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She said yes I had walls around my heart she made me feel safe, feel at home
I'm not going to say your gut is endless, because there is a bottom. Sometimes you stomach is full, or empty it depends on where I go. A "picky eater" is a name,
Pain, fierce it stings just to think about it.Need, strong enough to kill unless you live without it.
Sway with the wind, that's what they told me.   How could you be so bold! That’s how they’d scold me.   I prefer to rise with the moon.
I can write a poem just as good as his. When you said you wanted a poem, A poem is what you get   It may not be a Picasso, Or even a Da-Vinci
A serene sky, blue upon arrival, but orange upon departure. A locked door, but a stranger still found the key. A home meant to protect, but crumbled to pieces.
Memorable Medallion   Hail Mary. Bearing a lily, St. Gabriel does not tarry With expostulation and adoration Of the Blessed Virgin.
I want to retire at 21 I’m tired. And it’s pure laziness because I haven’t done much yet but I’m always so tired. I’m not like people alive suffering daily eating once a week
If you're going to force me to keep this baby, you better be ready to pay money to keep him from becoming a steretoype. Pro-choice is the most successful propaganda movement to keep the lower class low.
In the event I die tonight, I’m telling you I love you So that if I’m truly gone tomorrow, I’ll have no regrets On the way to heaven. And when I find those pearly gates,
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