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There is a place that you may go sometimes It maybe dark or bright You could hear either drums or pianos One things for sure never one the x mark door
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
Dreams are meant to be burned in the flames of rebirth billowing their masses for all of society  to see. They seek an armor to  protect their once proud entity  and are kept alive by the canopy 
dreamer noun 1. a person who dreams; 2. an escapist ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To the DREAMers 
Dear Beautiful America, A scared girl she was when she crossed the border. Her parents wanted a better life for her…more opportunities She was too young. “Illegals” and “Aliens” they called her
The thought that gives you a choice To state your opinions that you voice Dreams are hopes and fantasy lands When your mind sends you to a place that is grand
A mother,  looking down at her child, giving kisses to his forehead, and holding him close. A teenager, acting foolishly and disrespectfully towards his crush, who seems to be uncomfortable.
80,000. The number of children, according to the 2016 census, that will be kicked out of the self-proclaimed "Land Of the Free".
you said you understood me; you said once, that you cared. you said the sky was my destiny.  and the stars, a crown in my hair. you told me once, you loved me. to the world it was declared.
At 11 past, each 1 parades to the stars each semi colon begs for a chance for a seed to grow steadfast into a tree  Nearby, a girl of seventeenpleas with the clock to open his arms wide and let her in. Far away, a boy of eighteenglances at his pho
He is the crisp air between my browsgolden rays highlightthe brown husks of his eyesthese eyelids flutter closedhis voice humbles me,like the leaves spiraling in the wind(a sound meant only for the moment).
Breaking the walls; normalcy: overrated Breaking reality; imagination: falls free Calling all dreamers Calling all dreamers
I came to U.S From the New Spain
An education is something I hold close to my heart. For in my country my mother had to pay And it was not good enough. But in America, it is surreal- a free education enriched my mind.
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
I would rather fall into a pit
I flew upon the fragrant wings
Dream is not a dream unless your trying to make it real.
The mind of the dreamer is restless for it never dies out The vision in their mind is so clear that it almost becomes a reality to them.  Careful dreamer! During the day the dreamer fantasizes of what
Go to sleep, close your eyes
If only fuck it was in my future, But instead I'm sowing sutures. Cradling the leg of risk takers, Catching that last breathe  Before it journeys on a different plane. Regulating heart pumps,
roses are red violets are blue started cliche just for the view can you say equal can you say fair
All I see is violence All I hear are lies All I want is happinness All I get is hatred Untames and Untainted They hate me And at times I hate them All I want is a chance
Why do you say I can’t go to a college? So because I was not born in this country? This is unfair! what about all my knowledge?
They sit there silentWaiting for a chance to speakTheir wallets staying empty Because of a law that must change Hundreds maybe thousandsThey all stand there strandedNo workNo jobNo school
My heart turns cold of darkened coals. It hurts to hear the words.I fear the blazing, burning taunt, That shatters me in thirds. What frozen landscape will I face,To welcome my dead dreams?I cannot face the path ahead,For my mind still hears the s
  You looked into my ten-year-old eyes And taught me my first lesson in the life of minority Judged not by who I am But where I come from   You stained my education, that day
Daring to reach their goal they Readily prepare their minds. Earnestly attempting to find no hinderings Amid all strugle and turmoil they Merge their thoughts together to Enter into the realm of dreming with
Starlight, starbright, please don't let me stay tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, make everything alright. Of all the stars,  in all the skies, you're the one that caught my eye.
America is, Land of the free, Home of the brave. Speak up America! Break down the cultural barriers that have held us so long, Embrace your brothers and sisters.
I dream of aspiring into a successful person, I dream of helping many people with the talent I hold within, I yearn to prove to my fellow companions that change is possible, that we shouldn't be tied down to the same traditional ways, we have the
From fetus to 21st birthday, umbilical chord to college room and board, we’re dependent on the authority figure.
All surrounds the topic The topic we see in few Nothing can fell the rush of the experience The imagery, symbolism, description Feeling the mind at a staggering embrace With word nor picture able to describe
All living in a dream vivid we live like it all has been scripted Say we individuals but none of us different we are all the same carbon copies Think i'm wrong try to stop me
Thoughts roll Seasons change Sun rays blind eyes Hearts beat Minds wonder Gone is yesterday
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