Unhealthy Mentality


You say I’m okay

On the outside

So I must be alright

To keep going

But have you once thought

About how I feel inside

How mad I feel

How terrible



Why do you ignore it

Why do you shove it to the side

Into the background

My mental health

Is just as important as

My physical health

I may be healthy

In the bodily way

My body functions normal

My bones are strong

My muscles tough

But why must that overshadow

How sick I feel on the inside

How it feels as if I'm going insane




Keeps me awake for days

I hallucinate

Paranoia runs rampant

My body is sluggish

And I'm always lethargic


When I pass out from exhaustion

Don’t you dare tell me to “Get over it.”



Manifests slowly

It seeps its twisting tendrils

Into my bones, into my brain

Into every breath I breathe


When I go to do something

And I feel so terrible

That I have to release it

By painting a picture

In red

On my own wrist

When the only way to actually feel well

Is to pop pills and live

On a concoction of medicines and therapy

Don’t you dare tell me to “Get over it.”


Anxiety slithers in

When I go outside

And end up in a crowded place

When I feel the nausea

And the lightheaded feelings

As I puke in the toilet

In a public restroom

And jump in surprise every time I hear someone


As I run home

Cower in my room

And cry because another day is wasted

Don’t you dare tell me to “Get over it.”



I didn’t choose to live like this

If I could take remedy

For all of it

A one time remedy

Don’t you think I would?


Everyday I wake up

It’s a burden

I go to school or work

Come home


Create more lines

That may never disappear

Try to figure out a way

To go out

Without freaking out

And when I go to sleep

I don’t

It’s like sleeping

Without sleeping

And when I wake up

It all starts again


Don’t you dare tell me to

“Get over it.”


That’s like telling

A blind man

to see

A paralyzed woman

To walk

A deaf person

To hear


You don’t tell them to

“Get over it.”


So why is something

That eventually affects

My health in the long run

Any different?


It’s not.


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