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I pity the fools who tried to rob me of my innocence, Of my hope for a society - For a world -  Where I'm not judged by the color of my skin or the mysterious voices I look to for guidance;
I wasn’t the happiest kid in middle school School subjects increased in difficulty Especially math What is the Pythagorean Theorem again? How do I figure out the radius of the circle for a second time?
To pick up the pieces self-shattered Undo the mess I helped create. To ignore the internal bruises As my heart continues to palpitate. I don’t want to live with the pain of failure But I’m afraid to die.
Bragging rights are rights for a reason, I work hard day to day, quarter to quarter, season to season. The “overachiever?” The “teacher’s pet?” The “know it all?” Go ahead, I’ve been called them all.
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