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I don't know how to close this chapter Where I live through The night Hold me one more time Whisper those pretty lies Tell me I'll be fine But I won't deny The reaper is coming tonight
They say my writing is expansive It's alot to say When been through a life of tragedy And empty space The thoughts in my head you can never see Cause your never me Sometimes tears fall on these pages
It’s dedication This writing is more than the inauguration Of thoughts It’s like a therapy session for me In dark places It comes to me Brings me To higher places That I want to be
I fell, Down the rabbit hole. Falling, Tumbling. My world gets colder, Darker, Down the rabbit hole.
    Today, it finally hit me; that moment of realization. I remember the days in my life that were so horrible and low. I remembered the moment, but not the feeling.
In this day in time it is hard to find a way to express your sorrow. But in my mind; if you dance, you'll be fine; and all you dread will be gone tomorrow.
Dear little black girl, You are not so much little but your heart is the same, broken.
It seems now a days im having more dreams Were im falling straight down No destination in sight No light to guide Sometimes I wish I would just reach the end Cause it seems more and more these days
Dear God I know this is alot to ask I realize the universe you bear Of the multitudes clamouring your name Begging for the same solace I am about to beseech Hanging, high, out of my reach But dear God
Choke Choking on bile Fresh from my soul My eyes collect The wretched substance I will fight Never let the monster out Please, Turn around Your innocence, It blinds me
To know every day every wakeing moment that your ugly, your not perfect, and your the one along si
The words slipped from my breath so easily, that I didn’t even know they were gone. I was always a step behind the rest, but I never thought I would actually be left alone. The war is over but I’m still in the midst of a battle.
The girl that used to doubt herself Say that she would be nothing in life.
I hate this feeling. The feeling of hitting your breaking point. You're so broken and shattered on the inside. How can it get any worse? But then it does. And you feel like you can cry an ocean, and drown in your own painful tears.
"Thats not even muisc" they say "All they do is scream" It seems to me like you're forgetting something Catchy beats and rhyming words is not what music is about
why is race important or color looked at first in this world of screwed distortion the racial slurs they hurt
as you look upon the water reflections shining bright bringing to your memory thoughts from that dark night
the tears erode my heart as the colorodo carved a canyon my life it fell apart when you died myself my faith abandoned
sometimes when no-one else is around in the dark i start to cry then you can hear the saddest sound of a tear about to die
I've lost my taste for life The bitter flavors numbed my tongue Through prolonged exposure The stench of moral decay Deadened my nose to any pleasurable scent I can no longer make due with the sweetened illusion
Soil harsh and fierce like the winter winds, You pushed, and were pushed back, Back into the darkness where it all began, You insisted, demanded, and your tenacious attitude only led you back to the silent darkness,
Hope is the thing with wings, that perches in the soul. Or so I've been told - Hope is more like a stalking monster that pushes and growls and dares you to stop moving forward in life always sustaining you.
I was her I was the quiet girl who dreamt of being one of “them” I was her I was the girl who tried too hard to fit in I was her Crying from the empty in her heart I was her
He’s the one left behind when they’ve walked away. She turned and walked away with the rest of them carrying pieces of him but he couldn’t find the strength to move.
Beautiful is just a word That falls from ones lips, Usually referred to those Who have slender hips. To those who have eyes Of neverending pools, And smiles so sparkling Like rare, precious jewels.
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