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as you look upon the water
reflections shining bright
bringing to your memory
thoughts from that dark night

when you know life had no meaning
but pain, you felt so helpless
you couldn't see it's source
is from people who are selfish

you thought thoughts of suicide
as possible relief
giving in to the lies
and your life unto the thief

there's more to life than joy
and more to life than pain
every person has a purpose
and nobody's is the same

times of pain, suffering, and loss
are all just teaching seasons
of the love shown through the cross
and the truth is that we need him

left to our own devices
the world would not exist
there'd be no end to suffering
cause we'd all be too selfish

that's why there's love as well as hate
for the difference to be known
one we do appreciate
the others still condoned

Jesus loves us all
in the depths of our disgrace
and said "Come as you Are.."
and "I'll take you higher than this place.."

as the water ripples
the reflections change to blurs
times of changing currents
the truth is in the word

he gave his life for you
will you do the same for him
submission 'o so true
as jesus lives wityhin

he's the only love that's pure
the rightous son of god
who turns all upside down
he's the only chance we got

we didn't create ourselves
it's truth for all to see
nor were we born of apes
the thought's just misery

we were created by the hand
of our saviour Jesus Christ
born into this land
and called to be a light

through the storms of our lives
the trees are bent and swayed
only then will they survive
to stand another day

don't blame God for your affliction
he wants what's best for you
but only you can make the choice
to live for him, and for the truth


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