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Finding love in all the wrong places Every time I turn around i see so many different people but it feels like I see all the same faces
my heart runs fast but the bile in my throat deepens you make me sick to my stomach and my stomach sick to it’s stomach your laugh resonates in my head
Did you have to cut me off  with those sharp edges. did you leave on such a thin note? heavy harmonizing with my reality? tuning into my pockets i emptied in following my heart on that flight to you?
Stop playing games Don’t continue to wait Stop denying it Say you love me.   Stop using words Stop writing cards This is really not that hard Show me, you love me.  
Who am I you ask? I’m rather unsure. I’m a wimp, and unskilled. Forever alone. I’m hopeless, Self-hated, And nervous I’ll be Deserted, forgotten, Left out in the dark
As my heart sits so silently as if it were under a willow tree I think quitely, and weep somely as when I was awaken so abruptly The loud yells and the tears stream from my mothers face
My hear exists in winter It's so dark and cold; Bleak as the middle of January. Then you come along; You are the sun; The spring. My heart thaws And my love for you blossoms. The temperature rises; You are my July; My everlasting summer.
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