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Rich indulgences entertain rich feelings I don't want to spend without sentimental meaning   But I require food, and clothes upon my body So despite my beliefs, I buy all those things shoddy  
Today I feel griefUnlike any otherMy country has fallen In hands of angry men My mother weeps For whom I do not yet know Perhaps for my brotherWho fought for change But couldn’t bring it
He created me from the clay that He created you with My heart chants your name My eyes brim with unshed tears
What if white were black and black were white, What if night were day and day were night. Would things stay the same Or would they suddenly change? You see, it's all about the meaning, not about the name.
Don’t get it twisted. This land was made for you and me But it lacks equity, you see We did not start from the same place And neither are we of the same Race How dare your laws be considered fair
It begins with "e" and ends in "y" It is what we need to stay alive.  It is for the black man,  for the gay man,  for the woman.  It is for you and it is for me, but it is not me,
Poetry is words that need to be said It is words trying to escape Poetry is strength when all courage has fled It is words spoken   Poetry is what allows me to say, "I matter."
Everything around me feels odd
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