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When it comes to forgiveness, you won't forgive, you won't budge.You truly hate my guts and you sure do know how to hold a grudge.I did you wrong but you did me wrong too.But forgiving me is something you won't do.
Why hold a grudge? Do you happen to know what it is? Sometimes it can be over something that happened as a kid. Why hold a grudge? Can't we grow up and face the facts,
they told me don’t if youre gonna leave him they told me don’t if youre gonna break his heart and yet  i decided yes and i fell
The difference between me and black coffee Is that black coffee Didn’t choose to be Bitter
Roses are red,  violets aren't blue. You thought you had me forever, but I fucking hate you. Violets are purple, roses can be red. The next time I see you, I'll bash in your head.
"A Father's Farewell" The final day unknown, When hate transforms to tears, Farewell. The indestructible bond like duct tape rips, As time intoxicates a heart so vile.
Don’t, Don’t Can’t, Won’t You’ve used every excuse more than once But I won’t forget My vow above all Against you I promise to bear a grudge Is it right? Is it rational? I don’t care
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