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It always ends this way yknow. Trying to go to sleep but I'm not able to. I say to myself all throughout the day that I'm gonna read or do something to make myself sleep earlier but I never do.
brightly-lit room filled with gloomcrowded yet a soul deserteddistance so close seems spaciousmust walk away  shut what is left ajarwalk away to feel a thing
As far as I can remember family gatherings have consisted of speech regarding illegal aliens and the economy. I can not remember a time when my family was not concerned with such things.
Face to face, body to body, that's how I wish I could look at you. The articles describe some sort of  traumatic scar. The pyschologists diagonse an empty hole in the center of us.
  Imagine a world wherein no one had philosophy.  Imagine this world as a bigger world  with more people who were mirror images of their neighbors.  Imagine these images every day  were shattered upon rocks 
PunchPunchPunch the house It's so messed upI want out Light it up, I cannot bearMy sister crying as people stare What will it take?I do no know. I dare not ask,indifference my foe
I wonder if you know that I love you With all of my broken, twisted love, With all of the love you threw back at me,  And all the indifference you used to drown me.   I fight the love you give me;
Dusky days waiting for moonlight; White flowers lost in teardrops of a bleeding heart; Ladders crumbling to dust; Hidden inscriptions of shadows; Fragile pieces of sky, Stuck in strands of cobwebs;
Love Unconditional, unstoppable Truthfully, passionately, wholeheartedly Yearning, destiny, coincidence, pain Leaving, forgetting, replacing
Wounding are the words Malice their intent   Damage lays strewn Glass shards, small and large   Carve, Cut and Cauterize Blood dries and wounds are ignored
Natural I Am 
  In a passing, bleak moment
Selfies? Those arent me my words represent the truest version of myself without filters I have never sounded more like myself people go years without finding their voice well, I have found mines and made it known
Children not sure where they are going to sleep Starving; so hungry not sure when they are going to eat Crying on the inside because crying on the outside would be weak They look and they judge, no one tries to help
At my school I am surrounded by wealth The girls are so beautiful, great outfits, great health   Their lives seem so easy and effortless, never a thing to bring them down 
Wretched flames amidst sweltering pink ridges
our teeth chatter more than our tongues but silence isn’t the enemy   it cradles me like a newborn who’s not afraid to scream for what she wants for what she needs
Sometimes I care so much it hurts So I hide behind indifference for anesthesia I'm running from my inner demons It’s easier to use my sins as temporary amnesia   I wear my Scarlett letter like a mask
Behind the iron curtain Silence extends untamed And occasionally I mingle but It matters not who knows my name. Darkness decends As the blocks of color shift Displaying my change of emotion
Don’t all people hide behind curtains?Ones that appear physical, invisible,Some even palpable.
I've seen through the eyes of eternity
Recession love poem   Do you know that love that’s less unrequited and more dearly departed   How every vague memory comes at you like a moving target  
The human race is full of malcontent, bigotry, ignorance, and destruction, But the majority of you, so happy giddy people on social media, only fill your news feeds with funny memes and meaningless statuses.
People walk to work like they are alonethe youth shrug their shoulders, take a drag, and it passessleep in a city of millions, never knowing anyone.outside, every thing you hear you have already heard,
As you stare out the window of your quickly moving train car, the landscape, blurred, is ashen and bare, and the pitter-patter of rain on the thin metal roof never stops.  
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
I walk these ghetto streets to and fro People have come but most of them go Looking around for a ray of sunlight Darkness follows me without the moonlight I have been on this decrepit road forever
Indifference blinds my generation with ignorance, it’s a lack of concern, of attention and lack of interest, for other people, for life, and for God in every sense.
knowing when to run , knowing when to fly Knowing when to look back, knowing when to question why knowing when to run , knowing when to fly knowing when to live, and knowing how to survive
Cliques are just a form of people who have heartless thoughts , & feelings that you can't bare to think of with their evil stares demon like thoughts surround me every day, the way they move like a pack of cheetahs looking for their prey to fe
Take out the timing that sets all your watches Spin all the gears like flat metal globes You’re a god of the nothing, a seal on the void That practiced its humming before it ran dry 
ignorant they are higher they get faster they drop blowing a blunt behind the yard soon i hop they hit the grave government strives to get them up ignorant am not straight A's all year
I see through you like clear water Like an absent man's daughter Positive on the outer But deep inside you are a doubter
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