal death approached My blemish blossoms exposed their glamour when admirers setback
I walk amongst blank faces People, names, of different races Old and young and bold and dumb They welcome me into their town  
The phantasm of collectiveness We seem to surrender when the battle was almost won, We seem to celebrate when the battle is lost, 
  Enjoyable yet hollow is how it goes Your life doesn't seem to grow  With each day you seem to die away Getting away is the only way to live    The exit is right in front of me 
Narcissus Tall and handsome Dreamy eyes and soft hair Kind features, complexion fair He was beautiful              And he knew it.   But what's wrong with that?  
Girls go to college for knowledge, apparently knowledge brings power
The world is heavy. We carry the weight of our futures while struggling through the present. I push my stone up a mountain for three days. Parking ticket. I wake up at the bottom of the hill and push again.
owtexas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,she,me from my very polite manner ball for the night she me by the way i am she me comeing from where im from she me down to the touch to the stroke the feel she groans im to real she me from my status to my manly vibe i
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,tender kissing kissing you all day all night long so tender you are to me pretty lady sexy girl step under the christmas missoletoe so i can tender kiss you alot more to the breakof dawn your lips your body your love lip l
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,flipping,layed back behind the wood lets get theflipping understood lean back in the fly ride hand from side to side reap ya hood threw the trunk on pop swangg bangg turn the musical funk up a notch full weed pull blow puf
tting switches im up im texas.don,g.nutt.59.poem.hitting switches im up im high im on knodd leaning in the slabb seat three wheeling in the 3rd coast this one for my cali folks my peoples im in it just point blank win it stole it peeled off top ba
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,i got my eyes on you who watching you girl i got my eyes on you for whatever the ocassion choice to be digging you front an center on the spot you know who eyeballing an watching you girl feeling you all over the life when
texas.dong.nutt,59.poem,so hard comeing straight from the streets like straight outta compton im hard from the words from the rhyme from the bottom to the top go hard boy throw down any city any town any spot any shine i go hard you know the name
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,river,flow,row row row your boat gentley down the river flow stream its the rock the roll the shake dont break its not a take are a lifes stake this riverflow,as the river stream goes an go in it deep let the sail boat roc
texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem.stormy storm weather twisted an bad a twirl of the wind a powerful spin the whirling an hollaing from a helluva wind its the thunder the lighting bolts who strikes across the sky im wet the storm is dripping an wet the sou
texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,thugg,love,thugg ove withpassion from the hood known in the streets this thugg love is greatly thugg from the pants that hang an sagg thugged out like bone thugg this one know to be cuz thugg love the one she wants the one
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,dance with me ooh my lady your such a beautiful girl from around the way lady take my hand an dance with me let me be ooh girl the one to take you off your feet an sweep your mine away make your heart belongs to me ooh bab
texas,don.g.nutt59,all about you,all about you ooh girl im all about the sexapeal the bodily thrill of a tendaronai such as you,all aboutyou from the minute the ,mounment the second my eyes shined to you,looking at you straight up an down how
texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem.why me.
texas.don,g.nutt59.poem,one love i am one love i is one love i give one love for real one love they know one love i flow the way my real love goes one love is true one love all about one love they say they see only one love gets a real ma
Hermes, could you send this for me? I need to tell her to get milk and maybe something for dinner tonight, minestrone? And Hermes, while you're here, tell my friends where I am. Take this selfie
a girl is not her own a beauty, an object, a desire denied by love, denies love - death rip her heart, rip her clothes rip her hair, rip her heart   fire begins from within fierce and grotesque 
Searchingin the chaotic network of crowdpristine window reflectionfiltered introspection   Searchingfor the angle, in achieved attirea polished image trapped in screensblemished existentialism
texas.don,g.nutt59.poem,boyfriend,boy born man grown man up her typa boyfriend  the one she knows the one she is the one she feels the one she got the one she with her boyfriend the boyfriend she likes she loves boyfriend from the ,mounment the mi
She grew from soil and bone -- all by the hands of the old man.  She wished to leave and learn the world,  So, cursed from her homeland,  Old Gardner thrust her from her roots. 
If I have one day left on Earth, I would choose to look at his face Cherish, treasure and replace Tell me Zeus, why you did it ?  
Narcissus uploads Everyone sees his picture His echo chamber
We live long if we never know ourselves Such are the words of Teiresias For years I had thought to know myself And which route would be easiest. But I hadn’t known my true self then
the Sirens cut and ran once the sea rose to swallow their shores. it wasn’t long before some fishing wire caught their voices by the throat. it was too dark to see in those black, oiled waters.
Where does the handsome Narcissus belong In our new modern century? When in ancient times, the man had been  Left staring at himself in serenity.    Perhaps an actor, he might be, 
See it to the authority of Hades,As he decides the fate of souls He tells me he's obligated,Bound to the ones who sold their hold He who will mold the end To not only the dead but this bold heart's decend.  
Medusa wasn't cursed she was protected her Goddess wanted to give her the world   but when men take without mercy Athena did what she thought best even if Medusa was hurting  
it’s easy for him to say ‘it isn’t vanity’  when he knows someone out there is getting paid. and maybe if he angles it just right,
Dear Past love, You broke me you left me  you told me what I wanted to hear you lead me on  and now all I know is a lie Everything is dark I am damaged Goods   Dear Love
the most beatiful gift giving is a mirror it creates a safe place, everything is visiable go inside the mirror and be safe behind the mirror called life aware of things around but consciously unaware of them,
I believe that daffodils would fly away If only the sun would fly with them   But then, would it be a tale like that of Icarus,  Soaring too high towards his freedom
Changing heart, changing mind. Stuck in the past is a thing of the past. experimentation, opening doors, broadcasting opinions Age is but a number and some never live up to that.
you should know that i've been drinking Kool-Aid my entire life. powder, sugar, water, red. i can no longer tell if it tastes like anything- the flavor escapes me.
Laugh Scorn Ridicule But my freedom you will never take Drag me to my feet by broken arms
Let me tell you somin about growing up it’s a crazy train a busy lane where everyone speeds    Welcome to high school
This wasn’t the first time I saw someone on a hospital bed. With their body’s unproportioned, their body a different color, their eyes showing a slight disconnection from the world, but here it changed.
Words can enumerate my knowledge. Words will not gain my knowledge.   It's The Common Stree that will get me there. It's The Common Street  that will have me fair.   Words will get me 
what's worse? Having to set up for a Christmas party or hosting a party your parents were supposed to throw? what's worse? seeing your mother sobbing hysterically or keeping yourself from doing so? What's worse?
And I’m back, once again at the drawing board. I know life’s a rollercoaster And I’ll have bad days, But I always find myself back here; Come with a headache, Write with a heartache
Let us pray!   I never said let us close our eyes, For like ISIS Crisis come in seasons, But He, through love, Guides based on deeds and reasons, I can tell about 1914
Let us pray!   I never said let us close our eyes, For like ISIS Crisis come in seasons, But He, through love, Guides based on deeds and reasons, I can tell about 1914
Let us pray!   I never said let us close our eyes, For like ISIS Crisis come in seasons, But He, through love, Guides based on deeds and reasons, I can tell about 1914
          To begin with, I was born in Texas then I moved to Florida a long time ago when I was four years old. I still live in Florida today.
I was 16, careless, and just enjoying my life Not a care in the world or one soul kept in sight  Until I heard the loud bang and seen the metal door dented, it felt like a knife
Maybe after all 17 years my body has adapted to my surrounding Maybe instead or seeing through rose-colored lenses of oblivion or through the shattered glass of the vase hurled at the wall, my vision is crystal clear.
The whole situation makes me think that I’m not ready for anything, or the fact that I should prepare for what comes next-- a assignment should do,
Daylight is consumed by sirens and American themed lights   Cuffs fly around six packed in a Honda, wondering 'Is this a fair sight?'  
She'll never listen to what they say, even if it means she gets bullied everyday.
As the sun comes in my coat starts to change but not enough to alter my color. when the rain falls down i start to make sounds but the big kids view me as an “other”. The winds pick up
Eleven seats of a multi-faced deity, where, on the one seat it chews a gum, on the other he spits a bubble, and on the many others she crumples bubblegum wraps.
The body we live in, is not what matters  but the spirit and mind of what we gather. Shape and size is not what we should rely, but our inner personality and strengths in ones eyes. Nor our own looks or disguise,
Whitman you bastard, WHERE IS THE HEART? To hell with the spiders and to hell with the arts! My filament is gone and I have forgotten my part.
Sometimes I forget to scrub away my guiltFor not looking back at my flag and waving in return.Mama says go home and eat;Talk and sleep and dance on the crossroad.I need to go home and remember who I amAs I stroll along the sun-colored street.The p
Like a Plant, I grew from a seed. Planted. By my father. And just like a Plant, Out of my Mother I sprouted. I knew my Farmer.
W e jumped into the pool late one night, E veryone’s clothes still on, ears waterlogged. L ooking down, I saw my pink shirt C linging to the cold curve of my hip,
Who are we really when we are shut out of the world. Not even allowed a bathroom break. Why are we set aside and over looked. Jobs, college acceptances, name changes.
Day in and day out. Through the halls and down coridors. He walks with vegance. Little could see nor understand. Sirens scream as hallways drip. Thankful to no longer be a target. Eyes close in the ER.
gym, health, science classes fill with that unforgettable stench of used textbooks craterfaces and jockies everyone with the same yet different growing and changing none like the other
Kids will rule the world When adults finally leave Kids won't rule the world
Wondering how it feels to be a tree Nothing much to do but relax And live in peace Or so I thought People have been killing many like me The question is what have we done wrong All we do is shield you with our leaves  And help you breathe We provi
Off you go, daughter To a land of your own For you and yours To glow, and grow   I love you, and I love you too
The phone starts to ring "Hey, how are you? Lets catch up." Don't you remeber?
We act like we want to make the world a better place But we turn a blind eye to the problems that the animals face. We love carriage rides,
I am my ownperson, yet a reflection of mygrandmothers' teachings passed down generations untilthey finally generated a thought in my mind.
Social media news a trend has come a new  ten years, how time flew baby faced had no clue what I was getting into the world was my playground, the sky was blue. 
Once, in Paris, when you were very youngYou realized you had nowhere to goSo you took yourself to Notre Dame.Attracted by the stained glass windows,With little to nothing for you to live on,
“This is your 911 operator speaking what is your emergency”
I am a Black woman That is full of white folk With riches and small talk That a Black person can't stand Black slaves with ugly honkies
L   Lost but never lost E   Everyone staring at me A   Annoyed that nobody will listen D   Defeated but won't give up E   Eyes open wide to the possibilities R  Realization that I truly am a leader.
For I shall walk this road alone to the Valley of Death.  
There's a language in my head It tells me am not dead I know I live, am alive I'm made to survive.   Times have been bad Some left me so sad I know I live, am alive I'm made to survive
The handheld time capsule which I grasped ever so tightly greatly captivated me My train of memory couldn’t replenish the tracks that lie
I sleep comfortably at my home, while you stand alert at the border all night. I weep in the comfort my loved ones, while you long for hearing the voice of your family. I complain of hot and cold whether ,
Back again I see. I've been watching you From the skies above and I must say that I'm very disappointed.   Why do you look up All the time?
We are created without consent Given to those with supreme claim to us Molding us in the image they see fit Until conscientious, awoken from youth   We are expected to live with respect
Day after day, the same nonsense takes place, The same inaneness under the sky. Born into life, during the great bloom of morn, But now, in night’s horizon you cry.
skinny   i thought i knew about skinny after all, the media showed me pictures of kim kardashian in all of her callipygian glory with her 24 inch waist but no one told me the story behind
The Sun and Moon glow their tune, far after we are done, 
Trying to relax on the night shift I put up the sign, it says we’re closed tonight, nice and bright But they keep knocking at the door Can’t they read the sign?
The rips on those shoes have caused those kids to grow up faster than the rest. While the others learn how ride bikes and fly kites,the kids with rips on their shoes 
A love so dangerous Every move is the wrong one Whatever became of us? Look at what he’s done  
Close your eyes Imagine a world Where no hatred exists And there are no enemy lines Everyone gets along And there is world peace Open your eyes You feel calm
Solar flares of anger blind my eyes So I put on my Dora sunglasses to block the rays. Perhaps the world is coming to an end
i. HER Hot bloodrains downdanger is nearand she has a name goddess of paingoddess of hurt and heartbreakgoddess of lonliness
This body is not my temple.   Ransacked — the pillaging came and went, and here I am in the dust, grieving the child that was lost.   Yet still I remember her:
Yellow I feel sick like I'll throw up he takes me yet I feel nothing is this what grown men do? Are situations like these what adults get themselves in? Blue its all I feel inside
  I am tired I am tired of the violence The war and hostilities Fighting on the streets
Fear is to tangles, no out- Brain high, mired up. Face HIGH, Breath HIGH, Thoughts HIGH- When TALK, You Get TALKED. Minus the Gratitude, Birth the MAD- When sight Rich, comes the END of the BAD.
I look up,  I look down, I look all around. I cry  I try; but the tears still slide down  No way in this world will I every escape  For, the discouragement you create keeps me in chain and un-new
Calm overwhelms me   Breaking and splintering the anger and painThe words you spoke to me may heal with time But scars take far longer to fade    I stand tall  
Hands inlayed with pain Bleeding from success Reserved for only one Yet used by everyone else.   They tremble and shake 
I was walking to the park The sign said it was closed after dark, I don't care The air was cool It could've been colder   I saw a man sitting on a bench Taking turns between his beer and cigarette
I used to be creative Then I went to school I used to play outside Now the air's too cool   I used to have ambition Living unrestrained But now my will's been missing
A child sleeps in peace tonight, snuggled warmly under layers of blue blankets, smiling serenely as dreams flutter gracefully across his angelic face.
Take the nails out.  Don’t you hear them?  Those fists pounding On the coffin,  
I am anyone Yes!
  I was once me, the plain simple rice, that lives in a warm bowl protected by other grains. sometimes cooked, sometimes raw, sometimes burnt, but always me.
How do you write something happy that's also good?   My efforts always seem to fall short when I attempt to write about how the sun feels on my skin, because that skin contains scars
To stay or to go, that is the question Is it nobler to stay and endure the pain he puts on you because of the love you have for him,  or go and not tolerate such belittlement to a heart as pure as gold
I'm the one they call fear You can find me in the corners of your heart I'm the one that seeks your tear You will never get me out of your thought I'm the hands that pull you back
I hate you!   I stare at you everytime I want to grow You lengthen my ladder in exchange for my company   I don’t want you near me!  
let's thread a deadly web through the stars in our hearts. watch as they walk away sway into out hearts. we'll write them a bed and we'll bite off their heads, and they're ours...  
Fears, they’re all around Engulfing us Holding us to the ground Enveloping us   Different individuals, different fears
I don’t wrestle with God; I wrestle with man From when I first cried To now where I stand I’ve been pushed down Had tears on my face
I stumble through the dark On a trail unmarked The rain pounds But I hear no sound Droplets drown me No one’s found me To save me from this fate   Rain soaks through the soul
A plethora of predicaments race though my mind at best. which one can I fathom to ponder about next? Shall I even think of acting upond what my mind stirs about, or cry my soul asleep by this never-ending drought?
Fear will always be in your head Fear will always be in your heart, Fear will always make things hard Fear will always be right there Fear is hard to get rid of You have to push him away,
When I was 6 I wanted to be a superhero.I wanted to fly high above the cloudsI wanted to become invisibleI wanted to be super strong  I didn't seem to know about the evil When I was 8 I wanted to be a superheroI wanted people to cheer when they sa
Look into a mirror.
life can trigger you perspectives can confuse you but don't lose yourself.  
a dark jeopardy. lost and found. what a concept. it's a blind charade.  
judgements. judgements are deadly and dangerous. they cause tears to appear from a lake of loneliness.  the lake eventually becomes an ocean and leads to depression.
everyone thinks they know everyone thinks they know what  i want but what they  don't know is that they don't  know what's going through my mind they don't know
From the gold-wired peacock in mass man, Entrapping us like the black singer in his bear trap And to the expendable, brutish, savages that we are Reason is God, and fear is the Eve who horns him.  
I guess I’ve always been afaird of the dark, The shadows that seemed so daunting. Almost as if something could leap out from any moment, Without knowing what they were wanting.
She submerged deep into the depth of her kindness, Her naivety drowned her, strangled her.  She couldn’t complain, she had done it to herself after all. Betrayal, disgust, and irritation, 
Should I tell of this fear Encroaching my soul, Unseen as if a ghosts' shadow Taking ownership Tearing me apart.
'What did I do to deserve this?' Was never a question that crossed my Mind's eye which so readily flits on time's blunt heel to remind The ins and outs of a day of the cinematic epics of my failures dumbstruck on replay
Isn't it amazing how everyone can agree on one thing that can benefit the world, and yet do absolutley nothing to help it actually happen?
I hope you find no comfort in a home I hope your guilt is a tormented ghost that roams through your halls. I hope in mirrors you see her portrait.
But I’ll never wake Up black With long limbs And midnight skin Nope. Because this hand is Gripping blonde
A spider infested my body and to my body it eats. Why spider eat mine body while my heart thou beats. Spider, can't you slit my throat open wide first at least, To salvage my boat away far to its destined release;
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders; There is a war between a mighty beast and a man. They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;
One day, I want to fly far. I want to go to a land full of happiness where my past disintegrates in, gold comes from my scars, and my life no longer starves my heart. I’d feel like a champion.
Sometimes when you complain all I can think is that 4 million people die every year of dehydration.  Whether your glass is half full or half empty drink that shit and shut the fuck up. 
  i am able to dance with angels when the sky sheds millions of scintillating tears, that illuminate the earth.   i hear their merry laughter-
That dark slowly consumes me It’s like inching closer to infinity Is this what it’s like to not be able to see? Don’t touch me Or come near me
when I am looking more at my past my nostalgia blues turns into obsession   I need a time out and think about big changes I need wanderlust in my head   maybe perspectives
What is this life for If I who sit on this heavenly choir Cannot sing a song;  If I whose brother composes Ballads of love and war Struggle with language's subtle Nuances.  
School is not meant to be a prison but a instution for one to express themselves freely to learn who they really are and makae friends earn a few stripes  and a few battlescars each person has come so far 
Crimson hue shining through, optics range towards you.   Adulation is indigo and fierce, when hearts of rouge throughly pierce.   Oscillating love like oceans drift,
SUPER 8   The Big Sur Road trip A Dream Can I dream again? A Medicine Can you heal my soul My Feminine   Oh, Jack Just hold me Tight Dare me
Maybe I care too much Maybe I need more Down time True boundaries That I can’t see With my bare eyes Thrive on dreams Thrive on strings   A heart to heart A fact of life
Snowflakes quiver on the  edge of something new, knew there would be no return afterwards.  The snow collected and stuck together  -birds of a feather-  the land grew cold, 
I left a trail of bread crumbs  but the birds beat you to them. 
i am red but lifeless happy and sad poisonous and deadly and sinful and bad i come in many shape and sizes some big some small but to all i love all i know i cause weeping day and night
Steamy flirts Joyride dreams Hard on pulsing Lips ready to stream whisper eye moist seams goosebumps curvy lumps Slipping in and Sliding pumps together this we own Sweet grunting moans
There is history told by the seas and ground, in every corner of this earth around. There is history to be told bathed in the light of truth, others in the dark.
 I say and write alot about you My thoughts & feelins express swift with a pen  
Unobtainable, They said. Denied, It read. Hopeless, You cried, Tears in your eyes As that dream.
Your mouth was like a gun You loaded it with my insecurities Held me at gunpoint Every shot pierced and scarred me Wounded
There was once a girl who had the world in her corner, but it never seemed to belong to her.   She glanced at certainty.  Such a fickle thing it was.  
In all nations the lover givesHe didn't wait a reward every one wants He must give his soul to who lovesEven every thing is bad but who loves must be happy Is the most desire that he tries dailyThe roses smile when their lovers smile also The weat
  Janurary Give me a beginning of ring rash as a hobby; Of awareness of all the colors I can turn. You are on a trip to Oklahoma And I am on a floor somewhere,
    I don’t know why people are very mad and sarcastic of the city that we live inI don’t why people are protesting of our neighborhood that we were killed inI don’t know why people want to fight the police officers for what they’ve done or wouldn
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She is my good computer Because I find happiness whenever I login, She gives sweet scintillating sounds, Her speaker is not faulty. She is my girl, I love her keyboard
Liquid liner,Dipped in plastic. Glossy shiner. Perfection is drastic.
slippery devil clash into my mind feels delicious naughty of dangerous time   so, if I stay with you I might crave a short walk on the wild side
When you won’t see When you can’t listen When you don’t know Don’t blame me   Why attack me for your flaws It's not my fault
Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit 'Cause the more you give, the more they want
There was a time when these mind crimes Led to some prime rhymes With a fine line between "I'm fine" and "Am I dying?" But I could focus on the hardest parts
Earlier in the twilight I saw the beautiful light The day has just begun And long shall it be gone   Although its a beautiful day The town has grown cold It is a day in April Bay
Watching, waiting, The sun rising. Breathing, falling, The sun crying.   Upon the horizon, I know it is here.
The Love of Learning has paved my way my mother brushed my hair the hairbrush hung from a chain a weak attempt to not lose something in this house of Chaos six children spilling from the walls
F is for Friday’s filled with entertainment U is for ultimate comedy gold N is for nostalgia without bound  
In a black-birth she was reborn again Black for all these negative intentions Black for each time she was held down   Removal of this inocencia, it’s spoken so highly
Start with a bow, Take a side they said, Choose your battles. What is this? Pulled here and there. They argue excessively. Tired of the rules. Collapsed from the stress.
I couldn’t use a glass pen For it would break From the pressure I place All the words and mistakes It would break  
Nothing will change Everything will stay the same They don't remember your name It was all just a game Now you walk in shame Hiding your face Your a disgrace.
I Knew It’s just you and your kids walking the street They are laughing and chatting having fun But there is an itch that you just can’t beat
  Way to go! You’ve knocked me down. That’s okay. There’s always higher ground. You hate me because of something I can’t change. You think my disposition is strange.
Rise   You were never missing a kind word A life story A tale unheard You never missed a hug A gentle soul
You let your inner demons take over. If only you knew,how much I pray for you. I let you restore my heart even when I wasn't strong enough to love again. You taught me how to live again.
Just teach me how to love you. Always hold my hand when I want to give up. Even when times get rough, you call me beautiful. Don't forget about me,even if you decide to let go. Endless memories of you fill my heart.
Ancient bards with stories old A heart laid bare, a hand to hold A million whispers lay untold Between your trembling hands.   The woman never gifted a voice A kindred soul, a weighted choice
Weaknesses. Every human being on earth has at least one. Who’s to say they don’t have even more? Hiding under the surface, clawing their way to the top. It’s human nature to hide all flaws,
Waves crash insolent He is masturbating with reckless hands    wandering.   There was a woman laying on the sand burnt bronze skin saltwater hair tasting against
Within their walls I find my light. Between their borders I am granted respite. When all alone, I have these friends Whose devotion Has boundless ends Their guidance and
"What is your answer?”   When the words you speak seem softer than silk. What use? If the hearts from which they pour are harder than a rock.
I was shaped by the world. My mother taught me to care, My sisters taught me to share. My father taught me to stand out, My brothers taught me to stand up. My cousins taught me to love,
My legs thought to recede from the Mouth to the cottonseed. O Frost, how White completes you,
Apologies for surging did they knot- Chinook is the name, but not well taught. Big brother Star showed me where you are,
We the class of 2020 Conceived in good times,   Born in chaos,   Brought up in fear,
There's a chance in the night, in the darkest, blackest night, in the night that surpasses  dark and filmy midnight glasses- there's a chance that dawn may bring a beautiful, charming, enchanted King-
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
An imaginary world where nonsense reigns Can enlighten a mind and free it from chains.   Childhood is made of adventurous days;
what is a poem? is it for making people laugh? is it for making people cry? is it a way to extinguish anger? is it a way to get your message out in the world? is it a way to inspire young minds? is it a way to give hope? what is a poem, really?
Decisions By :Kyndal Griffin   Decisions, Decisions There are many decisions one can make,
Swamps are green and squishy Swamps provide adventure but can be nasty Savannahs are hot and dry Savannas have lots of animals be careful you might just die Mountains are tall and wide
I fell in love with a dancing girl. The girl of my dreams dancing at a college party. It was love at first sight. At least, that’s what she always told me. I’m not sure what it was now.
Why don’t we choose to float black clouds? How did we miss that opportunity? Maybe because we were too busy giving the “white clouds” time to develop. That isn’t deep enough
Do you hear the music, That once did beat from within The constant thump of the unsettled.
They are not made out of paper. They are not made out of clay. They are made out of the things around us, That we see every day. They are made out of emotions. Most of them from fear.
The Darkest Clouds don't just fill the sky,  Clouds fill the heads of weak minded children, But like insects, they dig far, remaining hidden,  They say its fake joking slyly,   
You laugh, you comment, you doubt. You put me down just so I can get back up. You pressure me, and yell at me. You say I’m not good enough, Or I can’t do it. It sucks because some of you are family,
Mistake, a bundle of joy, and an unplanned blessing were the thing they called when they found out. But, in my mind I what you were about. I was only a teen when I found out I had a seed
summer fireworks of my heart makes me wonder challenging romantic running wild coloring outside the line brings new sensation smooth electricity up your spine  
Sailing on the sand I know the dangers up ahead My mind is on and ready My heart is leading fully   Sailing on the sand
Fog on a window, recedes as an arid lake, long baked in the Egyptian sun.   Steam from nostrils, on a frigid winters eve, froths into the air. Hot airballoons rise, and so does it.
As the darkness began to drift apart I felt I could well sing my poetic song How glad that that now I can stand and frame my factual feel All I wanted to say has gone astray Who can pain for the soul I am
Opened the doors,  and sounds surounded me. My soul ached for more of this chaotic tranquility. Oh, and the love of song, it was effervescently amusing. I effortlessly adored the unstable stability.
M&Ms; and 7upHershey's barReese's Peanut Butter CupSnickers and a drink of Mountain DewThere are three flavors of Charleston ChewTwix; Twin BingSalted Nut Roll is kingI really could eat them after / with anything Breakfast, lunch, dinner and  
You took me under your wing, And taught me like no other. I learned so much from you,  In just one short summer.    The knowledge you gifted me, Is the kind that lasts forever.
Thank you for all the times I took for granted. The times where we sat in our 135 year old house and watched anything educational on your favorite channels on TV.
My chest rises and falls.  Rises and falls. I’m still breathing, but to him I’m nothing at all. Days and days past,  I’m forgotten and betrayed.
Before I learned to think in her critical voice,
In a forest not far from the sea A monkey swings high on a tree. It laughs and it shouts And leaps all about Jumping and feeling carefree.  
Miles and miles of plain skin Judged by big words that only sink in  Unable to bereath on these insecurities  and my anxieties. Maybe I am just foolish and adding to it just useless.
Absolutes do not live, while questions creep from the floor, a call to arms for brothers, who rush to the door to find Truth, a white whale, elusive, and strange to men and minds new to the game. 
If I could find a soft spot a special place that haunts my dreams I could fly without net without strings with you without you   If I could take a new allure
My Pain Was Caused By Others That Chose To Leave . My Father Was Barely There It Seem  Like He Chose Tha Streets Over Me , And I Lived Wit My Mama , Abused ... So Sometimes I’d Cry Scared And Confused ..
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
Poetry the word slips off my tongue and sounds like the rushing music of a river or maybe a crick that gurgles and laughs.   Could it be an ocean
Some people see birds Other people see many planes I see Superman, but I know I'm not insane Some people see whales Others may see submarines I see Aquaman swimming in the aquamarine seas
The world strikes me with many obstacles, Many obstacles as time passes throughout the day. Looking towards the sun, I didn’t realize how much time
Reading and writing poetry speaks to the soul,  Sometimes you have to fall before you reach your goal. I would often question myself and ask who am I? Why am I doing this? Is it worth a try?
Two months gone and the students gone – Douglas, I only repeat what you were saying, Or was it combatants? As Britten, a la Owen, would contest, A baritone and a tenor locked in mortal combat,
My erythrocytes are letters my blood is tomato soup made of english and iron paper cuts are spelling bees blisters ooze puss and punctuation. Sometimes I feel if I ever bled out
CORNEA. it is the Fourth of July and I am sixteen years old.
The plane can’t land in Kansas City, For there is a storm over there. “We’re in a holding pattern,” the captain announces, “For it is not safe to land.”  
I believe my existence is a blessing I believe everything that happens was written purposely  But God, I am not as strong as I thought I have bruises every time I step on the slope.  
Theres a child far away,Not in miles but in pain.Open arms pose a threat,Tears for these, God doth shed. Let us go find each one,and bring them safely home. Not just boys, not just girls,Many more ‘round the world.Hearts are torn, lives in shame!T
he asks me, “what has poetry taught  you? why is it so important?”   i ponder the question for a moment and  think about the women who  came before me, the poets who have inspired my
When I learned of that bittersweet Paradise Lost By God forsaken except to that nascent Adam and Eve Learned I,  
It takes a minute for the Sun to move From North to South, and Back up again to marvel in his splendor Of the motion, she grew tired   Low bronze and crisp lavender fork through her eyes
  Home... It was a typical day. The same people taking their daily walks and the same children playing. Their smiles precious, but unfortunately temporary.
maybe once was enough all just for fun played each others hearts for no love won we crave what we see but depise the unseen can we fool a heart that a mind has poured every inch of soul 
What is poetry? Is it the art of elegantly knitting words together, for the purpose to intice or seduce. Or is it a way to finally help make sense, of the messy never ending chaos inside us?
The search is on. Bring out the helicopters. Bring out the floodlights. Maybe it’s behind here. Or maybe it’s over there. I can’t find it.  
You want the best for me. Yes, that I can very well see. Always keeping an eye out, protecting me; Even when I don't need protecting.   Your love can be insufferable, And absolutely suffocating.
It is okay to feel. To be angry, to feel lost To be joyful, to laugh It's okay to be who you are To love and live and enjoy every moment  To revel in the failure of enemies
I am from inclines, from bridges and rivers. I am from perogies (homemade, delicious,
I think you made me up inside your head. The world is dark, and I feel dead. The gaiety, the flowers, portraits hanging on the wall Do nothing to make this seem real at all.
Put that down You keep saying your not enough I know being an anomoly is tough Lone Wolfing through your academic life With Little to communicate, and you dont think thats right,
When it comes to self-sustain, There is no loss or gain.   Within your pit you stand, Surrounded high by your demands.   Shouting wants to the voices above,
The first I read of poetry it gave me such a fright  The first I read was Poe you see, words of a widower's plight A rapping at my chamber door, a churchbell in the night;
i awake, ready to enter again into this poem called life. to filter the moments,  the quivering of water’s meniscus in a plastic bottle, how each person holds his pen differently,
Scarcity means you are behined. Your life’s purpose has been postponed because you are satisfied. Your lack of self motivation leads to procrastination so be careful of being complacent.
To all who's lost a part of their whole to some gruesome beast who appeared whole.   I say I understand you never really forget you find it hard to stand you wish he'd rot in hell.
tonight, just tonight I might seduce you like you seduced me a while ago when you touched my deepest desires deep strings of my fire and am I still looking for a sensible thing  
A fancy cocktail Sex on the Beach Slippery slope Sweet cherry on the top A minefield Give me a clue for a lip lock I still have a soft spot for you Let me be Let me feel
Last night I wrote A heartfelt letter, Released the truth Opened my heart Just for you   Then I burned Pale yellow paper And all the weigh I carried On my mind  
She is a song, On an out-of-tune piano, And though I know, That she is worng, All she needs, Is a bit of tuning, And a bit of refining, And then she can sound, Exactly how,
My heart has been ripped apart by your words your seething lies I denied because my love for you made me blind. Where is the light? You laugh at me as your darkness chokes me smothers the light that I wish would come back.
some clearer sense of purpose I need important things to remember anything anyway anyone   some enlightening of mind I seek clear answers to change
A spark, Lonely in the dark, Just one match to light the fire, The once tiny flame reaching higher, The only way she knew to express, The feelings swirling around in her chest, Was to write,
Limericks, sonnets, and great epic tales Flash steadily before my looming view My fervor while reading, which never fails Brings delight and joy from stories anew. Voyaged to whereabouts both near and far
 Refuse to remain silent Be the captain of your own plane Be your own pilot Don't keep it hush hush We have so much on our mind But are scared to say much Why have a voice if you don't use it?
I remember it well, that day when I was nine Proud and naive, and besotted with new words I thought I was a master crafter of art uniquely mine But then I read this poem, and in me something stirred
You've taught me a way to look at the world with a clear point of view You've taught me how to cherish every lover I've come across You've taught every little thing that I know
There is a Man Shining brighter Than others With him Anything Seems possible Empowerment Achievement Growth   Temperance Is my Future My Dance
one minute you in love , one minute you happy , couple weeks later your heart broken you sitting down crying screaming " love is a waste of time " noooo here some rules dont ever tell a boy you love him first , dont ever show that you care more ,
-Mientras un ángel este muerto y enterado, 
romance and desire of my mind is strong, ideal and free   do I need delusional permission to feel to shine to be   it can be hard to see
within my eyes, holding all of us together upon a fragile precipice it looks like this, 57 words so i used a brown crayon to write your name 57 ways that did not look at all like
They grow long, coming out the same homegetting thick by each slicerarely pulled by the core.   
It took me a while to see that what we had was not love, But what I found here, I'll never fall for a carbon copy again. The words read here are to heal, not to offend,  So with that being said  
are you emphasizing the moment of laying low of laying love what is truly going on in your head in your heart   a new bright lights will bring you
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
I'll be a muse of your fantasy and trance in a vision you daydream   contemplate your life just stare into space it’s your dream   May 5, 2018
I'll be darkness starless and dark like a tragic soul you hide away   shine in a twilight just for me lights and darks it’s new bright night  
I'll be quiet seductive and sweet like a dream you forgot   run run away just go with the flow  it’s silence   May 5, 2018
Leant back in my chamber Yet onto those of white painted walls Little did I peep through my casement Could see nothing but a senorita in haze
With my broken Disconnected mind I will always be Connected with you   A chain of thoughts Turns me up like a wind And changes my mind In a hint   Stay focused on me
Look at the clear bright sky tonight Moon and the Stars above your head If you wait long enough You will see a bright light of the lost Perseidas Shooting stars might show me your face
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
Angel's Song   There is no path to Heaven South of No North And San Fran Is just a Red Iron Bridge Between dreams and gold There is no way to Hell
ALICE’S SONG   Be my sweet Mad Hatter And I’ll be Alice of your dreams In red raw silk And soft black velvet   Every time When This is impossible
On Casino On Casino On Casino On Casino On Casino
When "what may" has passed, I am here, Running cold. I need heat. I need the blood of hells own.
She doesn’t radiate warmth throughout the world around her, nor does she make the sky outside any brighter. Not King Midas with his golden touch. I used to think her smile made everything glow with a new purpose, 
To fall in love.To give your heart away.To share your passionsWith another All of these things are fantasies.Fantasies that are rapturous cords.Linked around my heart.How I have dreamed of sharing the jewels of my heart.With someone like me.Going
says we should favor      the simplest theory,      all things           being equal in this roll of dice life but I prefer the more complex      if it means an Ear           to hear
At one point, you were candy to my eyes, now poison to my spirit All the unconditional love and care I cherished, you no longer merit for you take my love for granted
my mind is spinning with the same old thoughts making another circle around the beaten track of questions without answers and fears without hope to quiet them
Ever been through a hard time where you just burst out crying?The tears unintentionally flow and you feel like you’re dying?Everything hurts and you just want to leave, 
I let it drip; just one down my cheek: my nose is too small to catch it. It’s cold against my hand that’s pressed to my face in pain. I don’t want to feel it, but I have to.
  A funny little joke  okay now lets not choke no, not a vine...  But why you always lyin'? what are those?  Daniel sure don't know... Lets ask Spongegar...wait I mean Harambe...
The moving force was slow and steadyWith wheels that groaned "Are we there already?"The complex grinned with sandy windows,"Say goodbye to your driver, fellows.I've come to wrench her from your seats
Anticipation is killing me I start doing things nervously Anticipation, Love slows me down Our situation becomes diffent; cause you got someone else now.
Anticipation is killing me I start doing things nervously Anticipation, Love slows me down Our situation becomes diffent; cause you got someone else now.
My cautious steps lagged through the woods following uncertainty's ambiguous light and wishing for the wisdom of hindsight The path diverged as Mr. Frost said it would But fear held my stride until still I stood
There is a Tardis in my closet. Yes, outside may look normal. A small and normal door on a blank and normal wall. Nothing out of the ordinary, but open the door and walk right in.
I can feel my brain slow As my ribcage caves A slush of my guts Cut up and crushed Gushin’like smoothies Without the sugar rush  
It's getting harder to breath, I am so lost beneath. I want to hurt someone, But I don't want to be the one. I wanted to see you, But my psychopathicness grew.
What's the deal With how I feel? Can I steal A bit of your happiness? What happened with  Our sappiness And laughiness? Now I feel like half a Capulet The other half a Montague
The woman standing about 15 feet away from me is wearing a dress Black i’m assuming from the edge around her coat
If heaven has placed it in your hands Oh! The throne is destined to be yours
The fairness isn't really fairThere’s nothing real with all your flair You can't reclaim love with who was your pair Because who was special is now wi
       Dear Christopher McCandless, It seems like just yesterday you were here With such a story to tell and lives to cheer up But now you're gone, and nothing seems the same anymore Before you left I asked you
Dear Music,  I enjoy your ever present self You soothe my soul through better and worse Whether it be in sickness or health  You are with me In some ways  You are an extension of myself
To the world:  "Doomsday strikes," prophets crow, from Fox and Twitter and NPR2012 has come again, An election, but one unfamiliar. "This country needs more unity,"
Dear Demon, You know who you are. You know what you have done to me. Yet it does not bother you any,   but as for me
to the men who blessed me with civil rights- I remember the day June 26, 2015. held a friend close and celebrated legalized love.  
Dear Love,
Dear Friend,      We have been through so much. You ask, "How can I keep going? The troubles, the grief, the fear, it has held back so many. What if I am next—just another tragedy?"
We haven’t much to call our own. Not our eyes or our hair, or our X chromosome. Not our face or our fare, or the places we roam.
Dear Self Reflections,   Oh, the glow of the embers resting on the ground. The flicker of sparks leaping into the night so sound.
A scourge of white rats Foul, diseased Intent on destroying everything in their path And the Pied Piper that leads them plays songs of evil They have been waiting... Watching. For years
Open your eyes before the crack of dawn Venture into the cold morning Travel to an even colder place A place where hope goes to die And creativity is supressed Wjere your freedom is snatched away
Dear Mr. Lorbeer, I wish I had more time. I thought that we would. But you're gone now, so I guess you should leave my mind. I mean, you were "only a teacher". Not like that could matter.  
Oh sweet Aunt Kimmy, Always happy, full of life Too soon to say bye   A Black Butterfly, You help fill our lives with joy Your love filled a void   Wrapped in your cocoon
Dearest Ophelia I too spend my days wallowing in sorrow Drowning in tears Like you, I've a brother that cares not for me.  Sweet Ophelia, I too am lost For I gave my heart blindly
Dear America,   a young beauty of its time the first to give up blood, the first willing to die the pools of Red cells soaking into the ground and somehow, we got there, to the heights of the Blue sky.
  Call me anything but polite, For you have not seen my times of spite— You have not seen my abrupt mornings, Or my dinner-less nights.
I have spent countless hours watching the victims of Dr. Nassar’s sexual abuse coming out and testifying against his sour actions.
Dear Escort,   He loves meHe loves me not.The answer...  
Dear Fear,   You remember me, I’m sure. You pick me apart at the seams. You make me feel insecure, And attack my self-esteem.   You know my pressure points, Know just where to strike.
Dear Princess, I watch your movies, I read your stories, This isn’t enough to relinquish me from my duties.  
Oh, fire walk with me? Dance with me, Kill me,  Push me. Ignite the words I speak. Kiss the people I miss. Burn my memories. Let your flames dance with me, Before it goes on eternally.
Dear Loneliness, Funny to meet you here again In those who always said they would never leave me In those who always said they would never hurt me Loneliness  Your name ring in my ear like tinnitus
I lost my eyes upon the sight Of a lady with beautiful eyesShining bright like the light Her appearance  brought me delight But she looks at me with despise I lost my eyes upon the sight I tremble with frightPeople may say that I’m not wiseShining
Dear life, Thank you. You have taught me right from wrong. To stay positive through tough situations. To love , when all I want to is hate. For teaching me too see the good in everyone.
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
Fie Politics! Go wash your gut stained suit, The blood in which you bathe is not your own.  Dependent on the vile comb-o'er brute, The int'rests you proclaim are yours alone.   
Dear Failure,   The constant fear Of you looming over me; The constant terror Of the shame you will bring. I am barred in the shackles That bind me to this prison.  
Dear Makenna, I can only hope that you are still you and not a misanthrope or a person without a clue as to what you are to do.   You know that money is not happiness,
Dear snake, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. Sometimes there’s hope, but I always go back to it. It feels like I have to. To wrap myself up in my thoughts and go back.
I am ancient hopes,  I am fragile dreams,  I am the stony, hardened tears of a soul with too many years, in a journal with degraded seams as a blind heart in darkness gropes  
They show us picture perfect scenes painted upon those flat, black screens,  but when I look out the window? All I see are starving faces hiding in those dark, cold places
Standing in your shadows why you out here, pretending to ball. DANG! You hear that? The whistle just blew. Now you froze like you don't know what to do. Didn't notice me from\
              Still trying to find myself.      
To Her Dearest, fondest one to my heart My eyes do beweep themselves on thought of you alone There are not many things I could say to you That have not been said a thousand times before  
  The langue I did not speak you thought I did well, was the one thing I faild to say, I thought I knew the langue, I thought I understood the background, the way the words role off the tounge.
This is my letter to the world That oftimes writes to me In shiny college brochures That beg, persistently.   The postmarked guides coerce, Convince me through and through
I have always thought the Spanish language was beautiful Passionate, romantic, lovely Spanish Sounding as graceful as a butterfly wing  
Is this the face that launch’d a thousand ships? Doth Helen envy likely grace within?My joy, thou should’st be sin; thy lovely lipsDo tender kiss my face and all therein;Be so the cause of shipwrecks in thy way
The branches are empty as the birds have flown. The tree still hopes for new nests to be sewn.   The night has passed and it's time for the dawn. Yesterday is there but the shadows are gone.  
"You have the right to remain silent” I've been silent for too long, so then the question is Is it really a right that i possess I guess my whole life
Dear Flower Child,
  Oh, charming lilac, our friendship bloom – Blooming like first dawn I assume Assumptions wither as midday came
I used to use you as a shelter warm, When the night was dark and silent to me, So then I could drown out the sounds of storm; You were my comfort against the fruit tree. As I grew older, I stopped needing you
The Wonder of Time   The person I was yesteryear was clumsy, frantic, odd. Today the person standing here could take on General Zod.   Achieving stuff is wonderful
“No one will ever love you as Much as I dO” you whisper quieTly in my ear, as you Hug me Emotionless, limp I don’t Reply  
Dear Fear,   I see You there- grinning up at me maliciously black eyes glinting malevolently.
Here we are   Dear you, Today marks the end of adolescence  And brings upon the new age of real life In this new begining now you can legally be fetishisized  You can now voice a vote and not be heard
My heart pours out on this paper Like the blood that poured out from your organ Brick by brick the cathedral falls Protection rotting, no more walls Am I losing my sanity? Did YOU lose yours??
Dear Richard,   Did you know Pikachu has, Red Cheeks?   But you got me to My peak.   How can I speak?
Sylvia,   I never knew you But I feel like I did. They never knew you, either And they feel the same. The difference is that They're wrong.  
If but 100 bear witness to the pilot’s jetstream as it cleaves the sky, is his effect then greater than mine? Entire being consumed by cause so grand;
Dear Boy I Trusted,   You were tall and strong And I was small and trusting You did the sweet things But soon you were playing With my heart   You sent me notes to capture me
Dear Lord, You put me on this Earth to explore. Little did you know what must be accounted for.
...I guess I can't call you my "next boyfriend." That would imply there was a "first boyfriend."   I apologize, in advance, Because the path to my heart is overgrown, Infrequently traveled but torn asunder,
To whom it may concern You put me down You laughed at me You started rumors You just hated me   To whom it may concern You did everything you could,  To drive me crazy
Dear The One Who Hates,   I still remember the days that we shared. The plucking of flowers and pulling of hair. The theories of God that would fly through our heads
It has almost been six years since we last talked. Time sure does fly, I still remember the day mine and your life changed forever As if it happened yesterday You lost your ability to move.
  The sunrays are beaming down, brightly illuminating the sky. Sand keeps wiggling its way in between my toes The waves keep swooshing and swishing 
I'm not the same as those girls in the magazine. With the perfect body ,the big hips the pretty face and the cutest clothes.
To my father— I addressed this with “to,” Because “dear” felt wrong. It’s hard to call someone “dear” With a history like ours.
Peeling skin to present my soul,Ripping away broken limbs,I've accepted the tollto confess my sins. 
Dear Future Joamir,         
Dear Linda,   I’m sorry   I’m sorry that I’m your best friend, yet will never be able to relate or posses the amount of strength
You utter fool. How could you? Do you think I am like Jean Louise, all mature and independent, ready to forgive at moment's notice? A slap in the face and some alcohol and she's driving to talk it out.
God drifts his fingers Through Spider nest clouds as their Creatures scatter down. Scurrying feet and Panic induced webs trickle
I’m finally beginning to come to the terms with the fact That I live in a world where most people would rather build a wall than a bridge That dreams are not for children
I am so proud to live in a country as great as America. I'm so happy with the involvement of the American people in politics these days,  it's inspiring to see everyone, widespread across the country, come together, united.
To Darling Rebecca, Forgive me, forgive me for the wrongs I have done, Forgive me for the blood that has been shed And the woman I’ve taken to bed.
What is Sought   Why do we keep running? What wheel do we spin? A race in chase of nothing That none shall ever win. A life filled with fraught
a broken promisetorn sinews, feathers of painsoar, wings; let it go   healing is a fightwingspan in a duffel bag(you are forgiven)
Dear Rising Suns, You left me alone To live your own lives No matter, you will come back. You will return That is the duty of the Rising Suns.  
Dear Heart, Are you hurt? Will you ever shatter into a million sparkling pieces of glace rouge? Please tell me you never will.
As I continue scanning outside, each day, there is nothing; not a single child nor a man Everyone vanish like a zombie apocalypse has happened The world is full of full darkness
I was caught between a rock and a hard place. The ancient cliché was literal. I was in the dust storm and the moon seemed tiny. 18 was the number and it seemed it would stay that way. 22 was the catch; I was ready for release.
I am a narcissist. I am a fool. I am a living paradox from which nothing escapes Unscathed. I am Apollo pining for love,
Dear Esther, I haven’t been the kindest lover. After a decade of affection, I have grown impatient. My fingers get rough,
College gives qualification College takes cash It can help me change the nation  But causes fund complications Forced smile tears fall off my lash All this work just like a why??
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } Media Era Taught—to be an Adonis Instead, became honest Not a pawn I see who’s pawning, I want a free mind Stillborn—Still conscious
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; } 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC, 20500
Mother,  Let me tell you about two children of my own. I've had them for awhile, and I'm surprised you haven't noticed.   I have devils in my pocket. Two little devils. They snag crumbs from my plate,
Guess I'mMad as a hatterAs you natterBout mattersThat not matteringScatterCrystal clarity
Dear Past Xander,  I don't know you,  and you do not know me, for all I've known is, unexplainable atrocities. You were a young, kindred spirit and now you're so dull, making hasty decisions.
What doth lie in the midst of mine heart? Tis' the colour of hate, The shade of pride. This thing called sin fills my being. LORD make this sin not my fate. In ev'ry part o' me does it bide.
The smiles seen on the black path, Happy and loved, Walking down with my head in the sky. Confused if I should be with the standing teeth, shining so bright, Not knowing if I am this.
My vision blindfolded.I thought this thing I had was special.He was searching for girls like RomeoHe told me “If you love me you would–”
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
Starts with a blade Of grass, sticking Straight up, knifing Through the filth. A gentle hand grabs At it, to ignore The other weeds. Replanting at the break Of dawn, to carve
I. Blood is thicker than water.   Therefore: Home is a four-lettered vacancy transient strangers suspended
 Because I love you he used to say The alcohol sloshing around in the bottle Because I love you he’d tell me as I covered the bruises. I was young and he could sweet talk like no one could
I feel as though  I have been set free  allowed to be who I am truely meant to be  I see freedom through my eyes with a new sense of glee  and I know deep in my heart this is the way it is supposed to be
It is not a blizzard-y blizzard,It is a fiery fire.A love that lasts forever,Is a love that burns with desire. That is what I heard--But I have yet to seeWhat love truly doesTo you and me 
She looked in my eyes and asked me, "What other things have you said before me?"Darling, where do I even begin?
  love. It is not always patient. “Of course you got fired, you are good for nothing.”   love. It is not always kind. “You look ugly in that, go change.”
Oh, Darling, honey dear I will hold you near It’s quiet underneath the moon Let’s stay here until noon   Darling, honey dear
anyone can be in love and in a relationship but it's the type of relationship you develop is what matters. Is it a healthy relationship or unhealthy?
the way you hurt me make me wanna cry you said you never lie but all you did was tell me lies to make it sound good everything you told me was a fairytale i thought we was gonna last but all you did was cheat and all i did was cry cause everything
Paradoxical timeline, however, It’s not a dream
"You don't care.  You're so unfair!" I slam the door, hit the stairs, hit the biting winter air, I've done so much for her.  What about me? I storm down the street it's starting to sleet.
It seems that our love crosses two different paths Our calculations of trust, bond, and respect have been lost in the math   Because you loved me  you took what was mine and decided what you would give
I'm so sorry For how I treated you  Why was I so critical? I saw ever mistake I made When I looked at you Now shattered, our relationship is Please help me, piece it back together.
You make me feel new, Like an Infant you nurture me and care. Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I hungry? Am I tired? You care.   To you I am important. To you I matter.
Dichotomy So often found in the strangest of places Reminds us why Living can be both melancholy and euphoric.   She
MAI Little Squash :) Mai Vang Lee   1 My little squash                           Simple and sweet            The kind gaze and his gentleness
Math is everywhere At least so I’m told And there is a formula for everything so I suppose The fact that you and I are here Is just random chance But I don’t want it to be  
you and me, should we be healthy should we share love, you and me.   Love. It is Love that makes us. But oh, oh what is it that makes love?   Because i love you i, your significant other, must
kids fly up so high like a kite they fly so high  yet held by something 
  Down chiseled mountain cheek, embrace the torrents of tears Undammed by invisible monsters and irrational fears Upon panicked waking during the witching hour
I wish I could make it all go away The stress, the headaches that keep you up at night The thought of "Why should I even fight?" I wish I could make things easier No one deserves this, especially you
Liar I have one for him and for her I have one for them and for us I have one for you and for me   The lies they come The lies they go From here and there They appear  
Moonlight, moonlight, so high in the sky, so brightly you dance upon us all. Moonlight, moonlight, my how you shine,  from the Earth, you seem so small. As you dance upon the lake, I can't help but stare,
As we sleep we dream but not everything is what it seems we open are eyes an reality is just a dream being alone in the cold forgotten and destroyed everyone has to dream to belive that they aren't alone
you see here theres so much to give with love weather its trust, beauty, or knowledge, its all coming from the one above you meet that man and you just really want to live you meet that woman, and all you wanna do is give
i'll be at your graduation, i'm so proud of you! when is the play? i can't wait to see you in it i know you'll be great. you're so smart and talented. i'm so glad you're my sister!
because i love you, i call you just to hear your voice. because i love you, i make time for the things you love to do. because i love you, your blue eyes turn into the most beautiful ocean.
Be a bird as you sing peaceful melodies Love birds, understand them,learn their remedies The white dove of holiness, purity, and innocence you must enstore.
Because I love you I would tell you my passwords to every social media account from the first to last Because I love you
Day by day I pass you by,Yet I receive no attention,Often asking whyyou wreck me,Make me want to die,And not someone else,7 billion of us,Yet you caught me,Fake I know plays tricks,
I want to go where the water meets the land. There is a balance there. There is no sound like that which sand and lapping water share.  
Far into that ire sky rose a suble glint too quick deposed; a mirror to what lies in throe. yes, far beneath that acrid storm lay jewlers' land,
I spilled into that frosting grass. Spindly, numb blades lusted for the blank sky above and bent and bedded me into their meadow-berth. The pinching smell of nothing burnt my nose
‘Because I love you’   He said to me once When he fed me the only food he had His fragile hands shaking The hunger pounding through his veins  
As I step into the car I feel a wave of dissapointment flood over me like a tsunami in Japan I sit and watch the unknown bodies they run up and down courts and fields Fukushima.
Dear Dad,  
What happened to all your soft promises and sweet lies? Did they slip off your tongue or did they wash away?  Because it seems as is your heart is fleeting. Never staying in one place fully.  On your own little island.You tell yourself false proph
Hot water Salty Across my face Through my body Warmth everywhere But the worst kind An overwhleming warmth Sadness Of a bond afraid to be broken Tears
Love isn't always perfect, but it's consistent and unconditional It is patient, kind, understanding, and genuine It's asking how someone is doing If they're not good, you'll be there for them
Eden was never a symbol of perfection Aphrodite was never a symbol of love Love to the Greeks meant madness, meant that someone had fallen too far  
The Interwoven Web What once was is now, Hope. A day of mediocre unity interwoven,
rejection       or          regret                     ?                       That is the true question.
A healthy love is unique Today's definition of love is based on emotion and feeling But love is a choice Love isn't sex Love isn't lust Love is a choice
Lonely lover, what have you done to us? You've been lonely all these years, yet you linger by my side when I do not want you here. Even though you're not the one, we tend to share the bed at night.
Often I lose sight  Of what's wrong and what's right Often I question you I am often confused We fight on and off  Pained, I am often lost How can I love you so When I'm not even sure you know
I WAS A walking, breathing, living shadow Never standing out in a crowd Always behind her...second place  
Mop the floors, Dust the shelves, Stay indoors, Keep to yourselves, We can yell, No throwing anything breakable,
Love is patient, love is kind, Love has conflict, love is blind. Love is a meal to the starving man: relationships. They must be stroked with a warm and soft hand,
They walk around like drones All the people in the street With their faces in their phones How blind to the world they must be They live so oblivious
Because I love you, We eat breakfast together. We eat in silence. No noise is made But it is far from quiet.   Because I love you, We play lots of games. Our favorite is chess;
I'm a black and beautiful girl who knows her qualities. Everywhere I go I can see how they look at me. Other girls hate me. They said that I'm not a pretty girl, but no they just jealous of me and I don't know why.
I think he don't love me Cause he makes me suffer with her words. Sometimes he says that I'm a bad girl. Sometimes he says that anyone don't need to love me.
I was waiting for you every day I was curious and young. Sometimes I cried when I imagine my life destroyed
Thy name, Thy eyes, Thy love, I longed for thee to touch. Wherefore art thou vanished? Thou take my heart with thee. And thou sworn my love, But wherefore art thou?
It's easy to say that there should be separation between us Whites should be here and Blacks should be there But there's some brave souls that are able to fuss Able to discuss That unity is better  
In the small town of Oradour-sur-Glane, France, When the Nazis wore the pants, A Schutzstaffel soldier lurks down the streets.
Once upon a time doesn't quite describe it. I remember everything as if I read a timeline of memories just yesterday.
My parents couldn’t understand why I refused to marry a prince Of course, I couldn’t tell them Not in a society such as this  
Once Upon a Time A girl dreamed about her future. A future filled with hope and prosperity. A future that seemed so attainable in a trance, but a fairytale that ended every morning.
Ever since you and I met at the table You’ve listened to my complaints and encouraged me to be able To fight for what I believe in and have confidence in myself. I've decided to leave the dull cabinet life behind,
Born from an egg like all the other ducklings And from a family who thought would teach it right, But who knew family could just be as bad? Intentionally laughing and pointing at it out of spite--
I don’t know how to start To share what I feel Or how to open up my heart For you to reach out and heal   I don’t want a friend I don’t want none at all I don’t want your lending hand
       Good thoughts no longer have a home in my brain. It seem as if I'm going insane. I feel so alone and ashamed because noone's the same. But still I hope to soon change,I hope to refrain 
Have you ever felt the red bumps of the chicken pox?Or caught the measles from a sneezing man?Can you try and dodge diseases from explorers?Can you live with all the symptoms of disease?
It's 12:52am and im sitting alone crying on my bed Cautiously waiting for you to call me back I'm sitting here thinking different scenarios could've happened  Or what could've changed
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned In all of eternity  Two star crossed lovers’ nightmares arose Riddled with insanity   She was the queen and he was the king Sadly, neither were worthy
Rotten Core. That's what I found of you the one I adore. Adored. Once you came to my house with that apple, Charming, your smile full of esctacy
I do not need a Prince Alone with books I can forever live happily Mother and father will not convince me to marry the Prince and have a family
So people call me the big, bad wolf, but honestly they are mistaken. I will tell you my side of the story  of how I turned those little pigs into bacon.    I just happened to be sick one day, 
I found someone new   He's tall and strong   Understands my love   Doesn't pressure me to do what I don't want   Tells me it's okay to cry   That I don't need to be strong
Baggy. Baggy clothes. Baggy persona. Baggy life.   Leaving me feeling blue Shells shaped into words that Dig into my soul like a whine bottle fighting a corkscrew  
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? No verbal response from the mirror, but reflections talk. The reflection tells the young woman that she is not good enough. The reflection of the young man is no different.
So you're famous and you're looking for advice? Fame doesn't happen overnight and comes at a price. And well, the price of fame is absurdly high, You're on top of the world 'til you fall out of the sky.
Ever wonder of how Wendy Darling drew her last breath? You saw the sweet, charming girl gracefully walking in her periwinkle bluse dress. But could you pierce through the walls of darkness of the depression and suicidal mess?
It starts with a girl and a wicked pair of shoes That she swiped from her father’s closet. It starts with slicked back hair and a video of Presley Twisting away for the girls who saw it.
I’m in love with the kilometres between us, I’m in love with the distanceBetween your eyes and my eyes and your arms and my arms and your place and mineI like that you like what I like and that I like what you like
"Once upon a time..."   The land is dark, the moon is bright. One love, one hope, one heart. They join hands; black, white, yellow, green And pray for restoration of Earth.
They’ll scream and say I robbed them But don’t speak of how they robbed me Though I suppose it’s hard to recognize Your slave once he’s been freed.  
“Nibble nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling in my house?” That is what our grandmother says when she catches us eating between meals. We don’t like her.
Grit in a glass. Confidence in a cup. Call it what you will, as long as you buy another gin and tonic.   I'm consistent in my ways, you're just another tab, that's got to pay.
A sweet young flower a delicate Rose dancing in the April shower learning as she grows    A man drunk with lust  came from behind hid in the shadows  her peace and dreams he crushed 
"Cinderella, Cinderella, let down your hair!" Wait. This is the wrong story. Cinderella began to allow her loose, yellow, locks To fall from her window to her visitor.   "Rapunzel, my love!
Once upon a time...   The sky felt the looks of a dreamy women, For weeks, she had hope again. The sky listened to her, She was speaking a very old story, That made a bonfire in her heart.
I stretch out my arms to catch a sprawling nothing. Down I spin, up, around, and over Until I land, feet flat, before a glittering mansion
drip             drop                         drip                                     drop                         sweet             dreams little             princess.
Firefighters help in many ways Putting out the fires everyday To keep us safe throughout the day Firefighters helps us every day Doctors help in many ways Looking at patients every day
Peacock feathers, royal blue, Turquoise, lapis, every hue, Only gemstones and most true,  For him naught but best will do. He deserves a golden shrine, From his eyes the stars do shine,
Coils of cold yellow green rope Lying heavy, hold her still Half-sleeping eyes lacking hope Betray her total loss of will. Apathy upon her lies,  Slowing movement, pressing down,
He stays awake, eyes staring, At every wanted prize, And all the things, deserving, He knows he's been denied. Green-silver shards of hatred Poison his every thought, And threads of something rage-red
All she wants are diamonds, And the glitter of soft gold, With jewels the size of almonds, And sparkling coins to hold. Her goal is always growing, Complete excess her aim,
'Gainst pillow lounges lazily, Naked contrast with his bed, Calls soft and lackadaisically,  Drawing you as though you're led.  His image makes desire spark,  In flashes of maroon,
She is a soft spoken quick wit, With fear behind her gaze, And if you dare provoke it,  You should beware its scarlet haze. Her tongue is sharp like razor blades, Strikes quicker than an asp,
ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like i
Once upon it was just our love How unfair, maybe it wasn't. Migth have been once real. But our love that was probably never real. Found something real that's out of touch.
There once was a boy that lived in a shack, in a room that was cold and dark in the back. Having no toys, television, not even a ball, the boy had nothing at all. But the one person that kept him afloat,
The White Rabbit Rushed as always Led her to her destiny A watch to keep time Which never ends Time is man made concept
To live the American dream means to be the one living in the family house that you own Debt free That you paid with the money that your white ancestors swept from my black ancestors hands
Are the fairy tales we loved as childrenStill present in what seems like a million Years agoIt seems so outta place, so Outta date Glass slippers are goneDragons guarding towers With princesses all aloneAnd godmothers with magical powers Fulfillin
Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived a girl with a mind of brilliant capacity.  She aspired to attend a college with plentiful opportunities so she attended Barnard in the city.
In this here and now I don't hear it now A void like the plague Has swept through And so cleared out The sound of laughter Crying Without a doubt is gone No memory lane  
There is a time and place to be a princess, be be lady-like and to influence others with your charm, but there will never be a limit to hide your true colors and show that beyond that fluffy dress and make up there is an independent woman, a woman
Cut me open like you do those scars on your wrists. You use to hate the sight of blood, But now the sting and crimson oozing from your wrist has become your favorite addiction.
The darkness buried within my soul, has the capability to eat my mind whole. The words that I try and speak the actions I try and keep, are in itself; pure beauty.
My name is Ursula, Maybe you've seen my picture around., But it's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, So let me tell you the one you haven't heard. I liked Triton, king of the sea,
Once upon a time, the beginning 'O' was never embroidered with gold, life was void of materialistic tangents; our modern albatrosses   But sufficied with compassion,
Once upon a time a little lost girl was trying to find herself.
At night, alone in darkness deep The millers daughter begins to weep  Make what appears worthless, priceless  Turn the bare threads of straw into glittering gold  
They see her, petite and gorgeous, They compare themselves to her small frame, Wondering why they cannot look like her, Petite and gorgeous.
They see her, petite and gorgeous, They compare themselves to her small frame, Wondering why they cannot look like her, Petite and gorgeous.
When I first saw him I knew he was going to be apart of my life. It's a crazy thing called love. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or in ten years.  Sooner rather came closer than later. 
She was so weird acting, as if she was holding back.She never would speak unless spoken to, and when she did it wasn't her, she wanted it to be her but herself was lost.She went on journey to find it, and she still tries.
In every version of my story, One thing always rings true. I gave up my fins, and I traded them for legs. The sand squishes between my toes, The soft waves lap against my legs.
I have always wanted to be the best..I have always wanted not to be like the restI have always wanted to conquer the restBut am not really the best to themFor me to become the best, I have to dress like the rest
Everyday I would come home running Straight into my room My head inside a book No real reason to look at the world around me So much people So many problems No one takes time out to look in my eyes
Gold-- Everything else has ceased to matter, To exist In his eyes. The damned metal has taken control Of everything in sight: Of our once beautiful home, Of my body, Of his mind.  
Once Upon A Time... There was a princess named Rapunzel Born of a Black father and a White mother, Rapunzel was praised for her curly hair Natural curls
A ring of ire, a plate of golden hue, Black streams of pain and worry just for you. A flame so bright it blinds the mind from truth Beneath the mask, you are decaying youth.
Once Upon A Time, there was a girl with golden hair, Locked in A tower waiting to pair  Her mother was a devil And also a rebel  Desperate for love (without permission) She went on a mission 
Broken Fantasy by Bruno Pardo   Once upon a time, what a lie! Once upon a time nothing happened Once upon a time you were fooled   Once upon a time, fantasy unleashed
In ashes, the pot is as black as the kettle. A princess in rags wouldn’t stoop to my level. What would you do in my shoes? What do I? Life gives me a pumpkin, I make pumpkin pie.
Do you ever have that moment where you just need to think? It’s not about anything specific, but you just need to let the weird stream of consciousness you have flow out of you. I do. That’s what’s happening right now. Just letting my mind flow.
  Once upon a time, not long ago Lived Antonia, a bright child Who was pretty and never wild Once upon a time, the sky was her limit,
With beauty and grace, comes with a fist to the face Beauty and Passion both have a certain complexion  that one is almost always familiar with. Slurs on the street become unwanted interrogation.
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
Brutal chills, death knocking Dearest Mother  Has lost become your name? gone? away? This path that has left us both astray  Searching for my mother has left me down despair  
Cindy fell love with the a masterHe loved her, he hugged her, he kissed herHe got down on one knee And to her surprise heSaid that he was in love with her sister
Once Upon A Time, there was a poor father, Doing what he can to provide for his daughter. Goes up to the King and says, "Hey look at this! Here is something for ya that you don't wanna miss!"
I didn't press the button because I thought it was a panic button. So when it came time to panic, I remained calm and collected as I pressed it; But nothing happened, So I died of panic.  
Years come and years go But there isn't a moment When I don't miss her
Oh dear sweet Alice, Pure heart of white roses. The queen is coming for you With all the king’s horses.   You seem ill Alice. Are you feeling alright? Didn't your mother ever warn you
The story goes as we all know it well, three pigs are attacked one by one from a evil wolf until they are finally safe in the last pig' brick house. What wasn't shared however is why the wolf attacks.
I don't know which is worse, the uncertainty or the certainty. I don’t know if
I woke and fell in your arms Has your lips touched mine Never knowing much more Trying to keep us from falling apart 
Life is simply an illusionCircling around worldly reasonA world we see as true memoriamOnly made by our own comprehension
once upon a generation in my tower long locks it mirrors my contempt  and my view is limited  i do not see anything more than lonely wood but it is not lonely that is only me
Once upon a heartbreak ago... Tell me the truth Who's coming for you? By the end of the hour i'll make you feel right Make you fall in love with me by the end of the night Confess your heartbreaks to me 
Every day she greets me. I can talk to her when I'm down. Always lends a open ear. And sometimes is a clown. She lives such a simple life. Its behavior like this we need to learn
i had one foot in the river styx counting change for the boatman when i woke up only wet with perspiration    i was mere moments away from cold judgment nothing in comparison to
He is God.   He is God not Michael or John But he is God The only one He is God Of all nations and all races Yes he is Lord And Creator of all places    
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
I wish to ask the gushing stream Why fade thin into a foggy one And vanish like a twilight dream In the umbra of the sparkling sun
  Birds sweet singing its spring after a storm the wrens come out and for an hour  its peace   On the morning news the tv bright in the dawn’s early light
Oh say can you see how America came to be, By the dawn’s early light, how we always shone bright   What so proudly we hailed
Cheyann Washington_ connections / humanities   Is it okay?   Is it okay to call me out of my name? Like baby, Lil mama Screaming for my attention
My country tis of thee, foul land of misery That’s what I see Land of the white man’s lies Land of the minorities’ cries That’s what I see The worlds got it all wrong
I learned to die But some in life never learn to fly Jumped off a bridge And I learn to lie Spread my wings Jesus Take me to the high Is this life just a lie? Will my dreams come true?
Laughter & love are taken away by the cold hands of horror Blades that cut mental wounds spread faster than light Different disguises dissolve to dust, revealing demons
Battle We the people have an obligation To escape this persecution in search Of a world in which we can be free Victory Now that the hard work is done And over with, we deserve a break
O beautiful for standard tests, For health worth less than grades, For against what the kids request Upon us stress cascades! America! America!
Oh Chicago, how you eat its young with passion in the night. Oh Chicago, how you reveal a love soliloquy from Frank himself.
America: God bless you if it's good to ya. No rants about skin color but vent when the temp is up--why not? Freedom of speech clouds my inner circle,
America the Beautiful, home of the brave Is a difficult place of which to brag, But with loyalty, to Liberty I wave, I pledge allegiance to the flag.   But liberty for all is the utmost lie
I see trees of brown Wilted roses, too I see them die from me and you And I think to myself: What a terrible world  
Pledge my allegiance to a nation Who swore to protect from lack of legislation A free world was the foundation Equality was the aspiration   Civil war to free the collective
One: When I was three years old I told everyone I knew that I was an alien from Pluto. I was born as a daughter of Pluto. I crawled my way out of the dust I was conceived in.
A knock on the door late at night An unexpected guest Terrible circumstances And an uninviting host   The guest is asking for simple things A corner to sleep in Perhaps a glass of water
A boy came in my life, Made me believe I'd be his wife, Talking about sugar and spice, Everything seemed nice.   Everyday we laid up,  All night we stayed up, 
Identity war!      People vetted. People gone.           Thought this was our home.
o say, can you see the walls rising to isolate us? by the light of missiles and violence. the problems will turn to ash, ash, ash. poisoning ash, killing our earth. what so proudly we hailed as a great change for America.
Here in the proud U.S.A, Where the brave and free call home today We’re really not free, at least not yet Not until we’ve settled our national debt With friends and enemies who think we can’t pay  
“Oh say! can you see By the dawn’s early light.” A land of inequities, And people cowering in fright. Masses of refugees Come home to this sight.
Americans were born free free to believe free to speak free to do to disagree to great effect or so we presumed until in our proclivity we proselytised we spoke out
part one: IAMIAMIAM, or Is this how you think? I am trying to understand   1.1: the moderate   I dressed my baby!*
They say you're free, but the book is binding    They say look to the light, but the light is blinding    They preach about sin, yet find themselves in confession that it will save their skin. 
America is the new China I was built up like The great wall of china I am strong, powerful, impenetrable, Fortified heavily until nothing can hurt me. But like the great wall of china,
Greying to the darkest shade under the sun, When all the children have made their fun, Out of sticks and White pine boughs, Crimson has fallen, one with the ground.   Douglas Firs with stars atop,
We fought on the frontier. The lush forest became a labyrinth, laying the groundwork for our tombs. Food was scarce, water deprived, and the shelter, hollow as our bones.
I once believed in the American Dream. Now its dead, like Malcolm and the King. I have a dream. One day, freedom will ring. 
America, land of the free. A land of progress and originality; A land of justice, faith, and loyalty; A land of hope, truth, and creativity. And Yet, it's not all it's cracked up to be.  
What happened to us? It used to be all about waving, gallantly streaming, nice, shiny patriotic ideals, but now it's all about grabbing. We grab fame, power, people, countries.
There are these things called color spectrums, Though I’m not allowed to tell you the colors that are in them. Black or do I have to say African American?
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
....AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!! The crowd's roar, but maybe I've got a little voice telling me there's more. If bravery means winning and fighting and gore,  Then I am a coward, just that and no more.  
God bless AmericaLand that I was born inStand by my brothers and sistersAnd protest issuesThrough the nightWith the lightFrom police carsFrom FergusonTo Flint, Michigan
Mistakes should have been my middle name. Yet Lord, You loved me just the same. Nothing I did deserved Your grace, But still my sin Lord, You erased.   My nightmare's now once upon a dream,
Oh great America, I should be proud, As a young black girl, My black women, My black men and children are falling down, Over 500 years of oppression aggression and discrimination are still found,
From the very begging for survival issue we started war. War and peace are the two parts of a coin; A minor issue can create war close to a border , Two different nations are always desperate to find out a solution,
An untold story finds itself, dusty That childhood story you once knew Peeking out on the shelf Holding Brother's Grimm Tales of the Billy Goats Gruff And Cinderella
Baby baby All single lady Love yourself Say something Rolling in the deep Let her go Love you You are my future We should married You are my daddy You are my king You are you
A plum, A grape, But not an ape, Blue and red, You’ll look it when dead, You gasp for air, No longer white, You long for something, With all your might, But the color of the sky,
You show up Blowing smoke rings And making light in the dark Like my all-knowing caterpillar, Full                                                                  Of intelligent euphemisms Cleverly
We the people In order to form a more perfect Union:   Establish a system of injustice- a system of slavery that will never be outlawed
Freedom rings from ear to ear, echoing from coast to coast, Since the ride of Paul Revere. To the free, here is my toast:  
Is America great? Do I step over storm drains at night and, in my mind, see my feet falling through because someone once showed me how small I am? and here I am stepping over storm drains as I cross the street
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a discouraging word <br>and the skies are not cloudy all day <br><br>america, land of true libert
As I feel the whiff of fresh air I notice that life isn't fair The best men always go And our grief and sorrow we must show Mother Nature is slowly killed As with chemicals filled and oil drilled
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
O beautiful but damned Bright eyed,  my hand pressed to my heart I pledged allegiance to the flag Every day. I listened to Ray Charles croon "America!" Oh America
Hark! Calls my captain, may peace be with him. The eagle on his shoulder, screeching, cawing – His body so drapèd in red and blue, a contrast To his pale, ghostly white skin.
M.O.M yes sweet they say .yes when I have a cold or yes to when my knee is scraped, yes to when I have a bruise on my arm and yes to when and yes to when I am hungry but No to where anxiety and irritation becomes my best friend, no to when I know
  How could skin so white— Become so red with irritability— How could a face so flush— Be filled again with sensibility?   With adoration prescribed you— And a melted chocolate heart—
To think, is to be free. To speak out, is to live without fear. Do not take these rights away from me, Or face an armed insurgency. Individuality. Liberty. Collectivism is to shed these rights,
America the beautiful But is she really? America the beautiful Cries a weeping mother Whose son is no more  
Welcome to the carnival of life Where brilliance shines, flashing lights Where memories are our currencies Where affection is shared like cotton candy Where strength is measured in courage
"Are you ready now?" whispered the wind, gently folding its warmth around her enveloping her in a tight embrace, holding her away from all living eyes. The path's been chosen, the leaves are black,
“What makes me an American?” I ask in my prayers, This question, like skin comes with multiple layers, From night comes day as Her goods and her dangers, But still we are loyal to a flag made by strangers,
If I could say the words In my mind in my soul But thoughts are like birds They fly away and go explore Throughout the day I think of you I hope today the skies are blue
My earrings are heavy despite how high they hang up. And my headband’s telling everyone my name St.
What causes the waves to destroy themselves and dismember as they touch the sea shore?Is it the commonality of the reality that in actuality... the waves are temporary?
Someday I'll say, remember that day, when the sky shed tears as a tidal wave of colored blood swept the streets that were run by lions in sheep’s clothing.   Someday I'll say, I remember when,
I cry when I try Because I'm known to fail I cry because I won the battle I cry because I lost the war I cry because I left the one who loved me first I left because I thought loving was to learn to hate
I'd love to be ubiquitous,And watch you look up the word.Halcyon, more than a bird,Swam at sea in wintertime.Above the moon, beyond your mind.Sipping fine wine at home might be better.
In the moments of understanding or not   Listing the moment from being blind   ?What does it matter in end of the day  
Down in the dumps, Why should I even get up? It is not like today is going to be any different, everything I do seems insignificant.   Everybody is stuck in the same cycle,
My world was small, but you showed me   Wings built to carry all that I am. Are you aware of my changring heart? Melting away and molding into something new. In this moment,
The only legend I have ever loved is The story of greed and a grateful sparrow. A man was honest His wife was full of greed He found a sparrow hurt and scared,
There were three of you that broke my heart: Uno, Dos, and Tre.
W: We A: Are R: Retaliating   We are tired of seeing our kind shed blood.
The commencement of my year one call disturbing in message fifteen years old, one hundred pounds my lover's younger sister had nearly drowned at the hands of herself and inebriants
Where has my world gone? The one who once was innocent, the one who once was naive. Has gone down the rabbit hole. He questioned everything which brought trouble.
memes of bee movie and arthur's fist conservative politicians and twitter flips the land i am in deems a laughingstock while immigrants stir the melting pot. i dug the holes of the holy saints
Inspired by the piece "Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalì   Unicorns have an eon long feud with leprechauns –- a war of misconceptions. Some believe that leprechauns are a miniscule threat.
Sometimes family hurt you, Sometimes they be your downfall. Sometimes family take away all the options you have, Sometimes they don't believe in you. They hurt you in way you wouldn't expect,
War is hell. People die, gasping for breath, Struggling to survive, The things they carried on their backs weigh them down like chains, Drowning them. They drown in regret, They drown in sorrow,
Peter, I've found a lost boy Here he is with his toy Now approach him slowly or he'll confess he loves you dearly he's quite the mess   Peter, I've found a lost boy
In 2016 I learned how to walk with death. We lost so many influential people that taught the world a variety of lessons.
I've got a pair of shoes. They are new, fresh, clean.   Here comes the race; I want to win nervous   We start to race and my heart beats beats and beats
I took a walk today. the day was beautiful and it was exilerating through the forest full of  overgrown trees  sunlight shining between them i see the light the aesthetic the preciousness of life
Last year was no different then the year before it or the one before that  or the one before that , because lets all me honest right now , every year kinds sucks.  It doesnt matter whos in charge 
I awoke to find my passion was driven away. The reassurance that I was supposed to be here, had left its sudden stay. An engineer I am to be or so I thought - The cool shadow of ambiguity miserly besets.  
They say a year can change a person, Let’s try to envision, A pretty princess in her bed, Crying over decisions, Wishin’ a prince would save her in time, From the fiery dragon,
As I sit by I recall the dark All the tears that I could not shed   In the desert park No life around No signs at all   I've stayed strong For so long I love my growth
Little boy was going to grow up to be a man Many problems he did not understand Open minded and afraid
As often as you've heard her story it never gets old because she is not a broken record but she has broken records for every tear she fights when she has to accept torment in the form of dreams at night
LIFE pushes you in new places not askin you but forcin you to partake left my friends- the heartache nontheless you move on   glided into junior year studied hard with my peers
They say they love you, but they just want one thing. Thinking about the past and how many mistakes you made. Sometimes you feel ashamed cause you don't like the choices you made.
They tell you to never give up, So you keep dreaming. Sometimes you wonder if you would ever make it. Everybody don't support you, so you think it'll never happen.
Black woman aiming for survival, Struggle is her title she's born a free slave. She's still pinned down with lots of hurt and pain, Little girl scared to grow up, scared of future rivals.
August Forster Written: 8/12/16   Our World and Our Future   The world is na beautiful but evil place. There are things that can’t be explained, thoughts  
Higher. Higher. Higher. Reaching Striving Being Free But What is free?   I don't see, Can't see, Can't breath
"Moving away, even though it hurts" 
Amidst the glamorous clamour of Reality star presidents and the sudden resurgence of artists Under the macerating context of tragedy
I don’t understand. There was a flame within her that danced endlessly creating a ferocious aura of sunshine. From different perspectives they would be drawn into this feeling of joy and light.
Everybody who has trouble in their lives try to search for their own answers Somethings they might have to ask the people around them for advice or comfort  
About this time last year, I thought I knew what stress was, as I walked through the iron gates of a gold and purple castle, waiting for Nostradamus to tell me my fate, taking classes that I thought I would hate.
He loved and lost Always told his life They understood They'd been through it twice A darkness he couldn't flee Love was supposed to be stronger It was, at the other side She wanted her baby back
The flower that blooms in adversity, 
These last few days have been beautifully uneventful My GPA is climbing steadily No one’s nappy headed son tried to play me And the freshman 15 is coming in nicely
 I had right to liberty, speech and live but I just had to die I have eyes, mouth, and beauty but why take me alive? Conflict, great conflic. Oh my soul, oh oh my soul take no peace from liberty and pay no attention to my beauty
Her eyes rolling in her skullFrom the boredom of it all Focused on a multitude of things   except for the meansNo attention of the lights A broken mirror,No ten-pence,  It's a criminal scene  
Her eyes rolling in her skullFrom the boredom of it all Focused on a multitude of things   except for the meansNo attention of the lights A broken mirror,No ten-pence,  It's a criminal scene  
Well, your arms are strong as tides, But you sway her like the wind You breathe me in like ocean currents,
I'm a poet My words examines the sores of the nation. Answer me! Why do you plunder the earth? Spilling crimson juice on the sand i tread in the name of your beliefs? We have the rain and the rainbow
DEAR SILENT CHAIR I always imagine how perfect you were created, For life and for rest, you were made for many. You carried no harm but yet, you’re treated without respect
I would fix your smile, it never seems rightMaybe it's because it's not shiny or whiteOr maybe that it isn't there
All this education,  and we were never taught to love ourselves. Our knowledge was, instead, forced to be something else.  Created in classrooms, within white walls.
I almost lost my best friend once.  She was so beautifully torn at the image of herself, Always regretting and misconducting her luck.    I almost lost my best friend again. 
In the wonders of my mind I've been lost for many years,  Without a doubt or a fear  I am completely me  
The great pain, the unbearable doubt, and rejection you feel once you lost it all. When all hope seems to be long gone, I  look up to the sky and ask to my self the unquestionable.  
The great pain, the unbearable doubt, and rejection you feel once you lost it all. When all hope seems to be long gone, I  look up to the sky and ask to my self the unquestionable.  
My color doesn’t determine my lifeI like smiling and tears hurt my prideMy color doesn’t determine my lifeSo what I don’t know my fatherSo what all my brothers are in trouble with the law
I expose my soul To the world To the people To my friends To my enemies.   I tell what I feel To whom I feel for. I speak my mind. I share a hug every time
Sometimes I wish to talk to the version of me in the past The weak woman without purpose I had been A little candlelight burning at the command of others
People want to get to know me And that's okay, see I like making new buds, but Hold up! People want to know more about me than I tell And it annoys the hell out of me Because I tell a lot
mind was foggy, unclear, filled, unrelentess looked around, saw and did not see realized what was feeling did not know but felt empty   Looked around, looked within found GOD found me
Table tops covered as mist beyond the hills Weeds grown wildy within the fields As time rotates so does the world Clouds fill up sounding as hurt Ink stick delivered by paw Light dark about to sore
I have this cold feeling, as if I'm frozen from head to toeAll I feel is iceI want to cryBecause I believe this dark cold soul finally hit meI just haven't felt this way a long time
Am I exactly the same as who I was a year agowhen I didn't even know who I was or where I'll go?A kid from the 'hood, all I had was mind,a home to live from and a voice to speak my rhyme.
It is 2:36 a.m in the morning Fogs and floods outside my window House as quiet as my mind when my corpse lay to rest  And all I can think of is love.
Blaine, insignificant, and boring; I do the same things over and over. Collect: Information, ideas, music, stress, and doubt in my head.
The Imposter Like a boat swaying in the sea storm,Neither sinking nor reaching the shore. These are dangerous days;Days filled with luciferic and monstrous dirge of manifestos.
Why we fail to act: We are too intelligent and poor as well; these has made us passive.   They give us what to talk about so we may forget to revolt. The make us poorer...
She said, stressing the good bones of the frame, Steering me adeptly past the broken plaster, The stove’s pilot light that wouldn’t keep a flame.   I liked the place, though feared it just the same.
Home. Home is where we are a whole. Home is where we, as a family, share memories. Not share needles or pipes. Not have to smell the scent of cheap beer.
Roses are red violets are blue  i love you you seem so happy when I see you cause you're just as beautiful  when you're you. 
Greet the Day When the day is roughand the night is near,and its cooling caressClears away my weariness and Soothes my blistered body with Its kindness. When the Nightmares come out to playTo fool my mindTo trick my heartTo take my fears and ampli
Christmas time brings upon cheer But this is the time Sham went to jail Sham as in mom The first woman my Gay ass ever loved Caretaker The woman who Birthed me out her canal
I love my family, don't get me wrong But I'm sure there are other feelings That makes my smile go bong! Don't get me started on sparkly rings. I love snowflakes and puppies and love,
Sometimes, the real world is cruel... We have our good days; We have our bad days. Sometimes, those bad days inflict scars upon us and we lose a piece of ourselves. When that happens, we need something to relieve ourselves of this bipolar reality.
up, Up, UP! Say “hello”, “Goodmoring” Get Dressed, GO! Day-in, Day-out Quickly, forward go, Go, GO! Pass it. Bye.   A light in the distance A Spark in the Sky
Do not try to defy creation See the works through a looking glass. Within our reach is a fading horizon, Where flames burn brightly inside of us. We are hallucinating. Our reality is defied.
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
To live in a place where 100 is the same as 37,932,328 Regrets never exist when anything can happen
WHITE. Spots of blue flash in, then out. Red slashes through in an erratic sequence. Flashing, Flashing, Flashing. White. Deep blue creeps up the corners and edges,
I'd rather be spending the summer days Picking thorns out of my feet From trying to find out all the different ways My imaginary adversary could be beat Than wasting my time trying to be
when in my hearti ache & the lakesand rivers could be filledwith my deep sorrow,all it takes to clearthe gray skies & clear mystormy mindcan be a song, a dance
"Hands"  by: Bethany Elder I walk through the halls all the faces a blrr But I never hear the stomachs grrr.
When life throws you lemons but you can't make lemonade.You can't look back nore go through the pathway . You have to figure it out you just have to.
After a long day filled with sorrow My body aches while I wish to sleep until tomorrow And I search for anything to lift me from this low   Thunder and lightning threaten to strike
Just us three the pencil, the paper and myself. Lifting the pencil, leaving led thoughts visible to the eye. Writing making the thoughts more clear, clearing up the mind from all the stress one holds.
I love the fresh, pine smell and your wood scented cover, my friend, my companion. Oh how I relish your stories behind all my wildest dreams to the saddest memories. I venerate how your pages turn
why because when you look at me you see potential   why because when you look at me I feel I can  do better   why because when you look at me you see me  
Time is unstopable! For it is gone tomorrow. What we need to seek is the future for it is all we have. The Past is gone, only to reside in our memories. That of what we choose to keep.
Time is unstopable! For it is gone tomorrow. What we need to seek is the future for it is all we have. The Past is gone, only to reside in our memories. That of what we choose to keep.
Where are you now? You promised to always be by my side. You promised to never leave You said this day will never come But yet, you had to leave Why? Why are you gone? What did I do wrong?
  The sky is red This morning, Like strawberry   Colored razor burns. There was A two headed boy,   With eyes like burnt Holes in a blanket. Lost between  
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,n nnnnnnn
Pretend as if you are in the jungle or sea escaping from some of which you don't wish to see it could be a courageous lion, or a scary shark   Let your mind run wild
Cold An Icy Mold Which Encapsulated My Tired Soul Surprise, Burning Eyes Light Shivers Rock My Skin My Heart Takes Flight
I have found myself subject to the beneficial liar. What is a beneficial liar? A liar that tells their lies to benefit themselves only.
Colorful,beautiful full of life Brilliant,cozy,soft Full of color,diffrent Spirals of bright rich life Fiery hells,flamboyant screams Painful solitaire Then endless blank nights
Hey look at the young lady who just step out the Mercedes notice the way she presented her self so she can let people see her face and detour the eyes from another place where cuts lie but she can't hide it form me because I look for the b
How did we get to ten? Let's take a lokk and remember when.  From a scale of one to ten, bad being a ten. Can you guess now, or should I still pretend? Skin portrays itself on her to be soft as ever,
you're killing my people you're killing my people why? because you think we aren't equal. slaughtering masses with head held high not giving a damn as they scream and cry.
Lost African Yesterday I was an African Today I am lost In the womb Of an ungeographical forest How awful,how awful, how awful    My roots are dispersed Oh Mother!!
You know more than me, That art of oppression. Your attitude oppresses me, your love oppressed me, your touch suffocated me.
Walking thourgh life unfazed Watching as everyday stays the same When will the walls deflate Will oblivion always be drained   Love, to leave the soul in destitution A body filled with nothingness
He said "I've seen her do better." You've seen me do better? Tell me what have you honestly seen All you know is my rap and dress! You don't know whether my feelings are compressed Or if I'm depressed
Poetry is the air that brings me life A newly made poem is the light of the day Creating a poem takes away my strife Through poetry, power is in every word I say Words said in poetry bloom like the flowers of May
Parent or provider? Do you wake up to a happy home? Do you enjoy "family time" Do you even get famly ime? Misunderstood? yelled at?
Standing in line, Waiting to buy a cup of Love, A bull, an elephant and a rhino collide, Brah,brah,brah! Within stomach’s wall.
You know, I never really thought How we would be without creativity, blandness as Far as the eye can see A visual and mental drought   There would be no color No music, no art,
You are the black hole of my being— your cold, gnarled fingers squeeze and twist and yank at me from the inside, desperate to come out and shade me with your wretchedness. You are enigmatic; I have never
Beep, Beep, Beep Waking from another Sleep Pitter-Patter, Teeth-Chatter as I scramble out of the bed By a secret whisperer I am led I am not disillusioned by no means As I rise from my future dreams
I see a little girl I used to be She knows how to smile She knows that she’s worth everything She doesn’t care about what others might think
I can't breathe, I can't talk, my legs are stuck as I try to walk. My face is white, everything is a blur, I can't forget what just occured. I try to blink, I try to think,
I take your insults and I swallow my tears I will not show weakness in front of you I refuse to show that you affect the way I feel about myself   But image is everything
Your Lungs filled with cement, your feet like bricks. Your ears, open doors to shameless words of hurt. Eyes always watching but never friendly. Tearing you piece by piece,
today you've stopped looking through me  finally deciding to see me  we'll journey through the cycle  meet. converse. become friends. best friends.
From the darker dawns of my life to the burning skies of the day my heart stays with you. I blink six submissive time but the picture stays the same in my eyes and my mind is full of blank intuition, but my love has stayed the same with you.
when you like somebody  
No hands, yet I can feel your touch. Sparking my own creativity and imagination.Like a hot balloon lifting me up and up toward the endless night sky. How can words inspire such beauty during times of painful darkness?Yet with no voice, I can still
Meaning to Time Why do I write? …. It’s putting meaning to time Revealing the struggles and the rebuttal’s that we feel in our lives and sometimes….
I am fireadmired for my beauty and strengthbut bound to my area of birth  until I am blown away from your presence  smelling of smoke and death.
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
Oh yes georganne I know that feeling too well That terrible treacherous feeling to live in hell.
Ability to live is not my own I  do it for my people The ancesors who were not treated as equal My skin should not be disguise It should be realized,recognize and italicized  Bold black beauty of the world
I saw it first in school, What everyone else failed to see as a tool. "The Dash Poem" was greeted with ash, But it certainly hit me with a flash.
the true me, the true me is lonely, like a woman returing to a home that is abandoned the true me is gentle, like a butterfly that kisses your nose. the true me is sweet, like chocolate in a smores, 
There lives a man inside my chest I can sense him. Eyes protruding from the tips of my sternum See all, feel all, touch, taste, time.
Mama started goin’ gray some years ago. Her body’s breakin’, or so she tells me All damn night and all damn day as she cries. I’ve got to agree; she never used to Cry her eyes and ears off all the damn time.
You tell me you know the definition of sin. Your eyes water red with blood that is not yours to spill; the tears, having overcome the chasm of your flesh, leak onto Leviticus before you and seep
Secret whispers inside my head should you spill or should you stay  vivid words and intimidating thoughts secrets we hold and secrets we tell Should we put out what was put in?
Blurry lines and crooked faces all crowd around, hushed by the inevitable doom, I breathe, I exist and yet all the same I am not like them, I see the awful glory of the lights thrown against the cave walls, and I digress...
                                She is a brick house standing so strong                           Her thoughts are the chairs where her mind will sit                              She is attacked by the ugly creature with hate
Maybe it was my realization that placement of words and spaces could literally shake a nation, Wake a generation, stir a congregation, or transform no way into more ways.   
Like Charles Dickens i have great expectations for you. you are like a novel i seek to dwell into and become lost in a never ending fantasy a great-gasp-be-comes the only expression of gratitude like Fitzgerald when i see you.
The black community is so hypocritical they complain when a black kid gets shot ,abused or hurt by another race but when it happens in our community  when black kids kill kids none them murders got caught so why to be outrage when only a
You want a perfect poem. With a beginning, middle, and end.A perfect little thing that makes you feel fantastic with a good ending.Of nature, that makes you see the light of things that can't be seen.That is not this poem. Beginning.
You, Me, and Poetry.        We three different entities,              One Metaphorical, one in the past, and one right here and right now.                                             Time
The same time, The same day, a yellow spiral journal. I was in the 4th grade; We had to write something anything for a grade. I put pencil to paper and I wrote and I wrote.
What mystery pervades a well! –– Emily’s supposition. And I, like the others, Could only but raptly listen.  
What an interesting time to live in Where what’s right is deemed wrong Where freedom of decision is now disregarded and we are subjugated into having a forced position
The thing about pain, Is it will not last forever, And it is painful for now, But gets better with time, The thing about scars,
You think you can’t be hurt, but we all know that's a lie. When you were born you shed the tear of life. When you were little you couldn't help but feel afraid for the world was so big.
You used to always cry at school. The only thing wrong with that? You used to cry about him being my boyfriend.
Stop acting like he abused you. You're the one who calls him worthless every single day. Quit acting like you're all he has. We all know his friends and family love him very much.
Drown myself in music, blasting it loud 
Young love, hand holding, and silly notes,I'd been struck by the baby that floats.It was natural. I knew nothing at all.
Shel A. Silverstein Simply for fun –drivel yet there was a flow, a feeling Words just popped out, yet each with meaning   Primary school: applied to excite the mundane the uncomfortable topics:
They said this year would be hard I never realized how hard. It took one year. One year and my math grade dropped, One year and my chemistry grade suffered, One year and I went from excellent to mediocre.
Her wrists tell a story of a damsel in distress. A princess with her head held high and tears in her dress.   All the frogs she’s kissed
The thoughts put in words and the words giving thought, A cycle of emotion, As put by Frost.   The emotions run sweet, Through my body like cream; An unreal sensation
Dear Dad,   I am not emotionally charged right now, so I figure it would be a good time to start this.
To crave action and to think of stars To cry diction and to sing of words To silently speak the happenings Of Carl's good and dead grandmama   To eat passion and to write of moons
Valley of death lies in heart Rivers without life everywhere claims urbanity Tired clouds, touchless, swim in the far A sky-touched way meets another Beds of peahens sound shocked written slogan!  
fearful of my eyes, my mind, my lips spitting out someone else's secrets at any given second i could explode and everything within me the restrictions of tongue.
I didn't ask for this misfortune, Wont let them see me cry, But somebody as sensitive, As me would question why.   Why am I so fretful? Why dont they abide? To the set of regulations,
I came late to the love of verse Simply holding an indifference At least at first   The dwindling southern summer  Burned hot into senior year I called on many vices to overcome her  
They peer through triangular windows 
Heart Aching  Yearning    Hoping       Beatiful           Kind             Considerate                Wonderful
Imagination. The picture. Everything we see. Is it just pictures. Imagination.   Imagination. Our minds. All work different. None like the other. Imagination.
When I think of my father, the first memory that flings itself to the forefront of my mind is him reading to me as a child. Bedtime birthed a world
Why is it That we must pay For others mistakes? Why does this world hurt us, Make us distrustful? What happened to the days When a person could walk down the street,
I am sorryFor the pain that I have caused you,For the mistakes that I have made To break our brotherhood.  I regretEverything that I have allowed,That I did not speak out And save your innocense.  
It's not just words scribbled on paper It's more of a feeling from the inside... Boiling so far down inside you waiting to come out Cause for so long you tried to hide behind these fine lines...
Part of me still floats in the Atlantic Part of you still hopes I drown
You insatiable Unquenchable Cold Harlem in the rain Earthquake, the second and third shock waves, shock wave
As a young man getting ready to enter the world. And the crowd cheered as the light made my eyes a little blurred. Hard seeing those that actually cared and hard to see those who in my life were never there.  
This bird gets tired of its weary ways, All the troubles of the foolish world. It wouldn't store up any more long days For a stash of silver or for gold.   Stacking all its firewood in a pile
furious as I am, I searched for hope within my ravaging soul   believing that inside me, a speck still believes in life   thinking that beneath all these pain, my logic survives,  
she tore my soul, shattered my reasoning, severed and in despair i grabbed myself, bid my family good bye and journeyed to pursue – her the woman who ruined me.
Born in this Generation  Born in the wrong Generation When love is just a word  When relationships mean nothing more than just passing time 
You took my heart without me You do not love you just play You're blind to the pain you cause me I will get my heart back maybe You act like you hate me You care but you hide it
Her makeup And her makeupless physique Her kinks and coils Her curves so unique Her twists and Bantus so relentlessly Warming Her bosom warms the village Her heart beats for the ones she loves
These isms plague the earth and make me wish they were gone Darkness seeps through their pores and blots out the light of the sun   Race-ism hitting the psyche of humans deep
Who would've thought that I'd be where i am today, remember back when certain people couldn't even look me in my face, now when they see me they smile, i turn like I'm running away,
I ponder and I pace, Like a dog pursuing a bone. How much time I would save, If I only had a phone.     Tossing and turning, Overanalyzing in my head. How grateful I would be,
Bang! The gun blew, I stand there beseeched as my love falls to the ground, lifeless and empty. I run farther than I've ever gone going through the endless hall as if there was end that can be achieved.
"Love is disastrous.", daddy said. Though he is the one destroying it "Love is abusive.", daddy said. Though he is the one who's hurting
Every single night she would say "What story did I just read to you". Id recite til she said "okay". Me? id only say "to-da-loo"   Stars migrated far from home till I could call her believes my own.
Amy amy amy, my Treasured Lioness As I hold your symphonic voice in my arms I realize that you had just self expressed yourself to death now nothing’s left.
In the desert all alone  I see not one soul  Walking through the sand  This might drive me mad. But At least I have my kindle  For without it my life will dwindle  It is my life and soul
Safe Zone, Safe Zone shattered into pieces. Running towards something, anything to believe in. Hope slowly decaing, leaving me bare with darkeness. Help, I need someone
As Apollo's fingertips descend to touch Gaea's body, I visualize you. Bruja; Witch. My sister, my friend, my pet.   At night, her soft caramel fur would rub against my
through the day i'll sing and play and at night i look up to the sky lights, little things here and there, but nothing with out you i can faire.
The water that cools my heart, The fire that burns in me,  Oh why can I not see For thou my life is marked?   For though in the rhythms of life The schisms will cause strife, 
  We, as a WHOLE, are missing acceptance And that is all we need beacuse I am pained when saying this, but I cannot lie
          this poem is called; the angel that was unaware   She couldn’t say what she felt, or even ask for any help.  
I can't see through the shadows of the night. I can't recognize myself. I presume I look different. Life without happiness can change you.
Informed; I pack my deserted island duffle bag Like Icarus and Sisyphus I set my feet to sand Action cannot exist as past, and my time is at hand Whether fall, fail or crumble I have nothing but my will
The books the halls and the classes exams, study sessisons and empty bottles say its for the degree but its to create and pratice the idea of me
It's really quite simple:   I can do without people,  Relationships become a bore.  I'd tolerate a world without sports,  Cause then no one's keeping score.  And I can sacrifice my phone--  IF need be.  Yet,  Upon contemplating things though to be
Face Canvas    Bronze liquid pressed against her face  Neutral rosy lids Glowing cheek bones Her face was a canvas Somedays, it was clean and cut  Somedays, it was messy and faded
My love for Football is so great,Practicing for my next game 'til the dusk of day.The night starts and the game's away,tackle, sprint  'til the end of the night.    
She is the war, the carnage in my head, who speaks with bullets of lead and erects barbed wire fences. I am the rain, who settles down her rage and drowns out the fight
I’m lost. In an undersea white abyss of forever. It’s cold, because the thought of you swims away with the warm sensation of us. I follow the hollow echo of your voice trying to reach me,
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
I don't say much except  Thanks for the juice I don't need much except Thanks for the juice Proof is written in the stars Thanks for the juice The drive to survive and what's fuel inside
Our beliefs are the bindings of a book they are what holds us together. When the world looks dark our beliefs are that great Ark. The one that Moses built it is what connects the blade to the hilt.
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
the weight of the world has arrived,landing right on my shoulders.a blazing comet has hit me in the chest,electrifying my heart and mind.i've taken kindly to this cometthat burns softly through my broken heart.
head heavy with the weight of an ocean,thoughts gasp for air over the crests of waves.once was a stone lodged in my heartpolished by the waters of my mind,heated by the flames of frustration and
If you were to come alongand see the beautythrough my gentle eyes,without having to rip the skinfrom my flesh to search inside.
Is it the stars the moon The sun that shines so bright or
hundreds of souls gather round the Flame their faces away to hide shade from shame yet one soul searches desperately in hope, to find one soul's heart not in evil soaked.  
I have dreams of you, they are very vivid, I remember every detail, all the way down to the credits, rolling starring you and I forever and ever and when I wake up, every time there's not a dry eye.
Refuse losing the one you love for the lust of another. The struggle of fighting for the one who holds your heart because the one who destroyed it spoke sweet nothings to you in your most vulnerable moments.
God's love runs deeper than the darkest of seas, It swallows up the world and takes in everything, Without Him I am an empty unfulfilled vessel, He completes me and without Him I am nothing  
  I head out to battle today. I may not come back.           The Enemy is strong.           The Enemy is deceptive.  I may never see home.    But remember who fights for me. He who saved.
Celebrities always talking about how the government spending money on wars but they to busy spending money on whores. So concerned about our youth dying but don't see no videos of how to keep them inspired.
To me your just another punk in  the street, struggling to defeat the heat laying at your waist side. Try to hide behind the blindside of the false truths but rebuked by the harsh truth of death knocking at your door step.
Time gets shorter every year Can you feel the overwhelming fear Of not knowing when you’ll get there Memories
Parting, as they say, is such sweet sorrow but what makes that sorrow sweet to one full of longing? Love might do. The feeling of being wanted needed being whole
Today is the day, even with all my endurance and fortitude, I walk apprehensively towards you. With my sphere and shield ready to face my phobias and my faith,
Too many times in today's society do I hear judgment being passed around like a baseball. Being thrown back and forth between souls who know nothing about one another.
I am  A dirty mirror  Observe the accumulated stain  I have gathered the dust of  ages  Am covered in grime that sticks with relentless stubbornness  Discolored and dyed into an unapproachable hue  What is behind this layer of disguise?  For I am
We can start over. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every year. We can start over. We get second chances 24/7. We can start over. We become what we want to be.
Blonde hair and blue eyes. I reach for her but she recedes. I look and there are tears as she cries. I wish I could be freed.
It all started with thirteen little colonies And a group of men who were known commonly   As the Founding Fathers of this great nation. Franklin and Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson,  
It took a long time to even write this cause the feeling insideI tried to fight it. I was insecure cause I knew you would never like what I would try to say you would never hear it,our relationship was beyond disgracedso i inscribe on the 8 by 11
To say I need a person  is something I do not like to do. To say I need anything is hard for me to do.   People come and go more times than I can count. Despite pushing you away,
The greatest lie it all never sense I wondered about your absence Now I condemned to hell, eternal damnation   I was fooled by bias and unjust interpretation
I can feel my neurosis starting to shift in my body- Like a slow motion wave of panic. The dread of conflicting rhythms in my organs, Of the mind uncaged Of electrical misfires-
a melody of the song floats threw your mindand whispers honey in your ears,warmth ascends through your heart,skin erect with the sound of music.
In the most extreme and dire conditions- Whether it be marooned on the shores of a deserted island, or standing along the fault of mother nature’s disastrous earthquake crumbling,
Run Run Run as fast as you can.
My heart gives me life, it is the core of my body, the essence of me, and all that makes me. Without my heart I would not be me, but an imposter, nothing but a machine.
she may be quick to react,but there is something that she lacks,although its something that I misinterpret,she always wins the next day,like somehow she has a force,inside of her soul,why am I decieved,hence a psyche,it tends to spike,all night an
I'm all you'll ever need If you cry I'll let you scream If you thirst I'll leave you be   I don't do anything But I'll always let you dream For some this is hard to see  
I look around me and all that I see is the void of loneliness, I have been devoured once more.
Three clutch, money swishing, scoring, elevating points, confidence,errors, defeat missing, trailing, losing blunder, slip zero  
It baffles me daily: how we insist That we sustain on food, water, and air. Birds have as much; yet from us they desist. Money's our answer, if there's plenty spared.
Wishing Waiting Wanting Hoping Time is wasting Barely coping   My days are ending My thoughts are humming Look ahead The Light is coming  
I'm the last person you want to see.  But all else is empty. Barren. Desolate.  These words are just synonyms for the holes, the tears  In our continuum, in our lives. 
So if i'm stranded on a deserted island I'd take her . Her name is Alyssa Christine Woody. 
How could I live without my hand warmer? How could I live without my pillow? How could I live without my masseuse? How could I live without my taxi? How could I live without my spell check?
  The trance gesture to the forestI only look into my night sky mirror. Once had you mystified in the white snow.And there's no more than a witchwho envies people for their love.
my chest aches from loneliness, from the lack of her being,from the absence of her lifting presence.the presence that rings out my heart, drips the pain away, and drys with the sunshine from her eyes,
Movement is more comfortable than stillness. When I dance,  I am full I am home I am okay.   Life moves forward and so must we.   Dance with me on the way.   All I need
Two eggs, one body. Hold a bond. A bond - so unbreakable, stronger than steel and beyond.   The bond of two twins is like one beating heart, Ventricle needs atria to both do its part.   
Some say love's like fireworks Others say love is blind But I say love comes softly And it's all knowing in its kind
the bow turns a cheek as the stern takes a seat,his mind slips away as his heart begins to sink.he is the Capitan of a sinking ship.all alone in the dark sea,crew has fled, hope is dead.
Note: Sμ¡c1d£ For as long as I can remember My mind was my only source of  reasoning I could always use my brain to better a situation My brain never let me down and I honestly believed it never would
Music is always on your mind In every cell in your body You need it to survive Whithout it we are nothing It is used for every occasion With its beat our souls bind It moves through us all
So to say I have been told that I am not Im sure of it.  Since the incubator, I no longer can breathe with water upon my optical nerve I have been told a tale. A scripture. A long lived falsehood.
When asked the question "What does she like?' I can remember pretty well All the things you loved The things you hate More than most can tell   You couldn't wait until 6teen
Calm I must remain Calm;   Sane must remain sane   The moment you slip everyone will realize You are absolutely Mad! But Aren't all the best people?
Aye cannon't cone tin you Two bees an e 1 but mi Eye can knot l1v3 lie ck iamb knot hue man 2 et her tz tue tri N b purr fek Ie willy know a lou meye slf to b Puch'd a rown d bi ow t sigh d
      This spider veins crawl up my arms Lining the pale skin with blue My body tinged a sickly yellow My expiration overdue The cage around my ribs is cracked
The snake coils around my Heart Squeezing ‘til it pops like a Balloon Falling from the Sky I watch with Bright Brown Eyes.
Apart from feeling like their is an ocean inside of me, Apart from feeling  like I need Space to exhale I am grand my love, Apart from feeling like the safest place i grew up in,has been destroyed by war tactics,
The one thing I could not live without, is not what most think about. It cannot be seen, but is very serene. It is the feeling of someone caring.   When one is there to comfort my fears,
A island. I need nothing but my past. I have no more expectations for the future. I want nothing in the moment.
Think before you speak, We've all heard it before. The wonderful advice we often ignore. Unaware that words are as sharp as swords, Cutting into our flesh, the demons we bore. I stand at their mercy,
Disconnected from society as the beams heat the world, the gates are open to the earth above let the spirit of my late dearest  liberate from tranquility  and accompany me through the unknown of my solitude
Happy, I hear his laugh through his sideways smile Surrounded, I feel his warm embrace Fulfulled, I see the sun setting in his caramel eyes. In every rain drop on a tumultuous day
For the moon never sets without gleaming a brilliance Of half hearted reasons for me to walk safely at night. For in the darkness, just over there I feel the glares
The taste of despair slowly passing through my lips as I swallowed. Into the dark alley people joke and smoke blowing air onto my shoulders. Where are you from you don't belong here written a long the walls.
The portal from which the tears I hold inside,  Release themselves in another form. In a form that blimishes my blue lined canvas with the stain of my emotions, Deep secrets that my lips cease to speak,
Mrs Madame so sweet If heaven is what you want to meet  
"I can fix it!My lifeMy FriendsMy scarsI can fix themIt didn't have to end like thisI could've gone out with a bangInstead of a splash
It's amazing, I've waitedForeverFor a moment like thisTo find anotherTo love meThe way you doBut before I answer your questionAnswer one for me
Before you act as though you knowBe sure to read ever so carefullyFor my life is the ultimate puzzleFilled with billions of mysteries
Ain’t scared, just respectful! Had her conduct been more friendly towards me, I would have felt sorry for her. She’s crazy—she won’t fight you anymore.
Although I've never been a fan of foreign touch, seas of person pull me under with a swaying current. Escape your head,crawl out of your mind,temporal lobe knows what's best right now.  Outside Los Angeles is itching to start her nightly routine o
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
What is more precious than silver, rubies? That holds more power in an empty soul than a river of gold   Leaverage of coverage a sort of security Why must we forget, when things go amiss
My God, your steadfast love brings tears—Your plan perfection never wrong.Oh, show me how you lead my years,How broken lives express your worth.
A world divided by race, A people shackled by hate, For if there is bigotry, Then there is no liberty. Although we are different, We are all significant. Do not fear difference,
I may not have anyone around, but soon I will, I know it.   I'll be found soon, they noticed my absense.   If I perish here today, I'll go out like Gatsby. love, supported, and lost. 
The fight to be successful  I wonder offend how long and how much is my fight worth The fight for a long lasting career The fight to compete to be acknowledged for my accomplishments 
Its may be the most complex thing in the world, but its one I'll never think about losing or I'm just drop oit dead. I look at myself when I need something. I dont need someone else or something else. I've always been there for myself.
Oh my sweet love and drug, if I am without u I will surely die! Our relationship is a give and take. U give and I take.
I trace the path of the titanic on your back But I hit an iceberg four days in. I sink for two drawn-out hours. As the night comes to an end I cling to you as tight as possible. But you break me and I snap.
On this island that is in my head I want to see you there with me. At this point I'm a shipwreck And you're the lonesome island. Lines of shipwrecks lie behind me all thinking they found what they'd been searching for.But the treasure maps lied.I
Today, dear Padme, my only desire,   When I close my eyes, I can see the fire that burned anew every time I saw you  
The water to drink, to quench my thirst,  Is only as good as long the river flows The food to eat, to nourish my body,  Is only as good as the time it knows.   The roof to cover, to shelter my head,
All I need is speed The adreniline in me not drugs, miles per hour
I can be calm or fierce, as soft as a feather or as sharp as thorns, midnight black or white as snow, weak as grass or strong as oak,
The sea smiles at the moon tonight And the stars shine It's all so perfect..... The dream I dreamt about I knew it'd be worth it Seven years stuck in a hospital To be washed to be fed
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
one hundred percent of people who breathe oxygen die. one hundred percent of people who do not breathe oxygen are dead. you are oxygen. every moment i breathe you is a moment closer to death.
Part: I Poem # 3   "Ahh Those Snobs" By: The Anonymous Poet   In this town, the freeway cut through the heart Bringing those Snobs along who think they're all ooh-la-la
I born life and saved the earth, It was really out of my control but I didn't have the  energy to stop the creation. I born life and saved the earth, to show you that you were not lost
Fortune is my girlfriend Here today then gone again When it's my turn She is no where to be found Ha ha ha she is laughing at my face  When, I think that I got her She actually runs my life I've to be careful with my prize Hold on tight It could b
I can't live without I know, no doubt Music is like breathing The beats are like sleeping Music, Not basic Classic So sick It's ballistic Music is like being alive It's a skydive
My creature is a she, beautiful, slim, and kind hearted. She is black but fair in complexion She is of average height and always willing to work towards perfection.
Music is the love of my life          I listen to music all the time                   During dinner,                   When I'm driving, and                   When I study. Music is my best friend
How can I describe her? She walks in beauty. Her very footsteps cause blossoms to bloom. Her hair is a reflection of the sun's golden rays, and is as the finest oriental silk. Her face is utter proof that man was made in His image.
The root to all evil, The purpose of life. We can't live without it, No matter how much we try.   But why? Why conflict? Is the idea of perfection too overwhelming? Without conflict, 
I just need an A. Shakespeare, I love you, but soft -- What are you saying    
The most distinguishable coat, The Coat of Many Colors The brothers of Joseph knew it And of course it was admired. Perhaps they enjoyed it too much.
Welcome to the quiz. There will be three items, each a different type of question.   Scores will be determined by honesty and creativity.   Respond to the best of your ability.  
They asked what's gotten into you? You must admit & forgive the mind poverty hoolahoops a limbo even loops you've put yourself through.
Are you something I need? Or something I want?  Because of my greed of something to flaunt?  Begging the question each waking day Do I need you that much, since you're miles away?
Bullying. As if people did not have enough to stress about. Self image is now more important than education. Does one knoe how it feels to be called names?   Bitch, whore Slut, Ugly
All I need is my soccer ball It's the best sport in the world and you don't have to be tall when I shoot the ball I can make it curl Just look at Lionel Messi and his skills He's FiveFoot-Seven
I am split, what once was one, now is two, I told it to shew, but it just grew, what should I do? It's consuming me, like a frog to a bee. Why do I feel like a tree, stiff and old? I cant stop thiss feeling of being cold.
Fell down in a land of endless fantasies. Didn't wish for them to be threatening all of me.
It's 5am, I'm lost She's on my mind and my breath I turn around to her next to me I sigh Not out of exhaustion or desperation 
destroy me love me with cold hands twisting my heart and tearing my trust hiding underneith  your viel foolish me appearing like a cog in the machine
The weather is like humans  When we are at our happiest  It represents sunshine When we are sad  It represents the gray skies  When we are mad  It represents thunder When we are at our angriest 
Before the sun rises, my mind is alive, and trying to break me from the silence my thoughts have devised.   "Is it really worth it? am I a worthless person?"
The person I seem to be It's just not me The things I do just to fit in I can't do this to me I have to let the Hidden me  Out for everyone to see
I am a Wordsmith. I live in an era of camouflage won by men who are dangerously armed, but who need hugs Teachers who are paid less for what it costs them to be heard,
Hypocriticals if we say we love, yet spill our bloods behind each other. She said she is your best friend Yet she stabs you in the back. This kind is the Story for The Gods
Exposing my face on Facebook, or tweeting my teeth on twitter. That is not who I am really.
Of course we shall be rescued While we are waiting we will have a good time, we'll have rules This is a good island, no beasties That first enthusiastic exploration
He was the man that left when I was 3 months old. Not by choice but by financial needs. He would always call and I always imagined the man who I loved and admired standing at a phone
Rigid yet smooth edges curve so elegantly, Spiraling like a silk tornado. Round and round, Tighter and tighter.   For 3 years’ puberty takes over; Growing 15 centimeters long
I’ve noticed every layer added only makes you stronger, Intense heat causes your bond to grow closer.   Your red jagged edges of your broken surface, Scrape against my gentle pure flesh.  
I am sorry she’s gone -Pushing daisies in a better place. Her parents will claim it as an accident. We’ll just go with that.
  Here lies the cat in grander soft and big, In dreams he prances quickly and sly. If possible cat would catch the horrible pig, He who does not stop being a bad guy.  
Paper scrubs Kinnie Cross       You don’t know,
Sometimes I think about the way it used to be.    Simple. Happy.    And suddenly I am left with a burning in my chest, A longing for things that have been and can never be again.   
You told me I made you feel the way I feel when I draw circles under my tongue,                                     but I'm not very good with new concepts.Driving the nails into the coffin of my inhibitions,
Boiling angerDark as nightSo thick u have no sightIn truth 
  The fluorescents blink almost as fast as you when you're uncomfortable,      And of course we don't know what we did wrong,                                                     but the wax on the floors might.  
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.   This first line always makes me queasy. It doesn't sound
She sits in the room, with nothing to say, The kids make fun of her features and hair And she wonders, why they treat her this way? When ‘all men are equal’.. And it’s not fair
I am home to the stars Home to life, and home to planets that rain glass. There are universes in my mind that I have yet to explore; These veins in my wrist - so winding and intricate -
  Where I’m From   Layne Moore I am from that small old town in Indiana. From just a child playing in the back yard
I AM NATE That is my name But the naming of this nappy headed kid turned out to be unfortuNATE
  I am here I am born everybody’s eyes behold life can be cold leaving you numb of twisted colors, black and blue
who am I ? To not understand the ways of life who am I ? To not believe the dream we once all shared. who am I? To not know the expectations of myself and let them flow freely in the mst of failing
Smile for the camera, smile for the people, smile for the fake accusations that are primarily meant for the social standards of America, a lost cause and a sad truth.  
I am free.
Those witching nights whose dawns forgot to peak Hollowing moments sneak into our mind Passion as long as three weeks cannot speak
I am a seventeen year old teenager who lends her life to others. I am the mistakes I made when I was sixteen, fifteen, and years past. I am every emotion bottled into one, form-fitted body.
For some, a place of blame Seen as a crutch for the weak A reason for their fame The Earth given to the meek.   Man's greatest invention Some being high in the sky Man was a creation
I am sitting in class Looking forward at the teacher From the corner of my eye He is sitting there Staring on at us, not saying a word He listens intently at every word spoken We all know he is there
They say the sins of the father pass to the son But really it's just the anger that runs through the blood So then I must ask, "thirteen years, and what've I got?" A spiteful empty heart, and a temper that runs oh so hot
Love can be seen in so many ways,I could go on for days and days.Love is powerful, as we can see,We've all fallen at one point, even me!To love someone with all your heart,It's hard to explain, where do I start?
i feel there comes a time when we realize that our life is only but half a life that we have deprived ourselves of enrichment and fulfillment,
Life starts with living, do you cherish the memories, the love, the friends. the family, the fighting, the helping hands? Do you ever stay so quiet no one realizes your presence,
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I am from the elderly: The young, embodied in old. Oil paintings, nickels, toothpicks, Soup-ified meals, straws, and distant looks.                I am from memories.   I am from plum trees
As I sat in my chair to wonder why,
Where are Sandra Bland,  Darrius Stewart, Fredy Gray, Samuel Dubose
I am intricate, I keep people on the very tip of their little toes, I live my life as if it were a paradox, I like to switch things up when no one is paying attention,
Who am I?
Deep breaths, Tears and gross sniffles Air lacks oxygen once again This time with no back up tanks in the corner Reaching Grabbing Counts back from 10 Wait! 
I am who god made me to be okay and I accept it I don't care if you don't I am human just like you
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
Everyone run, the monster is coming.  With hair of fiery orange, eyes of dark, cold blue, souls laid upon her skin like trophies. 
Only Losers go to school; I taught myself how to move. I'm not the type to count on you - Cuz stupid's next to I Love You...   No, in truth, this work's not mine.
I have a dream, much like Dr. Martin Luther King. That this country will stick to its important creed. "We The People", Blacks weren't included, but are they now? Why no respect for the black in office right now? He's a monkey!
Once destined to be forgotten in darkness To not recieve any sort of hope But instead was abandoned by all Until one day a miracle happened   A hand reached out to me
  I AM A SURVIVOR I recall that day perfectly well. I was in my house getting ready to study, When it collapsed into the ground rapidly. It felt like the end of time, I am a survivor.  
I am different from others. Aiming higher than what is required. I am ambitious and kind. Working hard and respecting others. I wonder if am ready to live on my own. Am I ready to go out into the world and make a difference?
I am feeble- skin tagged
Just as Eden, all was well for a time, Ever sweet perfection in paradise - The came the sorrrowful, eternal crime, Temptation caused the grandest sacifice, Like Icarus soaring high as can be,
I know that I'm crazy That makes being me: easy. I live through the day Saying what I wanna say. No one tells me what to do, I don't care if y'all boo.  
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."[1]With sincere respect, Mr. President: Mere words cannot bend it to your will.
They say you make your best masterpieces when you ya self are in pieces
If someone asks you to 
Who I am today would took a very long time to figure out but i know who i am right now. My life was and is never easy. So many times I was really confused about who I was. Then one day I woke up and decided I wanted to know.
A nightmare that had forever tormented me .
A burst of
I wanted to hold him I wanted to tell him it would be okay I wanted to hug him and tell him "breathe" I wanted to squeeze him and suffocate him until he remembered to breathe
I heard once of a wishing well
I am... a visionary I tailor words    They slip They slide Into an ABYSS. I am... hopeful But, my delirious paradise Could use chocolate. Some beauty to    murmur
Can you hear it? Can you hear the song?
There is a woman in my mind whoseshell grows and crumbles, collapsesand is rebornendlessly. A statue, a castlein some ancient landthat was first etched on archaic blueprints and
Written by me, but from my mother's perspective, before she passed away.   Today you start school. All caught up, Green checks on every lesson. You don’t even have to set
  I seem to have this strange obsession with Fire It burns It melts things It destroys It creates It is The Epitome of My mother My mother smokes newports
Be more open,  use less verbs, no more repetition,  and less words.   Be more suspicious, use smaller ending, make characters relatable, and less words.   Be more honest,
How are you okay with missing her fifteenth birthday? How can you move forward knowing you're not playing the role in her life anymore? How can you hate her so much to leave and never come back?
I am the ivory piano key: The promise of love In a sound you can see, The promise of loss And the shatter of dreams. The marble beneath you Is that of the gods, You walk on the heavens,
The cynic in the back of the room The one with caustic wit and biting retort Sarcastic, sardonic Jovial in conversation Until provoked by incompetency or stupidity   Blunt and unforgiving truth
I left her  Afraid scared and alone.  My guardian angel needs me.  I did not know my heart was her home.  I felt I could fight alone,  But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
Alexandra wells A daughter,sister,and mother. Loved by some.Betrayed like no other. A loving heart, a strong soul. Life and love has taken its toll.
Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space, which has been allotted.
I am sorrowful and brave. 
I am not who he thinks I am I am mysterious, I am coy
Are you souless? Do you care? I have a soul,  at least I think. A remenaberable Burn  once told me that, "The eyes are the  windows to the soul." I'll always remenber  That 
Encroaches the force Whether light or dark The rider on his horse The words that mark   Dread is shown Heavy is the air Empty is the throne Terror to the heir  
I come from roots and trunks  those to branch out before I,  were cut short The first to branch out,  Only to provide shade  for "my" big brother  who takes our seeds abused and misplanted.
I doth fear I will always be a three, That I'll not hear the prophecy of fate, That I shall bring the woeful tears to thee, Yet I am no seer to fore-know thy state, But a three I also find within you,
The speed at which time flies is breathtaking. Everything I do is a memory in the making. All these things I dream of being, all these places I dream of seeing.
All I see is everything before man. The foot, of man, crushed and doomed this land. It's not water when it's ocean, it's body, covered in no modern lotion, we, rely on.
Alone in a field, alone, with no wind to carry   Nothing and no one to carry him he begins to dry   Then the Tornado enters his life, and rips him from his slow decay  
I am crashing  Nothing I can do will ever stop the slashing. A girl dying inside And no one has even tried.
Destiny, settled in stars Adjusted by wonder Fiddled with by passion Two meet Not meant to greet Secrets kept from Three
How fast could I run? would it matter?
Over the mountains Across the seas Through the tunnels Under the trees The wind blows here   All over the world The voice is heard The wind whispers “Caution, Danger is near”
Time and time again, perfection sees none. Greatest creation for the best of fun. But, I know nothing is to come from this, for an emptiness resides inside me. The greatest of great creates more sweet bliss,
Waves do stand true to your heart, And its blue refraction, true to your eyes
*/ /*-->*/
I am a shadow, following behind my pain i am a shadow , disappearing when the clouds come out i am a shadow , closed in and haunted by the darkness 
BAM!!! Are we back in school or has it just ended.
I am American, Not only American but Hispanic. Cultures joined inevitabley,  Treated inequitably; Because ONE of both are immigrants I am the result of their love YET treated unfair
I am a voice for t
The hesitation I had to take this medication, wasn't a celebration because my body  Did not have the proper preparation to take life on as a repsonsibility, a priority that I knew my arms Wouldn't be able to be carrry on my back
"Better to be bright and alone than dull and in dreary company."
The other day I was a low sunken waterfall. Full of falsehoods, lies, and flaws. I guess that's why she left me hollow like the once nourishes tree logs during fall. The volcano erupted one last time covering my heart with ashen grey smog.
Today she was like the mountains that hold fast through the fiercest of storms  Because she was happy  But like the rocks that hold tight through the wind have layers, Under the strength of her rocks 
Beautiful city bathed wih flowers with an essential sound emitted by the water that as a cascade touches it everywhere.   This city is history, present and future.
  I am ever changing Lost in the forest of thought Shacking under the hand Staring strong at the light of lime For when I am defined I will be found   I am ever changing
Every step I take is a step towards oblivion, an unknown past, a merciless future Counting the edges of the webbed stars on my hand is no more a task than defining my future,
You ever feel so worthless all you wanna do is cry can't even stand to stare in the mirror cause the hate goes straight to your eyes Those tears running down your face expresses the pains you can't explain
Why is it not...? Even so I start to love... Even though I love you so much, My mind is nothing but blank. Within the depths of my mind I see, The person who I've looked for in my heart...
The Lonely Tree  
We hold hands, hug and sometimes flirt, We talk trash, cuss and publicly wash each others dirt, Our connections seems more natural like twins at birth, For sure, we would scratch each others back till we depart this earth.
People draw with silver.  It comes out red. Magic? People walk with gravity. They end up weightless. Magic? People eat a day The food disappears the same day.  Magic?
‘L’ is for the way you left me, abandoning my heart leaving me to carry this emotional back pack. I was helpless, it weighed me down and like a vagabond I had nowhere to take heart-rending refuge
I am your slave-master, The fists that beat down on your beauty And the feet that stomps your face   I am your thunderous nightmare, The past to which you are shackled The sorrow that enshrouds you,
Some call me a math prodigy, Others state a rocket scientist, I am an oddity, probably an anomaly. But, despite what others label me, I call myself a revolutionary,
In the direction of which my heart relies, I find my own warmths life support To embrace the endless swirling sky, my towers never err and fall short
To be honest…… The most amazing thing I could say about myself is…. Okay! I see you’re impatient but I love the suspense! The fact that I have ADHD completely rocks my socks.
Perfect is not a word for me, Here is a word that has set me free: ‘Original’ is the song I sing Even as the fire engulfs my wing. Never will I die; I am reborn, I am passionate, I am not torn.
Never build a home inside of a person. People are too temporary Just think of it this way.. If you found a piece of land that you were interested in And decided to build a home there
To the Darkness surrounding us, You held humanity in a cage. Now, we come after you to strike back with  vengeance. One by one, you shall fall before our rage, In part, due to your carelessess
By Meredith Metsker   Being a young adult is crazy sometimes, You’re too old to be hip and too young to be wise. And this whole time all we’re trying to surmise,
Wow! Where has the time gone Freshman year was terrifying Sophomore year was cool Junior year was an eye-opener And well Senior year is finally here And I feel like an caterpiller
A twinkling night shining down Songs outside your window announcing the presence of the sun around  
Everyday is always the same No matter who i aim to be I can never be me 
She swam through silvery mist accustomed as she had become to it
So many travels, so many memories Who am I and where do I go from here Married, multilingual, international resident Who am I and where do I go from here I call Michigan, Nebraska, Virginia my home
There is nothing like walking in the rain, Feeling nature's power in the rawest form, The rain, falling like angel's tears upon you, Shattering against your skin, giving the world vegetative life from sorrow,
D          - Diving catches in a big game
Laying on my bed of deep green,
Take a deep breath Walk on stage Lights in your face you're on the stage you sit in silence waiting waiting to hear yourself you take a moment another deep breath you speak
This is AWESOME! Reading, writting , raising your hand! Sitting, listening, now I got to stand! Math, and Science, eww what is that! Wow, I can't wait to come back! The first day of school is always Awesome!
Not everything is awesome Not everything is good. The darkness closes in,  I put up my hood.    Breathe in, breathe out let's start this from within.  My heart replays the rhythm
A lot of people do stuff on purpose, but without a purpose. So what's your purpose?
Beneath an ancient redwood tree that towered o'er the moor
Beneath an ancient redwood tree that towered o'er a hill
In the stuggle and grind of every student, don't forget to always be prudent. Remember to pay you bills and make eye contact. Don't leave those passwords around to be hacked.
When I was born I was given three names
My arms are long,  My hair is wooly, no I am not worried because,  Who will ever see?   You know my back is strong and,  Just as sturdy as it can be.. after
We can find the awe in everything
Imperfectly Perfect
Some people live in black and white, others live in blue. You may see the pale, soft pinks of the world, but not all that you see is true.    An orange may look like a red,
With her spine align and head held high, I knew she was a strong woman of color, like rare flower that blossoms from the soil of Eden,
Now I lay me down to sleep, I might divine the night’s mystique What lays beyond my holey soul, Might be ‘nough to feed the weak   Drifting through aimless time and space?
Eyes closed, thoughts drifting away   Each image passing by as if it were a car on a train  
I am keeper of the winter
I am from a common city where we are all the same, from a happy and loud place where everyone envies people for what they have.  
I am from a place where my roots run deep Like a “Virginia live oak” that’s iconic of the old South Stretching from the Coastal Plain Tidewater to the Majestic Appalachian Mountains and back to the place where
How does one know when all is well? Don't worry, there's an aswer to the question, There's no wrong answer, but seek the answer in the lesson   It was as simple as the words that you see me typing,
How does one know when all is well? Don't worry, there's an aswer to the question, There's n wrong answer, but seek the answer is in the lesson   It was as simple as the words that you seem me typing,
Come hither my dear Into my space Stored of great
(With sincere dedication to Miss Cloey Shelor, 03/22/01 - 02/08/15)  
On this planet, there are many living beings. Everyone only lives once,
What to do what to say when your not your resume  goals achieved tasks met lost my soul lost it in a bet it was a wager made early on as a child from dusk til dawn.
A kiss on the cheek as soft as a cotton ball
Talk until past, speak untill away, darkness and light will talk all day, darkness and light will create a beautiful eclipse , in the silence of their hearts, And the light will take over,
You feel you cant do it you feel you cant accomplish it your stuck own your own trying to figure out what comes next the lonley and dark cornor of your conscious when its not even there telling you what to do
You must help me to become my best   I'm scared to fly away out from the west   It's nothing. nevermind. I'm here with you    
"Did I leave my sweater over there?" "Yes. I've been sleeping with it. It smells like you. :)" I miss that love I want that love A heart melting love Water to my witch love Melt the wickedness
Greed is the world new breed. But is greed what the world needs? The need for greed is a seed planted by the farmer we never see. The seed we plant is the seed we choose not what is chosen.
*/ /*-->*/ The sun never sets, neither does it rise
The first sip of coffee in the morning when you wake up The butterflies in your stomach before your first date Listening to your favorite song on full blast As you dance around the room when no one is watching  
What have I done? A new life?  How can I care for it?  I’m not strong enough.  I’m so young. I made the mistake.  
She is awesome. She reminds of the sun rising I want to explore her crevasses and visit her horizon I want to feel the heat from her solar flares And it"s awesome how one is blinded by her beauty if they start to stare
— sui cædere… To make way for grief
A tree is a sight to behold,
Present perfect tenseOcean of ancient futuresWind of change mind rearrangeElegant emergencyReturning with gifts
This Isn't Supposed To Make Sense. 
  I never left the sink on,/ But I might've left the shower all the way if I needed something to think on,/ Liberation came in the form of her absences. /
    Elephant in the room left swinging Like a pendulum, hope the rope does its thing and,   (We know how to tie ties,) (But not how to untie nooses.)