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I can express myself freely no judgement required With pen, paper and thought the words just seem to acquire Although miles away I still have the power to inspire Something as little as a sentence will be treasured
Im trapped ,day in and day out. I am prisioner to myself. Fat, lazy, unhappy,cold, Thats what they call me
Misogyny By Bre Jon Harris     I am me not what they portray me to be Misogyny What’s that??? Hatred for women I see Politically Does this strengthen the legitimacy?
I’m sitting in the waiting room with daddy and I’m filling out the formsEach minute that passes by my hearts being tornMaybe it’s not to late I could just walk away and never come back
There's a moment in everyone's life where a person who they thought would always be there disappears. It might be because of death, divorce, money or pride,  but for some people it's just the roll of the tide.
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