Part of Me

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 03:48 -- kb97

When my brother cuts his skin

He scars my heart

When he tries to die

He is killing part of me


Three parts of me have died

And I have countless scars on my heart

And when I look at him and see sadness

It pulls me apart at the seams


I will always remember the day

He locked his door and we couldn’t get it open

And I was crying and screaming for him to let me in

And when the door finally gave


He was bleeding from his wrists

Not dead but not really alive

At the hospital I asked him why

His answer: “Everyone would be happier”


That is a lie

He believes it but it could never be true

Because if I would be happier

Why did I call 911?


His pain hurts me

I don’t want him to leave me

And both of us are selfish

For doing what we did


He wanted to leave me

I wanted to keep him

And even now I fear

That one day I’ll be too late


He is still alive

But if he one day succeeds

My brother will have

Killed me too

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