Teen Pregnacy

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I keep telling myself that it's all going to be okay, I keep saying  it's going to get better with each day. But its all a lie. How can I move on when I caused you to die?
Isn't it funny, How the same girls who just "turnt up" Can be the same girls, Who call a pregnant teen a "slut",   Or how the same guys, Who urge their buddies to go have sex,
What happened to back in the day, when the grown men would teach the younger ones to behave. But now we look around, and men of all ages and races have their pants to the ground. But thats my generation.  
Little hands they have, my sister Born from Mountains and blackest coal Created by those that so proud, dig for righteous living in dark holes   Little minds they say, my brother
Sick to your stomach Waiting for the morning Hiding the box And that protruding stomach. They said it was best in the morning And though you want accuracy It is terrifying to wait.
"The answer's contraception" That's all you hear today. Or "Just get an abortion - This thing is in the way" They act like they're our saviors, And everyone's best friend. But they sanction poor behavior
(poems go here) why do you so desperately seek attention? I just want to gather you all for an intervention It's a problem--- Epidemic
"Is it so hard to say no?" She asked me with tears in my eyes, a mommy to be I gasp for air, the stench of remorse decisions iv made behind closed doors lead me only to this point of time in my life
I was thinking of you today, Of who you might have been About your laugh and smile And rocking you in the den
There she is The kid on her hip I hold her outstretched hand It's been too long, she says, A smile in her eyes I fake a smile back Inside I feel sorrow A hole in my heart
A baby bump at only sixteen, A fake smile that tries to cover the frowns And the regret that lies between The what ifs of that night with the alcohol that drowns.
She sees the smirks and hears the comments. The town's people don't know what caused it.
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