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A stained glass tragedy A matching crystal ball Tossed much like that of bowling Speeding orbs down God's old rumored hall
Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov   Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface
There once was a lonely Giant Who hated all others, he said He would let no one live with him He sought no-one’s company   Who hated all others, he said
Imagine. The sand beneath your feet is not sand, but the pores on a giant’s face. You walk on his cheeks and eyes and you reach an ear, a cove nestled beneath a bed of         seasick rocks.
 I am a giant trapped in a small body  i bruise , I ache , I tripand I falli scrape , I break..this body is just too small  I need to breath, I need to stretchI need some room!!!
cracked rum  eyes              drum drum drum huh-umming a tune swirling like a ball in a jug a warbling happiness, tickling edge of tongue not whitman’s yawp but I’d like to think it’s similar
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