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  It is a pity I had to leave, without your consent. How else could I grieve? Everything I saw in you to conceive stripped my development. It is myself I must deceive
I wish I’d told you how good you looked in your suit when you picked me up for Homecoming. I wish I’d told you how much I think about the time we went to the corn maze.
we've been laying in my bed for hours now, neither of us sleeping nor talking, just holding each other. from the moment he walked in the front door i knew that he had something on his mind,
Come here They whisper of a re-entry When all that has plagued you is left behind and you are living in bliss tenfold than the sorrow you endured In this mystical place far from the World and her terrors
I‘m holding the keys, I'm driving this car. Played games, pushed me way too far. I’m setting higher standards, and raising the bar. New beginning for me, mind my business from afar.
I will weep for you as a willow kisses the ground I will hold your hand as I lift the weight of your shoulder Hear my shallow breath count to 10 leave your bags
Plant a kiss On whoever’s forehead you can Without awakening The more goodbyes the better, But too many  On those who care too much
Divorce is a sinking ship.  The sea parts with crashing waves.  A tsunami of destruction that floods over every part of your life.  Dad..  You left me drowning. 
something about you is so familiar no matter how long we drift apart I can't help but love you when you're near   maybe how you were the first the first person to stick to look into my heart
"REBMEMER." Those are the 8 black letters tatooed on his chest. The eight letters that are actually "REMEMBER" backwards, So that every morning, when he wakes up on base,
A rose by any other name Has thorns that are just as sharp. An ocean in any other day Will drown you if you try to run.  
I remember the day you left like it was yesterday.   It played in my mind on repeat Like some malfunctioning CD
And it was after you I realized why the lord made angels in heaven far away from humans. I fell to my knees aching to touch those fluttering wings on your back
we are flocking togetherthere's no-one to leave be the aim and the arrow VVVis for Victory that's a lucky escape
Grace be that flower and how she glistens. Your eyes sift along and you don't see truth, It's not about the grace but who listens. She will need you to see through to the youth;
A Light dusting of snow  I know the snow can be frightening I see your eyes as the snow turns to ice I see the the frostbite crawl up your walls crawl up my hand   I don't care
Mom You gave me life, nourished my body to grow strong Over the years, by your side is where I belong Watching what you do and your moves When i was bad you told me you disapproved
Strive for science yet live for art Mother teach me through practical and passionate experience Help me allow them to bend and morph with my soul   You guide my choices and I follow through
Having a broken heart makes it so hard to breathe I begged you to stay, but I ended up having to watch you leave Best friends? Best friends till the end? I guess with time my broken heart will mend
Home is where I rest My head at night Such a fickle word It seems to change all the time   I’ve gotten used to The shifting
Like warfare and religion go hand in hand, you and I could bring out the best or the worst in each other. Passion and righteousness clouding all judgement but we were just wanting to do the right thing.
 I hope the thought of me hurts you and tears you to shreds,  And makes you never want to see me again.    I hope you fight yourself back from calling me, every time you look at a picture that reminds you,
I stood there in the quiet accompanied by the swirling Zephyros A still voice piercing, emanating, delving And my brows furrowed, face contorting
Dear Dad,   Sometimes I wish I never met you. 1,000 miles used to be the only distance,  But now we're quite through. And yet, I still think about your existence.
Dear Sister,   When you were born I remember receiving A bright red camera I remember Clutching it close
dear lover, there are pieces of myself that simply belong to you. when you leave, you take, & you fill me up with lies in exchange for what you drained of me. this is the best way manipulative men will get me to stay.   
I find it Fascinating The tiny Futures we Envision With one Another Despite Knowing in
Dear The People I Once Knew, I remember the first day I saw you, getting off a bus on the last day of sixth grade   You were ectatic but I was...  
  I’ve been staring up at the moon wondering why it has gone so soon. Yet to know, that life is moving on even though it is long and gone.  
Dear Parents,
Every day you tell me I'm worthless. Every day you make me focus on you. Can you not sense this sadness? A sadness that is new.   Every day you try to change me. Every day you ask for money.
Because I love you When I was crumbling, the world morphing  Spinning around me like a top in Wonderland I still came to you, and pulled myself together I stitched you up, Put you together,
Becasue at one time I love you: I let you touch my soul you had the magic touch two mend my torn heart At three you kept my bed warm like a burning piece of coal  when no one else was there four me 
You left me, yes it hurts,  your the only one who really did love me? yes I'm still in love. you gave me your all, you choice the drugs. yet, your still in my thoughts.
Please be safe. Darling a life without you is a life I don't even want to try to live. But I will for a little while. At least untill you retern. My heart cries,
The Broken Hinged Door By Zoe Pierson   It’s seen the good, the battered, the blessings, and scorn.  The late nights of sneaking out, the arrivals of long gone people, the past, the present, 
I want to love you  I really do But I am scared Please understand why I hesitate  It is not because of you  It is because of me  Something like this is not easy I stay when they go
I swallowed my pride, remembered that Patroclusdidn't have to die and that Enochleft no bloody body to mourn. I knew the tragedy of mourning. 
I cannot write if it's not about you. I cannot think of anything but you. I cannot sleep without dreaming of you. I miss you.   The black void yawns before me. I go to it, arms open
For me it was gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is I doesnt really fit They came along That wasnt too long Both singing a song
Friends are everything I do not know who choose whom I don't want to leave
When you're here it's never for long enough. I always forget the little things Like how amazing you are, how much you mean to me, and how you make me feel But also, How you're always late.  
Why is it so hard to realize when someone has perished, that she is gone?   I know that she is gone but it doesn't feel real. I can feel her all around me. In every room I feel her prescence,
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
If you weren't an ocean away, would that be the difference to make you stay? If you got on one knee and put a ring on my fourth finger, would that be enough to make you linger?
  The early morning found us sitting on your tattered, burgundy, mattress cover. Me, focused and writing. You, scatterbrained and distracted. You reminded me of our lives at seven.
My only enemy is my own front door Wont let me in since Im not the same as before Ive taken a thousand steps away from my greatest fears Cried like a desert rain until I ran out of tears
Have faculty by nature to subsist; And bids her eyes hereafter still be blind. And being set, I'll smother thee with kisses; She bears the load of lust he left behind, Here come and sit, where never serpent hisses,
Sakura, color me pink, Sakura, color me white. Above all colors, don't hold red. A delicate figure among the snow, Such jealousy and respect cannot compare Your Wisdom and you Pride.
What made her leave? Was it the broken bottles that collided with the broken bodies?   Was it the river that poured not only pain, but anger?   Or maybe it was the faceless child
I suppose I just knew, You never told me what to do There were no "directions" For the heat of my affections, My heart just beat  While your lips tasted sweet On my own.  
I am in so much pain right now Im am sitting here with your smile on the top of my head and it feels like the weight of ten months of love is crushing my shoulders   I really miss you
Hey, I was just wondering if you know you have your elbow in my heart Like, I know it's comfortable and all but really Is it that you like the way it bleeds when you lean like that?  
You stand beside me and try to hold my hand The warmth of you sets my mind wandering The way your whole face smiles before your mouth does cracks a glow-stick in my belly and the outside world fades like
Everyone run, the monster is coming.  With hair of fiery orange, eyes of dark, cold blue, souls laid upon her skin like trophies. 
Your sweet lips touch mine... I hope for that solitary moment where I will actually treasure you being here. I already miss you.... I miss anything and everything about you...everything
The leaves outside aren’t
At this time, 2 months ago exactly, you kissed me for the first time. And kissing someone never felt so right or so real. I thought we were meant to be, meant to last.
I used to be happy and joyful and free Now life has put its shackles on me And all this stuff’s built up inside But I have no more tears to cry   I’d say I thought what we had was real
I know I should leave I know I’ve got to get out of here How many times do you think I’ve packed my bags? it’s been so many I’ve lost count Here is a different world where I’m ignored, unloved, forgotten
I let you in my heart
Every relationship has its ups and downs right? Right? And the ups can match the downs hell, the downs can outnumber the ups as long as one truth remains, that we exist better  Together.  
Whisps of ashy gray smoke occasionally drift over the walls. Sometimes, when the wind blows just the right way, I can smell the charred, silent world outside of my fortress.
I'm leaving tomorrow I'm leaving for good.
Why can't I talk to you? the question is whos at fault, you or me? can't i stand the pain? the look in your eyes of oblivion-          deep swirling galaxies          legendary clouds
Someday she'll be gone, she'll have left all alone. They'll catch on eventually, without having known The puzzle pieced burden of her created norm, How she sobbed through the nights, braving the storm.
I don't understand What do your words mean? I'd like to think I know you better than to believe that it's what it sounds like   You've been irresponsible for some time now
Wake me up 
A year has come
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
There is no way to communicate     or describe The heart-wrenching pain     the feeling of loss and being lost         and the fear that comes     rushing back     every time
You told me once That your name means "To intoxicate" First love can be very heady I was just a stumbling alcoholic in your wake
I know this may be hard for you It will be for me, too 
Sometimes I get lost on the way to the front door.
That's a start - in the room of my heart. My thoughts do not contain certitude, For there stands before me a physical facsimile Of you. Except lacking your attitude. Your timorous tone, You threw,
To leave everything you have known Is simply the continuation of Life. We live like everything is for sure, When everything comes as a fight.
I have seen the stars At night, you see. But it was far away from here. I would like to go see them again one day But my freedom has been replaced by fear.  
the infinite Stars keep Us company tonight
Oneida says she's out of timefor mining lies from crooked mindsand spending nights     beneath strange blanketsstreet-to-street, tab at a time.
I have so much to tell you.
I don’t understand why you can’t see Sometimes I need to do things for me Not for you or for your family Just me me me me! It’s not selfish to work on myself I have to admit, that sometimes I need some help
Sometimes I want to cry but there's no more pain to be felt.  I breathe in deeply to let it all out, but all that I am is hollow
Where is the you who wanted me so badly Where is the you who needed to have me What I'm trying to say, is that I'm tired of feeling this way  I've been thinking all day, that you let your pride get in the way
It wasn’t all that pretty  
I want to believe that everything you've said is true, but I just can't trust myself to trust in you. You've told me lies, you've made me cry. I'd stay up all night trying to figure out why.
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
  You left me a Kiss of Love             Like a dove             You lips were smooth             Fresh and clean             Coming onto me            
As senior year draws to an end I look at each and every friend  some moving away  some planning to stay we will all move on  to start our lives on our on to break some family ties 
Is it really that hard to respect that I have my limits too? I do not choose to live my life to please a man like you. Feel free to continue to shout and yell, I think I’ll take my leave.
You look familiar Like a boy I used to know But he’s not here anymore.   You are a shredded kite Searching for a reason to stay tethered to solid ground You haven’t found one.  
Autumn. With hands bearing no harm.
I blamed myself. my seeds too low.
All the eyes surrounding. broken.
This is see you later, not goodbye. Back then I believed my own lie. Words of comfort, words of hope. Then life came in and was all like, nope.
Senior year is magical Filled with memories and radical Ideas on who we are supposed to be Alive and free We say is what matters most
Life's too short To be wondering why I'm stuck with you. Life's too short To hold on though I can't break through. You ego is a barrier thicker than any wall. I guess you'll never hear me call
To the Boy Who Lost His Shadow,   you told me you had to find it so you could feel whole again  
Kiss me hard before you goAnd tell me how you feelKiss me hard before you go
I tried to give you a chance. All you wanted to do was play games. My love out in the open; obvious at first glance. I fell for the charm; the way you said my name. The way you held yourself. I was blinded.
With time none a knowledge, The other side blotches red. Of what a dictatorship I observe Grows a seed of harsh rule. I watch tree branches die withered bark As you’re attacked upon which I only hear.
The beginning of the end of our childhood. The first semester of the last year. So many endings. like reading the last book of a series after each chapter, wanting to reread it so the story never ends.
I walk the halls that grow increasingly familiar Yet at the same time, recognition becomes harder These faces? These people? Strangers. As the years go by, the ones I know  Disappear.
  What can I tell you about my school? It’s okay, nothing special Been with the same kids year after year Been with the same teachers year after year It tends to get monotonous Hearing the same drama
Everyone leaves, for what reason I have no clue. I always think it's because of something I do. Maybe I try too hard or don't try hard enough. I can be so close or so cold
Your eyes are like a setting sun on silk green grass flowing to the wind I have nt slept since the last I saw of them I long for them, I long for their master Long for the soft cherry red lips of sweet sugar on mine
This day was coming We saw it from the horizon And how akward it is Now that we can hold it in our hands   But It'll pass us by This is just a new beginning Because we know somewhere deep down
I see a light. A bright light. But im not dying. Or am i? With all that i think and all that i do. Did it ever mean anything to me? Or even you? No. It couldnt have. It shouldnt.
For better or for worse, Lovers pass. In sickness and in health, Lovers pass. The seasons seem to change with the people, Not the other way around. We’re all just floating along in this mistaken world,
I wrote a hundred poems About you, for you, to you, But you never realized Did you? Those words were not just words They were physical pieces Of a priceless heart A paper and ink home
There was a place and timeDon't ever go back to thenIt is just filled of memoriesAnd sadnessOf people who don'tRemember you, andPeople whom you wish to forgetYou've visited your past
I wanted to write a poem about leaving, the feeling of dragging feet and twisting stomach fighting up your throat as you walk towards your car.   I wanted to write a poem about missing,
Spring rain makes puddles of my love upon the grass. We tumble and roll and let go of any fucks given about ideas of dry, huddled in clumps under awnings and umbrellas.
As the wind blows harder and harder the stem begins to break. Just seconds away from giving out.
Three-hundred eighty-four miles apart. Love knows no distance, right?   I'm leaving soon. You promise me your heart and I promise you mine.   I promise:
  I think I want to stay forever And be leaving all the time. I want to keep changing in this familiar place Until I run to the edge and falter.   I want to leave at midnight
She cried black tears , she can feel the blood in her heart freeze over As her breathing gets slower the cuts get deeper, scared with memories Of his hands striking her face, helpless no escape , even though shes a
Rapid goodbyes said Traveling to new unknowns Car drives yet heart stays.
Friday, the seventh day of June, two thousand and thirteen; The day I graduated high school. Everyone says that a chapter is closing as the next opens, And they are all telling the truth.
I will change, you say But do you know what that means? Are you really a man? Go ahead, hit her again. Maybe she will stay. Maybe she will forgive you. No no, not this time!
At such a young age, I just couldn’t understand. Why in the world would he leave? Of course I blamed myself. My father was my hero, my one and only guy. To me, his leaving only forced us apart.
Hello beautiful girl, That's all I can say to you, Cause tonight is our last night together, Unfortunately it'll have to do. Pretty soon you have to go, As yet again I fall for you.
Unspoken words of discomfort and regret fill this home. Twenty-two years of going through the motions: "Hello" "See you later" "Check in" "I love you too" The last one to arrive.
If I left yesterday Would you miss me Today And forget me tomorrow? If I started running Would you chase me Bring me back To the lie of your arms
To get far away Till I can't even see home Alone on my own This place is to small Suffocating me slowly My dreams are bigger Something is out there Endless opportunities Why can't I just go
You had me beside you We laughed We talked We were perfection… Up until the point where I was charmed into your words You came up with the idea And I had found a spot And together we dug
Beast of the drum. Songs to hum. Songs to last, memories that pass. Sunny skies, waves passing by. Blistering heat brings a tear to my eye. Sorry I cannot stay, Stray, Runaway.
The most cowardly crime one can commit is leaving. I remain fixed in this trance that one day, maybe one day, you'll come back for me. Days fade on, years go by... Slow in reality, quickly in reflection.
I feel no pity. Not even a little bit To leave the city In which I With my existence Didn't bring the light, Didn't love the stranger, therefore, this place has nothing I would consider mine.
Buried deep within our souls, there's so much left to say. You were there for me, then gone. You let me down, you never came.
I’m honest with you, My loyalty is gold. I stand up for you, I was yours to have and hold. But now, it’s different, Now, I’m hurting ten-fold. The day I committed, The real you showed.
The Blue Door shut Keeping me from the one thing I wanted behind it I raise my hand intending to pull back the heavy doorknocker once more I stopped, turned my back to the door and began to walk away
I would like to know, How you could handle in my shoes. Their soles are worn down to my own heel, And the sides have been torn apart. Some what like silence shatters in a whisper.
Its all been great fun, I have loved the company. The food, the drink And the entertainment Have all been the best I've ever had. But I have been here For quite a while. The time is late,
you have no reason to stay yet here i am begging you not to leave me here just yet i have no self-control i'm losing it losing you selfishly feeling what i can't
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