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Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov   Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface
He had trouble hopping in the currents. His usual flexible fins seemed stubby in the water. He splashed and swished, flexing and relaxing his long muscles. He got no where no matter the angle.
I'll fly away again High in the sky toward migration. As civilizations increase Our species continues to weep. The more land you conquer Forces more stress And Less flowers.
The Tiger By Brennan Cameron   The tiger is a very skilled hunter of prey,  
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

  dragons were salvation before time began with scales as smooth as glass and horns sharper than cut diamond gracefully soaring through the air in flocks of a hundred then no more
being last i do not mind but being the last is hard to find i outlasted my family some friends as well i hope they're okay theres no way to tell i wish them the best in all that they do
The trees he slit each bedtime are my limbs. Breathing branches laid to rest. Spread as a tumor, Man forces lactating yield, across this wielding breast.
in a daze in a haze to sleep or to stay awake
Common is just an excuse For what we hate and often times lose Don’t just be, fly towards what allows your spirit loose Start a revolution; we are more than what we choose
1 Their splendor spreads around earth 2 Shaking the ground with every stride. 3 Sharing blood with the mighty lion 4 They’re gifted with graceful pride.
I am a turtle. I live for eating lettuce. Watch out for the boats.
They think we are subservient, They think we do not know. They think we are susceptible To their cruel, ungodly show.
The roar of the river, The speed of the hurricanes, The strength of the mountains, The stealth of the tornatoes, does not even compare.
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