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with beautiful words, we glow like water makes a plant grow. with a little mistake, we're forever scarred, like that flower in your backyard, exhausted, worn out, dull. when we can no longer take
Set ablaze, red hot from the flames. Thick ashes fill the air and block the lungs of those unlucky enough to find themselves trapped within. Engulfed by the inferno, unleashing its rage on anything that lives.
Wild, crazy beast; they say he cannot be tamed. Unpredictable as the rising tides, impulsive as the wind...   I see myself in him.
The soft green blades graze against my handMy careful ears hear the wind playing so grandMy blind eyes can only see a red blurSome delicious food in my hand I preferThe animals come watch and stare
this in chilling remark, forget the picture, and embark on a change in circumstances, across chasms unboundable by some, unfounded by others, and wanted not for, by those in widst in the midst of nothing left on forest floor unnoticable, in this g
If there was a time in my life where I said I hated you I lied If there was a time where I said you didn’t mean anything to me I lied If there was a time when I said I didn’t need you I lied
Why do I struggle to remain with my brain unstifled? Emotions running wild; how long can I stay intact, I don't even feel human. My heart's going black.
apatheticly optimistic in hopes of being domestic but my veins scream with the breath of the wild welcome to the forest dearest flower child
She is So wild and deep, The forests and oceans, Would be envious of her if, They knew.
Jungle Hot, sticky, rain Full of life, exotic Trees high with monkeys in the sky Forest
here i am. here i'll be  when all around  is shadows. not peace welcome to my world  of sharp claws and teeth don't say that your bored  you'll just make me angry. so i warn you now.. 
I wanna live young and wild. I wanna go on road trips in the middle of the night. Go to nowhere and make love under the stars in the back of my lovers pickup truck. I wanna be crazy and dance the night away 
Rain-laden clouds Swept Over the land, Meeting with The untouched Dusky sky, Heralding the treacherous, Disastrous deluge from the Heavens that was Yet to come.
Their wild nature writhed and burned, Yearning to be free and untamable, But the chaotic torch of the untouchable soul Filled the heart with flame, dancing and burning And free, and it called with an unsingable song
Look into the moonlight, Tell me what you see.   I see a great tall Whispering pine, Silvered  By the moon.   I see the vast wide Expanse of sky, Devoid of light
to the wild spirit woman of the carved and sacred desert, move freely in your primal body glistening with moonrise dance to the current of the boiling river as the dam collapses
A little giggle Soft and light   In the darkening night it comes out No one’s around I don’t have to be me I can be me
"The winter comes The summer goes The ground is covered up by snow The summer comes The winter goes Steams from glaciers finally flow The winter comes The summer goes
I am fire Wild and unforgiving  Soothing yet destructive My lips? They cannot be sealed I cannot be contained I started out as a match Insignificant, quiet But now I am a raging inferno
Teeth bared in the moonlight As blood drips down her face The look on his face is priceless,
Oh ,wicked fiends
Retreat, regroup Wind pummels rocky water, Kinetic greets potential, Bearing down on the steadfast shore.   Prequel of froth Turbulent and tumultuous, Echoed in the susurrus of spectators,
It's like my thoughts grow outta my head; every curl contains every word I done said every song I done heard every book I done read And that hate and pain is like shea butter
Another long day Pretending to be
I am wild, I am raw I am the one resisting the maw of these people who say I'm wrong I will remain unchanged until the day when I see the light of this uncreative night when those who brought me down
I feel wild tonight. Fast as the wind and as free as air. Can't catch me, try as you might,
I sat and watch the stars above How gracious how belove The nature and the love The earth is full of beauty, With nature unity What a blessed creativity
I pledge alligence to the Black Man. The bearer of life and protector of life and provider of nourishment. 
Times will be bad,
I wish, how I wish, I could just dismissthat longing feeling, that search for a kissIts like I'm trapped between the heart and the mind
Lambs thrown to lions not yet taught how to run-- stumble and yelp with hopes set to the sun.
My heart is not a tattoo worn proudly on my shoulder for all to admire   My heart is not a toy plane to be tossed
Mine forest, mine haven,Lovely thou art aflame.
The trees he slit each bedtime are my limbs. Breathing branches laid to rest. Spread as a tumor, Man forces lactating yield, across this wielding breast.
Wild and Reckless, thank you so much  as you reflect on all of us.   Wild and Reckless,  we appreciate this. We will never forget  the bad name you gave us.   
Dear teacher, I love psychology I truly do.And I always turn in my homework whenever it's due. When handing out assignments keep in mind I'm a young soul, I like to go out on Friday nights I'm just twenty-two years old. I enjoy reading about Pavlo
Do not let them cage you. You are strong and smart and beautiful. Cages are for animals. You are not an animal. Do not let them put you in a box. You are loving and brave
Oh, I’m here waiting for youWith a devil on my shoulderAnd an angel embedded in my heart
It is January 29th. January 2013 is ceasing. Yet the warmth wraps around me and pulls me in for a hug. I do not understand how the weather can be so fickle. I am sitting by my window, open for business. The wind sneaks in my room past my screen.
You can’t tame the earth or nature’s strength. Though we cover it up and force it down Below the bricks we lay for the joy of sight, It will always prevail to show it’s power. Years are no matter to the tree,
Where leaves are green and trees are tall, Where water roars and eagles call, Where night will come and silence fall, There I wish to be.   A place where deer and wolf run free,
Caged and helpless Desperate and Alone Confused and senseless Wishing to go home In a dark room All filled with the wild Everything filled with gloom Scared like a child
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